What to do When Meeting a Girl from Tinder

What to do When Meeting a Girl from Tinder (8 First Date Tips)

You meet someone interesting on Tinder, and the conversation flows like a river. But whenever you meet a girl on Tinder, you are always wondering when is the best time to ask a girl out. In this guide, I am going to give you some helpful tips on what you should do when meeting a girl from Tinder.

What to do When Meeting a Girl from Tinder

How do You Get Girls to meet you on Tinder?

Some basic tips to meet more girls online include having a good bio, great photos, and beginning a conversation with good opening lines. Once you feel you have a good connection going, you can ask your match to meet in person.

Meeting a girl from Tinder is a different experience for everyone. It’s natural to feel butterflies in the stomach before meeting your dream date. The key is to turn this experience into a pleasant one for taking your dating life to the next stage.

While it’s ok to be a bit nervous, focus on making the most out of your first date. Don’t be so nervous and worried that it shows on your face. Stay calm and be yourself so you can make the best impression.

What to do When Meeting a Girl from Tinder

What do You Do When You Meet a girl on Tinder?

Deciding the best time to meet someone on Tinder depends on many factors. Ideally, give it one to two weeks after you exchange initial messages on Tinder. Avoid asking too soon because you’re likely to get a ‘no,’ but don’t delay it so much that the spark fizzles.

However, this will depend on the girl and how the conversation is going. You should have built up a mutual connection and have some common interests before asking her out. Ideally, you should suggest some common activities or things you could do together. That way, it will seem natural when you ask her out.

Here are a few tips for planning a smooth first date with a girl you met on Tinder.

Connect with them on Social Media

Can Tinder dates turn into relationships? Of course! But only when if your relationship is with an authentic person. Unfortunately, the concept of ‘catfishing’ is very common on dating apps like Tinder. Check your match on social media to see if the person you are talking to on Tinder is real.

Catfishing refers to luring someone into a relationship through a fictional online persona. No matter how many girls you are going to meet online through ‘catfishing,’ you won’t form any meaningful relationships because you are pretending to be someone else.

Many Tinder users connect their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to their profiles. Hence, it’s easier for you to check if they are genuine. However, you can always ask a girl if she is on Facebook or Twitter. That way, you will know if your Tinder dream date is genuine.

Connect with them on Social Media

Here are a few ways to ask:

  • Do you mind connecting on Facebook?
  • This [hashtag] is trending. Do you use Twitter?
  • I’d love to add you to my Facebook network.

How Do You Get Girls To Meet You On Tinder?

If you fear that your Tinder date would ditch you on the big day, here are a few tips to follow.

Double-check your Date and Time

How Do You Get Girls To Meet You On Tinder?

Girls on Tinder can back out of a plan without any reason. Remember to confirm their availability in the morning so you can plan your day accordingly. Once you confirm the date, it’s time to get ready.

I like to send a message in the morning like this one:

Good morning _____! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning.

I’m off to X now. I look forward to seeing you later tonight at X time and place.

If she replies, great! If she doesn’t, follow up again later and confirm that she’s received the message. If she still doesn’t reply, you can ask her if she is ok. If she is still radio silent, you can assume she isn’t interested in meeting up, or something came up.

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Recommend a Public Place for the Meeting

Most guys often wonder about one question: What is a cute way to ask a girl out? It’s ok to be cheeky but asking a girl to meet out for coffee or at a local bar is the safest bet. Give her a few options so she can decide on the best spot without any apprehension.

For example, instead of the usual ‘Your place or mine,’ try something like these:

  • I’ve heard the cappuccino at [coffee place] is to-die-for. Wanna check it out together?
  • Do you want to attend that [band] concert next Friday? Let’s go together.
  • I’ve heard really good reviews about [restaurant]. Should we check it out this weekend?

Remember to focus on activities or things that you had already talked about or something that she would be interested in for increasing your chances of meeting her in person. For example, this person recommends a movie they can watch:

Recommend a Public Place for the Meeting

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What to Do When you are Meeting a Girl from Tinder for the First Time

Now is the time to make a strong first impression. Some people believe the impact you make within the first five seconds of a date is sure to last a long time. For that reason, you should always try impressing your dream date early on the date.

