How to Respond to “I Had Fun Last Night”

How to Respond to “I Had Fun Last Night” (3 Texts to Send After a First Date)

Everyone wants to get a post-date text, especially one as positive as “I had fun last night.” But it’s hard to decide how to respond to continue the conversation and express how much you enjoyed the date too.

This article will take you through the best ways to write a response text to “I had fun last night” and any other after-date message. You’ll be ready to craft your own reply and move the relationship forward in any situation.

How to Respond to “I Had Fun Last Night”

How to Respond to “I Had Fun Last Night”

To respond to “I had fun last night,” you need to send a text that reiterates how much fun you had and moves the conversation forward. There are three steps in crafting that response.

1. Tell them you also had fun.

It can be something simple, like:

  • Thanks, I had so much fun too!
  • Me too! That was such a great time.
  • Yes, that was a blast!

2. Pay them a compliment or explain why you thought it was fun.

For example:

  • You’re so easy to be around, you made me feel super relaxed even though I was nervous!
  • You’re hilarious – I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.
  • I loved that restaurant too, we should go back there sometime!

3. Move the conversation forward by asking them out again or asking a question about their day.

Try something like:

  • I would love to see you again soon, what does your week look like?
  • Let’s do that again soon – I’m free whenever. How’s your day going?
  • Maybe a movie next time? I know we both want to see the new Dune!

How to Respond to “I Had Fun Last Night”

This post-date follow-up is a great example of how to successfully move the conversation towards another date.

Put all three of those elements together to craft a unique and thoughtful response like, “Thanks, I had so much fun too! You’re hilarious – I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. Maybe a movie next time? I know we both want to see the new Dune!”

You can make it your own – just try to add those three elements to express yourself fully.

Girl Texts Thank You After Date

There are a few different texts you might get after a date, and it’s hard to tell what they each mean. One of the most common post-date texts my clients get is a “Thank you.”

It might not seem like the best text you could receive, but it’s usually a good sign. If you get a “Thank you” text after your date, most likely she is appreciative that you took her out on a special date and showed her a fun time. But how you choose to respond can either stall or take things forward and prevent a dry conversation.

The most common response to “Thank you,” is “You’re welcome,” but correct texting etiquette says that’s not the right move in this situation. For a post-date “Thank you” text message, go with something more casual, like:

  • Of course! I was so happy to get to spend some time with you – can’t wait to do it again!
  • No, thank you! I had such a lovely time, thank you for all the fun 🙂
  • Right back at you! That was a great time, I’d love to see you again in person soon, are you free this weekend?


Girl Texts Thank You After Date

Alternatively, if they say they had a good time like the person in green in the conversation above, the response should be different. You can say something cute and casual, like “My pleasure” or “Anytime.”

Girl Says She Had a Great Time After Date

Another response you might get after your date is “I had a great time.” If you get a text like this, congratulations – she likely did have a great time and is excited about potentially seeing you again. All you need to do is respond excitedly and add a conversation starter so you can move things forward.

Respond with something that echoes the excitement:

  • I had such a great time too! You’re such an interesting person, I could’ve kept talking for hours.
  • Me too! I would love to do that again, maybe this time we can go for tacos!
  • That was amazing! Thank you for a good time, I’m so glad we finally got to connect in person.

However, you should only do this if you do truly want to see her again. If you foresee yourself ghosting her, it’s always better to be upfront, unlike the person who ghosted the green text in this conversation:

Girl Says She Had a Great Time After Date

It would have been much kinder if they responded by saying that they also had fun instead of not replying. The fact they haven’t responded to 3 messages shows they probably aren’t interested.

When a Girl Says She Had a Nice Time

A “Nice time” isn’t exactly the response you might be hoping for – it’s a little too casual and seems like she may not be interested. But many times, it’s just a case of a girl not knowing how to say she wants to see you again. That leaves it up to you to move the conversation forward, either to another date, or to an end to that relationship.

When you’re left to figure out what she means by “Nice time,” just start by sending her a text message that shares the same emotion, and asks her how she feels about another date. Hopefully, she’ll answer honestly so you don’t get ghosted. If she gives you a clue that she wants to go out again, you can try to arrange another date and see how it goes.

When a Guy Says He Had Fun After a Date

First, you may receive a text like the one in the conversation here:

When a Girl Says She Had a Nice Time

If that happens, you need to decide how you feel about him. Did you have a great time on the date? How many dates have you been on? Are you excited about being his girlfriend? Decide what you want and then go from there – honesty is the best policy for any relationship.

Otherwise, if you went on a date with a guy and are wondering how to respond, the rules are the same. He probably means it if he went out of his way to send you a followup text that says he had fun. When you craft your response to him, follow the same rules:

  1. Tell him you had fun too.
  2. Say something specific about the date.
  3. Find a way to move towards another date.

Guys and girls aren’t that different, and they react the same to text messages, rejection, and flirting. However, every person is different. If you went on a date with this person, then you should know enough about them to tell what might be a nice text to send. For example, if he talked a lot about his interest in hiking or something else, bring that up in your text:

  • I had so much fun too! It was awesome to learn about all the cool hikes around here, I hope you can take me on one sometime soon.
  • Thank you for the drinks, that was amazing. I loved hearing about your experience in Europe, I really want to go next year!
  • I had a lovely time. You’re such an interesting person – I can’t wait to learn more about you and maybe even have you show off your cooking skills to me sometime!

When a Girl Says She Had a Nice Time

This couple is a great example of finding a connection to make with your response. She mentioned some inside jokes about “purple” and brought up his upcoming work schedule, putting a second date in the cards.


It’s exciting to get a follow-up text after a date, especially one that says, “I had fun last night.” But then comes the tricky part – trying to figure out what to respond that keeps the conversation going and scores you another date.

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