What to Do When a Hinge Conversation is Going Nowhere

What to Do When a Hinge Conversation is Going Nowhere

Dating can be fun and boring at the same time. Your dating style is important in determining the attitude of the other person (i.e., your match) on Hinge. Moreover, how you begin or end conversations are also important to determine what type of responses you might get.

So, if your conversations appear to be clingy, boring, or seamlessly dying, you should take a look at the tips below for help. In this article, I will let you know some of the best dating tips that help improve conversation ideas, styles, tones, and so much more.

Hinge Conversation Going Nowhere

What to Do When a Hinge Conversation Is Going Nowhere?

Online text conversations, especially on dating sites, can take some pretty swift turns. That is, they can leave you either in love with the other person or completely confused about what is going on. So, the best course of action to adopt when the conversation is going nowhere is to determine if the conversation should continue or not.

There are actually a couple of things that can hint at whether you should resume or end a conversation. Here’s when you should consider ending a conversation smoothly:

  • Chat history- does it show any interesting conversation starters, openers, replies, etc., from your match?
  • Replies- are they replying in one-word answers that show little or no interest in your talk?
  • Questions- are they keen on asking questions back or learning more about you?
  • Engagement- are your questions engaging to help them keep the conversation alive?

These are the pointers that a conversation needs to stop in order to save time and effort for both sides. On a familiar note, you should continue the conversation when:

  • Your match is replying in an engaging way
  • They are inquiring about your interests, hobbies, etc.
  • They are asking questions that raise interest
  • They are not replying with single-word texts

Hence, you can decide whether to continue and lead the conversation in the right way or let it smoothly end so you can find a better match with a similar-to-you personality. In doing so, you can take up help from many sources.

Here’s a quick example of how to turn around a dying conversation on Hinge:

What to Do When a Hinge Conversation Is Going Nowhere?

Using a slight sense of humor, the match above turned the conversation around by blaming himself in an empathetic way. Since that can be an overly achieving technique to keep a conversation with a girl going in online dating, try to anchor some fun and interest in your texts.

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What Do You Talk About in Hinge?

You may find it difficult to put the thoughts that you are having in your mind into words when talking to a stranger. Of course, meeting new people is a great way to engage in life. However, it can be difficult to get past the first few awkward contact phases just for the sake of having a fun and healthy conversation. Here’s an example of how you may approach conversation openers:

What to Do When a Hinge Conversation Is Going Nowhere?

Learning about one another can be a great way to start a conversation. Still, refrain from the monotonous greeting methods such as those below:



How are you?

Some of the most common greets tend to put the mood off. So, try doing a mix and match of greets, puns, and jokes at the same time. It can substantially increase your chances of receiving a time investment on your dating profile. Here’s a quick example of how you can do that to keep a conversation going:

What to Do When a Hinge Conversation Is Going Nowhere?

Many things that you can talk about include favorite food, places to visit, traveling plans, favorite clubs, study plans, and any major historical events that make you laugh. Sharing a laugh is undoubtedly one of the best ways to bond with someone.

Learning about the personality through text conversation can help determine whether your match is the one you were looking for or not. More so, text conversations give away the kind of vibe you have. Thus, there are higher chances to meet someone like you when your match preferences are on point.

Sharing your hobbies, passion, recent work achievements, and, more importantly, personal styles can help you know a person. So, let’s just say that starting with that in the friendliest way can both be humble and attractive at the same time.

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Should You End or Save a Dying Text Conversation?

Online dating text conversations are a straightforward way of getting to know someone. However, many people finding their match online tend to forget that and begin a one-sided conversation that simply bores out.

Should You End or Save a Dying Text Conversation?

Above is a quick example to learn how easily someone can make a potentially humorous and friendly conversation into a dull one. So, try to avoid answering with a simple “yeah” and “aah,” which tends to put others’ moods off.

When the question of “who is going to lead the dry conversation” starts to arise, you need to ask yourself a simple question: does the person sound like someone you want to spend your time with? Well, if it appears to be the case, then you can exert a little more effort in attracting the other. Without action, you may only be seeing dry conversations and dying text chats on Hinge.

