Guys Get Lots of Tinder Matches?
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Why Do Some Guys Get Lots of Tinder Matches? (Find Out How!)

With so many active users on Tinder and sites like it, you would be forgiven for assuming that finding a match would be a cakewalk. Unfortunately, plenty of newcomers quickly discover that finding a relationship on Tinder – of either the meaningful or meaningless variety – is a lot tougher than it looks.

It can be quite frustrating to see other users with so many matches. Just remember the Tinder experience is different for everyone, and not everybody can be a bona fide Casanova. You may be thinking then: I’m an attractive guy, so why am I not getting any matches? There are certain metrics that you can compare yourself to, and understanding them may be crucial to determining your success.

What is the Average Amount of Matches You Should Be Getting?

The number of likes and matches you receive on Tinder can be something of a bragging right, so long as you have the numbers to back it up. Plenty of guys think that their numbers are impressive when, in reality, they may be only slightly above average. Conversely, plenty more guys have their confidence shaken by a supposed lack of matches, despite the fact that their numbers are perfectly fine.

Knowing the average amount of matches guys receive, therefore, is a solid way to gauge your success on Tinder. Even if you should fall slightly below the median – which is an average of 100 likes over 48 hours – you should not feel disheartened, because there are plenty of ways to guarantee more matches.

How Many Tinder Likes Should You Get?

If your profile is well-optimized and appealing, you can expect to receive around 100 likes within the space of 48 hours after initially signing up. However, your location also plays a role in determining how many likes you get, and how quickly you get them.

Major centers with large populations, such as New York or London, are likely to have many more active users than smaller, more isolated locales. If you live in a small town, do not expect to get plenty of likes overnight. Instead, give it about a week and you should be close to the 100 mark.

How Many (Quality) Matches Should You Get?

Liking a profile is only the first step to securing a match; both parties need to like each other before they can start chatting. You should not wait until you have 100 likes before you start browsing other people’s profiles – start swiping right away! Out of those 100 likes, you can expect to match with a third of those profiles. Again, this is assuming that you have a decent profile already set up, so if you think yours may be lacking, you should follow our guide on how to curate a perfect Tinder profile.


Above is a great example of a unique Tinder bio that uses humor to get your attention.

You may have many more questions about Tinder, and you can find those answers here.

How Many Users Will Respond to You?

Unfortunately, there is no way to gauge how many people will actively engage with you once you have matched. The sad reality is that some people are either plain boring or otherwise largely inactive, but every once in a while you may find a diamond amongst the zircons. Try to interact with every match you get, beginning with a solid opener and letting whatever conversations may arise flow naturally.

Below are some examples to get you started.


Mentioning something you both have in common is a great way to start a conversation.

Alternatively, opening with a debate is a good way to immediately build a rapport.

Like plenty of social networking sites and apps, Tinder is no stranger to bots. Bots will usually send the first message, and you should be able to pick them out by their robotic nature and unnatural responses to messages. If you suspect that an account you are interacting with maybe a bot, report and block it straight away.

Here is what to do to revive a dead conversation with a match. 

How Many Matches Do You Need to Be a Popular User?

When swiping right on Tinder, you might have come across profiles that have been deemed “popular,” prompting you to send a “super like” in order to increase your chances of that user noticing you. You may be wondering what exactly is required of a user to be recognized as popular by the algorithm.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no consensus as to what sets these users apart from others, besides a large number of likes and matches, the exact number of which is kept private. This can be frustrating, but luckily there are several ways to increase the number of likes you receive, all of which do not require much effort.

Of course, we have already mentioned the importance of curating a good profile, but another step you can take is getting your profile verified.

On other sites such as Twitter or Instagram, the elusive blue verification tick is only awarded to popular users who have a substantial following. On Tinder, getting your account verified is as easy as taking a selfie.

How to Verify Your Account

  1. Open up your profile by tapping on the relevant icon on your dashboard/home page.
  2. You will see a grayed-out tick next to your username – tap on it, then select “Continue.”
  3. You will be presented with a series of pictures, each depicting a model striking a specific pose or making a weird facial expression. Your goal is to match these pictures as closely as possible.
  4. Finally, submit your images via the on-screen prompt.

It usually only takes a few minutes for your pictures to be processed. You will receive a notification either informing you of your new verification status or prompting you to take the pictures again.

Having a verified profile signals to other users that your profile is legitimate, thus increasing your chances of someone liking you or matching with you.

Is 1,000 Tinder Matches Too Little or Too Many?

Your online dating chops may already be pretty good, and as such, the chances are that you have already received plenty of likes and matched with many profiles. However, you may be wondering just how successful you are in the grand scheme of things. After all, there are millions of Tinder users – is 1000 matches really that big of a deal?

The short answer is: yes, absolutely. It can take months or even years to crack the quadruple digits, so if you have 1000 matches already, you can rest assured that you are doing just fine. Of course, some of those matches are bound to be bots, and even more, may ignore you, but you have a large number of people to choose from, so finding a relationship or a hook-up should not be too difficult.

How Do You See Who Has Liked You (on iOS)?

The suspense of figuring out who has liked you on Tinder can be too much to bear sometimes. After all, no one wants to accidentally swipe left on someone they may otherwise have matched with.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to see who has liked you. Two options are available. The first is paying for Tinder Gold, which is definitely the easiest way to see who likes you. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and will cost you $30 a month.

Alternatively, you can adjust your settings to try and decipher which profiles have already liked you. Reduce your search radius to the minimum 1 mile, and any profiles you come across beyond that parameter are likely to have already liked you. It can be tedious, of course, but for some people, it is definitely much better than paying $30 every month.

Final Thoughts

Liking and matching with people is the name of the game when it comes to Tinder. Hopefully, you have gleaned some insight from this post, which you can use to increase your chances of success. For further help, feel free to make use of our profile writing service, or let us take a look at your texts to make sure that you are on the right track.

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