How to Tell if a Tinder Conversation is Going Well

How to Tell if a Tinder Conversation is Going Well (Tips & Examples)

Matching with an exciting new person is only step one. After that, you have to deal with the stress of continuing the conversation and wondering if they’re interested.

It can be hard to tell if your Tinder conversation is going well. Use this guide to determine if yours is heading towards date territory, why some Tinder conversations die out, and how to enhance any convo.

How to Tell if a Tinder Conversation is Going Well

How Do You Know if a Conversation is Going Well?

Even Tinder pros have trouble judging whether a conversation is going well. However, there are a few things you can look out for to determine if the conversation is successful and if your match is interested in you.

Responding in a Timely Fashion

Think about how you act when you have an exciting match. When you’re eager to talk to someone, you usually respond in a timely fashion, rather than taking days – or a year like this person!

How Do You Know if a Conversation is Going Well?

When a match takes forever to respond, it might be time to get back to swiping.

Sending Messages Longer than One Word

Like a fast response time, a good sign that your Tinder conversation is going great is when you both send messages longer than one word. Be wary of chats like:

  • “I’m good, hbu?”
  • “That sounds cool.”
  • “Nice!”

A flourishing conversation will have messages like “I’m good, I just had a fun hangout with my friend! How are you doing today?”

Taking Things Off the App

Unsurprisingly, the best sign that your Tinder conversation is going well is that things go off the app. In other words, if you or your match asks to have a Facetime or IRL date and the other says yes, it’s a promising sign.

Try and find a clever way to ask for your match’s number like this guy!

How Do You Know if a Conversation is Going Well?

How Do Most Tinder Conversations Go?

The truth is, many Tinder conversations go nowhere. Life can get in the way, people get busy, and it’s hard to keep in touch online. However, if you use dating strategies with your Tinder conversations, you have a much better chance of a successful conversation and winning a date.

How Do Most Tinder Conversations Go?

Even though these two Tinder matches are getting along, life gets in the way and prevents the conversation from flowing. Who knows – maybe they’ll finally meet for a date after this.

Why Do Tinder Conversations Fizzle Out?

If the conversation fizzles out, don’t immediately blame yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your Tinder convo might end sooner than you’d like.

They’re Busy

We all have busy lives! Sometimes work gets in the way, or a match may go through a stressful week. In those cases, your conversation may dwindle to a halt. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be reinvigorated.

If you want to restart a dwindling conversation, try going with a line like:

  • Hey! I know you’ve been busy, any chance you’re free for a call this week?
  • It’s been a crazy month for me, I’m sorry we haven’t gotten a chance to connect! How’s work going?

It’s Hard to Keep in Touch Online

It can be challenging to remember to respond to friends and family, let alone someone you don’t have a real-life relationship with yet. When life gets busy, the first conversations to suffer are online ones.

Why Do Tinder Conversations Fizzle Out?

You can try to avoid this by responding to your match in a timely fashion and moving things off the app as soon as possible.

Sometimes the Chemistry Isn’t There

A lack of chemistry isn’t a sign that you’re not a great Tinder match. But if the conversation isn’t flowing easily, many people are quick to jump the boat.

Why Do Tinder Conversations Fizzle Out?

See how these two have “chemistry?” All jokes aside, this conversation is a great example of two people who already get along well online. If that’s missing in a Tinder conversation, it’s okay to move on to the next match.

How Do You Make a Conversation Interesting on Tinder?

Here are a few of my personal online dating tips to keep things exciting, and therefore keep your match interested:

1. Find a Good Conversation Starter

Starting a Tinder conversation on the right foot is the best way to make sure things stay fresh and interesting for your match. Going with a quirky joke, an intriguing question, or a connection is a surefire way to get things started.

How Do You Make a Conversation Interesting on Tinder?

This opening question allowed his match to think of an answer that is both vulnerable and unique. Now he can follow up and ask her what she cries about.

2. Show Your Personality

Focus on being yourself. If you’re able to show your wonderful personality in your bio and messages, you’re more likely to keep things engaging over chat.

How Do You Make a Conversation Interesting on Tinder?

Here, one person is trying to ask questions but no one is truly showing their personality. The match could give more info about themself besides just saying their job title and how long they’ve worked there. For example, they can ask the other person what they do for work.

3. Ask Thoughtful Questions

A great way to boost a Tinder conversation is to ask a mix of thoughtful and funny questions. Try something like:

  • What’s your perfect first date?
  • Would you rather never eat burgers again or have to eat a burger for every meal?
  • Name three things on your bucket list – I’ll go first!

How Do I Stop Being Boring on Tinder?

To make sure you’re not boring your matches, there are two things to keep in mind. First, stop sending one-word or simple answers. And second, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

No more one-word answers

Short responses never get action on Tinder. Think about it – if you were talking to someone in real life and they only answered in short sentences, wouldn’t you be bored?

Go for longer, thoughtful answers that keep things interesting, unlike the dull match below.

How Do I Stop Being Boring on Tinder?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Letting a Tinder match get to know you will show them how exciting you are. Unless you have no hobbies, no interests, and like to read a dictionary for fun, you’re not boring. Show them that by sharing about yourself and finding connections.

How Do I Stop Being Boring on Tinder?

See how both people in that conversation showed their personalities? They were honest, open, and funny – and it led to an instant connection.

How Do You Keep a Conversation Going After What’s Up?

The easiest ways to continue a Tinder conversation are to make connections, find similarities, and put in some effort. If your match can tell you’re uninterested, they’re not going to keep the conversation going. Try these:

  • How is your day going? Mine got off to a rough start, but things are going much better now that I’m chatting with you!
  • Are you a fan of superhero movies? I’m going to see the new Marvel after work today!
  • What’s your favorite type of food? I’ve been trying to find spots around town so I’m looking for recommendations!

How Do I Revive a Dying Tinder Conversation?

So you thought a Tinder conversation was going well, but now it’s slowly dying. Don’t give up hope just yet!

How Do I Revive a Dying Tinder Conversation?

This conversation shows two people who are both in on the joke of not having time for Tinder messages. It’s funny now, but eventually one of them will have to step up and reply on time so they can get to know each other. Otherwise, they’ll never meet and this humorous exchange will be a waste of time for both people.

There are tons of ways you can revive a dying conversation. Try some of these strategies to pick things back up.

Pick something out from a past conversation:

  • I remember you said you love to hike, have you been to any cool places recently? I’ve been wanting to go while the weather is nice.
  • How’s work been going? Have things calmed down since that crazy week?

Ask them something exciting:

  • When was the last time you tried something new?
  • If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  • What’s the most adrenaline-filled activity you’ve ever done?

Send a silly joke, gif, or story

Find a gif online that reintroduces yourself or makes them laugh. Or, tell them a joke or story from your life to keep things light and bring them back in!

How Do I Revive a Dying Tinder Conversation?

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