How Long To Wait After Someone Gives You Their Number

How Long To Wait After Someone Gives You Their Number (Easy Dating Guide)

So you’ve been hitting it off with someone for a while and then they unexpectedly give you their number. Once the butterflies have settled down, you have a few crucial decisions to make. The first one is how long you should wait before texting them?

If you’re facing this dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you decide when to text someone after getting their number.

How Long To Wait After Someone Gives You Their Number

When you’ve been flirting with someone and have been getting similar vibes in return, it is easy to get carried away and ignore all texting etiquette. However, just a little bit of patience can help you maintain an element of classiness.

To answer the question at hand, how long you should wait really depends on the vibe you two have. If you guys hit it off really well, it’s fine to message them later on the same day. In fact, it might be the smart thing to do because you have to strike when the iron is hot! It’ll keep you fresh in their minds as well and show that you’re interested.

However, if you want to play it safe, you can wait a day or two before shooting a message their way. So, if you got their number on Monday, I would suggest waiting till Wednesday. Likewise, if you got their number on a weekend, you should wait till Monday to make your move.

You don’t want to message too quickly and come off as desperate, nor do you want to wait for too long and seem aloof. Taking the right amount of time to respond will help you seem interested enough to pique their curiosity. If you’ve waited for the required amount of time and now can’t find the right words for your first message, here’s a helpful article to get you started and an example of what not to do.

How Long To Wait After Someone Gives You Their Number

The message above is not an ideal first text. Using a phrase such as ‘creepy dating site’ may be a bit off-putting for others to hear, so you should keep it simple and sweet at first.

Once you’ve sent the message and the conversation has started, but you feel like the pace is too slow and they’re taking too long to respond, here’s an article to help you make sense of their behavior and decide the next best strategy.

What To Do When A Guy Asks To Exchange Numbers

If you feel the spark with a guy just from the conversations you’ve been having, chances are they feel some chemistry too. This is especially true if the conversations get more profound, meaningful, and flirty. If you’re chatting on Tinder, here’s how you can tell if the conversation is going well.

A significant positive sign of his interest in you is if he asks to exchange numbers. You will want to go all-in, ask a thousand questions, and text right away when this happens. However, these are things you should stay away from.

Remember, maintaining some texting etiquette can go a long way in building interest in someone. If you want to know more about whether not responding to a guy makes them like you more, here’s an article to clear all your doubts.

The best way to respond is to seem interested but not over-enthusiastic about exchanging numbers. There has to be some mystery that needs to be maintained that keep the chemistry going. This is one of the few times you should not do what your heart tells you and hold your horses for a while. If you’re unsure how long to wait to reply to messages, use tips from our helpful article.

My Crush Asked For My Number, Will He Ask Me Out?

This is one of the best scenarios that could occur. You’ve been having small conversations with your crush on and off, but nothing seems significant enough, nor has anything materialized yet. That is until they ask for your number out of the blue.

However, before you jump to conclusions, remember, they could have asked your number for various reasons, and not all of them are romantic. But, if this is a romantic pursuit, remember the cardinal rule that we’ve already talked about when it comes to exchanging numbers. You must strike the right balance between seemingly interested and slightly aloof.

Once you’ve exchanged numbers, you can decide how you would like to go further from here. If you are not looking for a relationship at the moment but simply want to explore this friendship more and see where it goes, it is best to keep the conversations simple and not too flirtatious. However, if you are actively looking to date your crush, try to subtly flirt in your texts, mainly to gauge whether your crush is interested or not.

How Long To Wait After Someone Gives You Their Number

The text above is a great example of subtle flirting. You’re not being too direct but having fun talking to each other.

If you seem to be getting a positive response, you can slowly build on this relationship. However, it is best to take your time and not rush, as this could lead to things ending badly, especially if you’re the one making most of the effort during your conversations.

My Crush Asked For My Number, Will He Ask Me Out?

This is a good example of someone being unsure and sending mixed signals. If he’s initially made plans with you but then is hesitant about following through, it’s natural to be confused. If your crush is giving you mixed signals while texting, and you’re unsure what to make of it, you can learn about guys’ texting habits and their possible meanings.

Here is an excellent example of how you can flirt without getting too overbearing:

My Crush Asked For My Number, Will He Ask Me Out?

The text above is a great example of flirting that’s subtle. Instead of making it too obvious, the person texting playfully assumes the two are going on a dinner date.

He Asked My Friend For My Number, Is He Interested?

Let’s say you met a guy at a party or through a mutual friend and really hit it off. However, you were unable to exchange numbers. Bummer right? But, much to your surprise, your friend messages to let you know that the same person is now asking for your number!

This scenario means that he is interested in you, especially if he has gone out his way to get your number. It also means that he is more likely to text you first, so wait for them to message and not be too hasty to reply immediately.

If, however, you haven’t received a message yet, don’t make a risky move like this text that might just put them off entirely.

He Asked My Friend For My Number, Is He Interested?

If he’s the one who asked for your number, wait it out and let him text you first. Sending a text like the one above may make you come across as a bit overbearing.

When the message does come in, and the conversation starts rolling out slowly, you can see how you feel about this person before deciding whether you like him or not. If you feel a connection, you can explore this relationship further and take it to a romantic level.

However, if you’re still not sure about how you feel about him and you’re on the verge of friend-zoning him, read our article before you make the final decision.

How To Tell If He’s Interested In Me?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to tell if he’s interested in you or not. The only sure way of knowing whether someone likes you is for them to confess their feelings.

However, there are a few signs that show that he might be interested. Firstly, he usually is the first one to message. This means that he can’t wait to talk to you and often doesn’t care about looking too interested because he really is.

If he’s making an active effort during the conversation, then that means he wants to know more about you and enjoys your company. If he frequently gives compliments, asks questions, and tells you about himself as well, chances are he genuinely values your company and may want to take it to the next level after getting to know you more.

If, however, he’s constantly missing your messages, even if he tries to make up for it much later, you should be on the fence about his intentions. A classic example would be this message:

How To Tell If He’s Interested In Me?

The conversation above shows that a guy may not be interested in you. He doesn’t confirm and takes a while to reply. So, it’s probably a sign to move on!


If you’ve met someone that makes your heart race, there is no better feeling than to get to know them better over the phone. However, playing it cool and allowing the relationship to develop more naturally will lead to a great start.

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