For instance, some people are shy to express themselves through text chats and feel more comfortable meeting in person. If your match is not into texting, don’t lose hope. They may be more engaging and fun to meet in person.

If they are not good at texting and don’t seem to engage the same way as you do on Hinge, you can ask for their number. You can say something similar to:

“I don’t spend much on here, but you seem interesting. I’d love to get to know you better. What’s your number?”

If they give it to you, then they may have an interest in you. Otherwise, a denial may be a clear sign of no interest in carrying on the conversation.

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When Should You End a Text Conversation?

Whether you should save or end a dry conversation is totally up to you. If you think that your match may be the one you are looking to date, then it won’t hurt to try a little to see if they will respond with equal enthusiasm.

On the other hand, it is best to be smooth in ending a conversation if you don’t find a girl or a guy likely to match with you in real life. Avoid sending rude and offensive texts if someone tends to ignore your every message on Hinge. They may probably have tired themselves going through various profiles and chatting up with other potential matches. Or perhaps, they may simply be passing some time on the app itself.

When Should You End a Text Conversation?

As you can see from the conversation above, it really wasn’t going anywhere. Instead of ghosting them, he told her to enjoy her trip.

It is best to leave a conversation that is not going anywhere in order to save yourself time, energy, and your humor sense! Try to look for better matches by examining profile bios. If you are looking to get a solid and attractive dating profile bio, my dating profile services can be your best option.

What are the Ways to Progress Your Hinge Conversation?

Simply picking some of the pointers in your match’s dating profile bio can be a great way to start or progress a conversation. For instance, let’s assume that your match loves to travel around the world. You can propose ideas and best advice for places to visit. Or maybe, let them share some ideas, so they feel confident about their experiences.

Further, you can even try to make some humorous comments in online chatting on Hinge. For example, what if the girl that you matched with on Hinge is a paramedic? Well, you can certainly go with something like:

“I might need some medical assistance ASAP… and you make a beautiful candidate to attend to me!”

However, be sure to add some fun and humor to your line to ensure you are not really in need of any “medical help” per se.

Another most sought-after way of progressing text conversations on Hinge is by exchanging phone numbers. But keep in mind that you don’t have to be all plain and simple like, “Hey, can I have your phone number?” Instead, try to be more creative and sound appealing to really be successful in such an attempt. Here is an example:

What are the Ways to Progress Your Hinge Conversation?

This is a friendly approach that begins by asking an interesting question to your match. Trying to relate to them with similar interests can make them more likely to respond.

Here’s a humorous attempt at asking for a phone number if you are chatting online with a girl or a guy on Hinge:

“I have been very busy writing a book recently….”

Let them ask or inquire and then prompt with saying:

“It’s actually a phone book; it’s nearly complete. All I need is your phone number to wrap it up….”

Asking a number right away with a pun may sound interesting and laughable for a moment. However, a laugh is what it usually gets most of the time. Despite that, sharing mutual interests and talking about hobbies like your favorite place or outdoor recreational activity can spice up the conversation.

You may even suggest going on a date at your match’s favorite restaurant. Consequently, you can ask for their number as it will sound more natural after sharing personal interests and opinions.

How do you Keep a Conversation Going on Hinge

If you are able to get your match interested and engaged, a big challenge is to keep the conversation going. While it may seem easy, you are likely to run out of choices if you don’t know how to find mutual interests. That means you have to find something that’s common between the two of you.

For instance,

Tyra: I was just going to grab a coffee.

Joe: Great. Do you know about [Name]? Their latte is simply amazing.

Tyra: I don’t believe this. I was going to get the same!

Joe: Hehe. Let’s go and have it together sometime.

You can also take the conversation to the next level by exchanging phone numbers or agreeing to meet somewhere in person.

In addition to that, find mutual favorites such as:

What’s your favorite TV show or book?

What drink can you live without?

What movie can you watch over and over again?

You can also take the conversation to the next level by exchanging phone numbers or agreeing to meet somewhere in person. Remember, whatever topic you two are talking about, the focus should be on you and the other person.

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