1. Wear your Best Outfit

Don’t wear a worn-out shirt or your favorite pair of faded jeans. You want to impress your date and not depress her with your lack of enthusiasm. Fix your hair and spray some cologne. The key is to keep it casual but wear your best outfit.

A nice dress shirt with designer jeans or pants is a safe bet. It’s best to dress for the occasion, but don’t over or underdo it either.

2. Greet with a Smile

When you say hello with a smile, you show your warm and courteous side. Since smiling is contagious, it’s a nice way of making the other person feel comfortable. Smiling makes the conversation more comfortable. So don’t forget to greet your date with a smile and set the right mood.

What I like to do if I’m feeling nervous about a date is to call up a friend and chat with them for a few minutes. This gets me warmed up, and I get into my talkative mood.

3. Make Eye Contact

What works more than a smile? It’s making eye contact. When you look into her eyes, you reveal your confident side without being too arrogant. That’s actually another way of saying ‘I love you to your date. If you want to create that warm fuzzy feeling right from the start, make eye contact with your dream date.

Do you remember that scene from Top Gun where Tom Cruise meets his instructor in the elevator? That’s the connection I’m talking about. Now you don’t have to make such strong eye contact off the bat, but don’t be afraid to look into her eye, keep your gaze, and show her that you’re interested.

4. Call Her by Her Name

Even if you are in the middle of a conversation, you can easily notice someone who mentions your name. Research also reveals that when we hear someone calling our name, our brain activates. That’s exactly why you should call her by her name to make an instant connection. Subconsciously, she will think that she knows you for quite some time. When you meet a girl from Tinder, start the conversation by saying her name.

For example:

  • So Linda, what do you do for fun?
  • Hi Jane, what’s up?
  • Fiona, you look stunning!

When she hears her name, she feels relaxed and connected. That’s a great way to initiate a conversation.

5. Bring up Mutual Interest

You may already know a thing or two about her, but a date gives you more opportunities to know about your favorite girl on Tinder. But if you make it all about her (or yourself), you will either bore her or intimidate her. The best way is to bring up something that fascinates you both. Whether it’s the latest movie, a trending topic, or a band that you both like, keep your conversation revolving around mutual interests.

If you’re worried about what you will talk about during the date, you can write about 5-10 topics ahead of time. These topics may include travel, food, art, movies, and music. Then try to think of 1-2 stories for each topic.

For instance, for travel, you can talk about the first time you traveled outside of your country and what the experience was like. For music, you can talk about your favorite song or your favorite band/genre of music.

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6. Maintain a Good Posture

Most guys don’t realize how bad of an impression they can make just by slouching. Sit in an upright position and straighten up your shoulders. The right posture is important because it can make a huge difference in how you make your first impression. Don’t move your hands too much while talking, and make sure you don’t slouch or bend over the table.

7. Pay the Bill

Don’t let her pay the bill, especially on the first date. If she insists on splitting up, you can ask her to pay the next time. That’s also an easier way of saying that you would love to meet her again. Remember this while planning the venue for the date so you can choose a place without going overboard on your budget.

Here are some good affordable places to meet:

  • Coffee shops
  • Cafes
  • Galleries
  • Local parks
  • Museums

Look for discounts and offers from different websites. For example, Groupon provides plenty of special offers to let you enjoy your first date without denting your wallet.

8. Offer to Drop Her

Once the date is over, politely ask her if she needs a drop-off. Who knows, she may end up saying yes, and you will get to where she lives without asking for her address. But if she politely declines, don’t force her to drop her, as she may think it’s a creepy thing to do.

If you don’t have a car, meet up at a place that is convenient for both of you to reach – for example, a subway station or a nearby café.

Also, be sure to tell her you had a great time and to let you know when she gets home safe. This shows her you actually care about her well-being and she will appreciate that you care. You will be surprised how few guys do this.

How do you Flirt on a Date on Tinder?

Don’t be disappointed if your first date doesn’t go well when you meet a girl from Tinder for the first time. But if you are wondering if it was something that you said or did during the date, follow this guide the next time you go on a date with a girl from Tinder. We guarantee that you will enjoy a better time.

If you want to know more about how to spark a connection with a girl you met on Tinder, get in touch with me. I have years of experience writing dating app profiles and offering dating advice to people looking for love online.

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