How to continue a text conversation after 'How are you?': A man whispers to a smiling woman during a candlelit dinner and drinks.

How to Continue a Text Conversation After ‘How Are You?’

Struggling with post-icebreaker conversations? Whether it’s text anxiety or just feeling stumped, overcoming awkwardness is tough. But fear not! I’m here to help without judgment. In this article, I’ll tackle common dilemmas like what to say after an opener, navigating responsive texts, and how to continue a conversation after “How are you?” Let’s dive in and banish that awkwardness for good!

How to Continue a Conversation Over Text

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Once you’ve initiated a conversation with your match, it’s essential to incorporate elements of small talk, active listening, and the discovery of common ground. Show genuine interest by asking open-ended questions that go beyond the initial opener, allowing the interaction to evolve organically. Consider weaving in topics related to childhood, as it often sparks nostalgia and provides a more personal touch to the conversation. Ask about her favorite childhood memories or if she had any quirky habits or hobbies back then. This not only adds a layer of warmth but also invites her to share more about herself.

In addition to childhood stories, actively seek out common ground that can serve as a bonding point. Explore shared interests, hobbies, or experiences that you both might have in common. Whether it’s a love for a specific type of music, a favorite travel destination, or a mutual passion for a particular hobby, finding these commonalities can strengthen your connection. If either of you has a child or a special connection with kids, it could be a fantastic point of discussion. You might share funny or heartwarming stories about your own experiences with children or talk about the importance of family.

Remember, it’s crucial not to dive into overly serious topics right away. Instead, keep the tone light and add a touch of humor to maintain a smooth and enjoyable exchange. Share some of your lighthearted childhood anecdotes to create a sense of connection and make the conversation feel more relatable.

You will find different guidelines for how to continue a conversation with a girl over text compared to the traditional way of texting strangers you meet in a bar. With dating apps, some negative messaging behaviors are frequently disregarded, to the point where they might potentially work in your favor. On dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble, for example, messaging prospects back immediately is counterintuitively a smart approach for keeping the discussion going. 

Why? Because people rarely use dating apps to discuss serious issues like politics or other controversial topics. If you want to turn that chat into a date, it needs to be fluid and fast-paced. You can have a deeper conversation later when you are further along in your relationship, such as on a first date.

Among the sentences that you can use after an opener are “Where did you go on your last vacation?”, “Have you heard of that new bar in our neighborhood?”, orWhat are your favorite hobbies?” It is a fantastic way to find out more about what your match likes doing and set up a position for a potential date.

There are a few points to focus on. If you have no intentions other than hooking up, you should sexualize your texts (when appropriate) as soon as you break the ice. Additionally, it is necessary to present certain qualities that your match is looking for (sell yourself). Be sure to be respectful and never harass or put down the other person.

If you find your match attractive, consider expressing it in a playful and lighthearted manner. For instance, you could say something like, ‘I must admit, your profile caught my eye. Your [specific feature or quality] is really intriguing!’ This way, you’re sending a positive signal that you’re interested while maintaining a respectful and positive tone.

What to Say After Breaking the Ice

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It’s natural to want to give a lot of information when you’re enthused about a match. Regardless of whether you are initiating the discussion for the first time or merely attempting to keep a newly begun conversation continuing, it can be too much for your dating app match. With that in mind, you shouldn’t ask more than one question in a single message.

It’s a fantastic idea to ask your match questions since it demonstrates that you’re interested in them. Respond to their queries with personal information. If they don’t ask many questions, respond to the ones they do ask before moving on to the next one. Give them something to think about by providing a conversation detail that they can build on:

  • Where do/did you study? (Follow-up question: What made you choose that field of study?)
  • Do you have a cat or a dog? (Follow-up question: Do they have any funny or adorable habits?)
  • What kind of music do you like? (Follow-up question: Have you been to any great concerts lately?)
  • What is your dream travel destination? (Follow-up question: Is there a specific experience you’re looking forward to in that destination?)
  • What is your favorite book? (Follow-up question: Are there any other authors or genres you enjoy?)
  • What do you like to do in your free time? (Follow-up question: Have you found that sharing similar hobbies makes for a good conversation with friends?)

As evident, actively listening to their response and posing engaging questions stands out as one of the most effective methods to sustain a conversation and capture your match’s interest. I encourage you to hone your social skills by practicing the art of asking compelling questions.

How to Continue a Conversation With a Girl Over Text

When messaging, how can you keep a girl interested? A few pointers might help you establish a meaningful and continuous text message conversation with your match. Instead of just inquiring what she was doing today, structure your question in a way that shows your individuality. She’s getting to know you at the same time as you are learning more about her. Flirt by asking questions such as “Were you mischievous?” or “Will Santa pay you a visit as you were such a naughty girl?”

