Why Tinder Matches Never Respond (What To Do About It)

Dating apps are all the rage today. Only a few give you a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

Tinder is one such app. With millions of swipes every day, there are plenty of opportunities for Tinder users to find their true love interest.

But there are times when someone who seems like the girl or boy of your dreams never responds!

You find yourself asking questions like: Did the algorithm change? Is my Tinder profile too boring? Did I say something wrong?

Let’s find out more about why Tinder matches don’t respond to your messages and what you can do about it.

Tinder Matches Never Respond

Why Tinder Matches Never Respond

If someone is avoiding or ignoring you on Tinder, the reasons can be manifold. Your match could be offline for some time due to an illness or injury. He/she is too busy with work or is no longer out there to find love online. Or he/she could have lost interest and found someone else instead.

Here are some other reasons why Tinder matches don’t respond:

  • They swipe right on every girl/guy
  • They swiped by mistake
  • They already found someone special
  • They forgot about you
  • They didn’t like your Tinder bio
  • They didn’t find your Tinder pictures attractive
  • Their profile is fake

Why do People Match on Tinder and Then Never Reply?

It’s natural to be excited when you find what seems to be the ‘best match.’ You think of how to start a Tinder conversation without sounding too desperate or cheesy. However, you’re not always lucky to initiate a smooth Tinder chat. In worst cases, you don’t even get a response from a supposedly great match.

While you may think of excuses like ‘maybe he/she is on vacation’ or ‘I think he/she is probably busy,’ the real reason could be that you started off on the wrong foot. For example, you said something that was too offensive or gave too many cheesy or creepy compliments.

Here are a couple of examples:

r/Tinder - I have zero patience for one sided conversations


12 awkward Tinder conversations that will make your skin crawl


What Do You Do If A Tinder Match Doesn’t Respond?

Since you can’t control when and how your Tinder matches respond to you, the best way to ensure that you always get a response is to work on your Tinder profile. You will have to stick to a 500-character limit for creating your Tinder profile. Don’t forget to check out my handy tips to write an impressive Tinder profile.

Write a stunning Tinder bio that reveals what’s interesting about you and post irresistibly charming pictures. Furthermore, add Tinder prompts to your profile. These interesting prompts can reveal a thing or two about your personality, encouraging your match to respond.

If you want to initiate the conversation, using creativity and humor is a safe bet. You can also pick something from their profile and bio. For example:

You look gorgeous wearing that summer dress.

How do you manage to look so sexy on a beach trip?

Seems like an interesting hiking trail! Did you see any bears?

If you are looking for more interesting ways to start a Tinder conversation, I have given some more ideas in my blog.

Why do People not Respond after matching On Tinder?

We are assuming that your match is neither offline nor busy. You sent a message, but she is still not responding. Let’s delve deeper into this question to find out the most common reasons.

You sent a Lengthy Message

Most of us are guilty of scaring our match away with a long message. The shorter your message is, the better chances you have of receiving a reply. Start the Tinder conversation with a GIF, a joke, an interesting observation, or a decent question.

Here are a couple of bad examples:

🅱️ 25+ Best Memes About You Look So Pretty | You Look So Pretty Memes


Derek and Jules elaborate Tinder message


Like seriously, who would take out the time to respond to these messages?

You Sent a Cliché Message

Did you crack a joke that she must’ve heard dozens of times? If you are using cliché pick-up lines, try using creative Tinder openers that can boost your chances of receiving a response. For example:

The worst Tinder pickup line. Ever. - Internet NovaFM


Cliché or cheesy pick up lines can work, but it’s better to be unique with your openers. You can comment about her photo or bio instead. I find pickup lines more successful when you do them in person since you can back them up with your body language.

You sent an Emoji-Loaded Message

Did you use too many emojis in a single message? If you don’t use them wisely, emojis can make you look immature or even foolish. The trick is to avoid inserting too many messages and catch someone’s attention with a nice message. Think of emojis as a way to express a single feeling and not your entire emotions.

For example:

Hey there little 🎃 

You look ❤ in your pictures. Let’s go to watch a 🎥 

Instead, choose something like this:

Hey sweets! You look awesome in this swimsuit 😃

You Sent an Offensive Message

There is a fine line between being funny and offensive. Avoid crossing that line because your match would never respond to something they find downright rude. One of the best ways to figure out if a message is rude or polite is to pay close attention to your match’s Tinder profile. Their bio will give you a fair idea of the kind of vocabulary and tone you should use in your first message. For example, avoid sending messages like this one:

Pick Up Lines John Tinder Went From 5 Matches A Day To 0


Here’s What to Do If She Doesn’t Respond to Your Tinder Messages

Allow her a period of at least three days to respond to your message. In some cases, you would want to send a follow-up message.

For example, if your first message was ‘What’s the coolest thing about you?’ then you can expand on it and ask something like, ‘Seriously? There’s nothing cool about you?’

You can also send a more personalized message. For instance, call her by her name or ask about her new picture with her pet dog or cat.

‘Hey Linda, That’s a really cute little pup you got there.’

If they still don’t respond after a couple of more tries, you can probably move on.

It all comes down to how much you like the person. I have one friend who chased a girl for over six months before she agreed to meet him. If you really think she is the one, then don’t give up so soon. But do acknowledge that there are many fish in the sea, and your Tinder dream match could be one swipe away, waiting for you to say ‘hi.’

Why do Guys on Tinder Not Respond?

Contrary to popular belief, some guys can take equally long to respond to a match on Tinder. If you are wondering why that hot match from Tinder never responded to you, here are some questions to ask yourself.

Is your Tinder Bio Empty?

Most girls only rely on their pictures to find love on Tinder. Although this can work, I generally find a that a well-written engaging bio works better. The reason is you are increasing your chances of attracting someone that likes your unique characteristics.

Guys can be just as particular about responding to a match as girls. If you don’t have enough info in your Tinder bio, it’s time to show some love for your Tinder profile. Invest some time and effort to create a nice and sweet Tinder profile. A well-written Tinder bio can initiate a response from your dream guy, so never leave it empty.

Here’s a great example:

r/Tinder - 21 arms dealer 6 miles away hands down the best catch on tinder face 10/10 body 9/10 personality 20/10 arms 1/2 im really important and famous so please message me accordingly My Anther X


Is Your Bio Dull?

Many times, a boring Tinder bio is worse than an empty one. What you write in your Tinder profile will eventually make your first impression on your match. If you have some nice photos, but your profile is dull and boring, you are less likely to get a desired response on the dating app.

Check out how interesting this bio looks:

That's A Specific Dating Need


Does your Bio Look Original?

Are you guilty of using Shutter Stock pictures for your Tinder bio photos? Did you copy someone else’s bio verbatim? The world of Tinder is full of stalkers and scammers, and even guys avoid profiles that look fake or fishy. Although the dating app is good at removing fake and spam accounts, it takes some time.

The key to creating a compelling Tinder bio is to be yourself and use humor to reveal interesting things about your personality. The idea is to have fun, so don’t make it too serious.

Look how funny and original this bio looks:

No Nudes Profile


Get Professional Online Dating Advice

Finding love online is tricky but not impossible. Get in touch with me if you want to know more about how to increases the chances of your match responding or initiating a conversation. You need a professional dating ghostwriter to help you write a convincing Tinder bio and come up with interesting conversation starters. You can also find more ideas on how to make the most of your online dating experience on my blog. 

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