Allow her to see your playful and charming attitude; don’t make it like a job interview. Continue to steer the discussion back to her by sharing a bit about yourself once you’ve started it. And if you want to be even more flirty, use an emoji or two. If the conversation about her interest in anything stops, swiftly transition to a similar topic. New topics can liven a dying conversation up quickly, turning it into a great conversation once again.

You should have a solid notion of how you want your discussion to proceed, whether you’re texting with a love partner or a potential one. Prepare a few themes ahead of time to help you stay on track with the chat and keep you from having too many awkward moments of silence. Don’t practice your queries by typing them out. Allow for a natural flow throughout the dialogue. Select themes that are relevant to the individual – your location, the firm they work for, their occupation, and other personal interests.

A text conversation about what animals each person likes.

As we can see, the person who initiated the conversation did a fantastic job of starting an interesting and extensive topic – traveling. Not overwhelmed by his questions, the girl seems to be responsive and eager to continue the interaction about their favorite travel destinations.

What to Say When Your Match Texts Back

Imagine that you had to wait for days for your match to text back and now you are stuck and don’t know how to resurrect the conversation. Still, you shouldn’t give up. A basic understanding of texting is required to understand how to continue a conversation with a girl like this. If your relationship is fresh, keep that list of potential subjects in mind in case your discussion stalls.

You may always move your text discussion in a new direction if it seems to be going nowhere, and is quickly becoming dull and uninteresting. Returning to her passions is an excellent method to do this. You may send her a text like this if she likes listening to music: “This is a really fantastic song that I recently heard. What are your thoughts on it?” This will spark a discussion on music and other relevant subjects. It isn’t only a great way to prevent dry texting, but also rejection due to a dying conversation:

  • What are you planning to do this weekend?
  • What did you have for lunch? Did you like it?
  • Are there any TV shows that you would recommend?
  • Filter or Starbucks coffee?
  • You would never guess who I dreamed of last night!
A text conversation about what one person had for lunch and inviting the other person to lunch at the restaurant.

Asking what she had for lunch is a simple way to get her talking and find out what foods she likes. It seems to work, as she suggests they meet up to try it sometime. These questions all create a bond that, over time, some ingenious use of conversational skills could be built into something fantastic.

Keep a Conversation Going with Your Match

When your partner contacts you, she is indicating that she is available to speak and that she wishes to do so. If you wait too long, she may send a message to someone else or lose interest in you. Don’t pretend to be calm and wait for her to answer. Don’t be fooled by such nonsense counsel. Dating apps are intuitive and simple for maintaining a conversation, as you can get inspiration from your partner’s profile.

While you shouldn’t wait days to answer, you should consider moving on if you don’t see that they are putting in enough effort, or are responding to you days after you send a message.

How to Keep a Conversation Going on Dating Apps

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When you see the other person’s message appear, find a method to answer as quickly as possible to show that you care enough about their message to respond promptly. To make it appear as though they are unavailable and to avoid appearing desperate, some “pickup artists” recommend waiting a few hours or even days before sending a message. 

This does not appear to function with Tinder or Bumble. Most Tinder users have a short attention span, so if you don’t respond within 24 hours, your match may forget she sent you a message. While there is nothing wrong with responding straight away, you shouldn’t make the mistake of asking questions that are too serious. She may feel like she is taking a quiz, and that could lead to some awkward silence.

Some of the things you can ask to kick off the conversation include:

  • Did you have a tough time at work today?
  • What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday?
  • Is there anything you want to learn but can’t seem to find the time to do it?
  • What is your favorite literature piece?
  • I had a hilarious situation in my workplace today. Want to hear more about it?
  • I love hearing about your dog. It would be great if you send me a few photos.

Example: The best example of all – short, concise, and confident. The guy starts with a funny and mysterious reference, intriguing the girl if they already met. He responds that it will happen next weekend showing confidence that these two will go on a date! Then, you can start thinking about how to transition off the apps. 

How do you transition from Bumble to texting? First, you have to keep your match talking and see how the person feels about doing so. 

They may not be ready, and that is fine. If they want to keep the conversation on Bumble for a bit longer, let them know that it’s not a problem at all and you’re okay with that. Not everyone will be okay with giving their number out in the first few weeks, so keep this in mind.

So, let’s talk about how to write on apps and use the art of conversation to get her ready for that transition.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a texting strategy on online dating apps will boost your chances of success in finding not just a conversation partner but a life partner or, at the very least, a few close friends. I tried my hardest to emphasize how to keep a conversation going with a girl after an opening, how to make the person feel heard, and how to avoid a friend zone situation or a dying discussion.

If you’re looking to improve your results, I offer comprehensive online dating services, including dating app texting feedback and dating profile writing services. My goal is to help you attract your match and maintain a fluid and engaging conversation from thereon

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