Is it Weird to Text Old Tinder Matches?

Is it Weird to Text Old Tinder Matches? (How to Revive a Conversation)

Talking and dating on Tinder is extremely easy. You can sign up, have an account, add an interesting profile bio, and instantly find amazing matches, whether you are a guy or girl. Getting matches is not too difficult if you can define your personality and interests in the best way possible.

However, you might also encounter a heap of old Tinder matches, which you might later want to talk to. People worry about whether or not they should text their old Tinder matches. However, if you talked about a date and never made it, then you can probably shoot up some attractive messages to grab the attention of your old Tinder matches.

Let’s discuss this further in the article below.

Is it Weird to Text Old Tinder Matches?

Is It Weird to Text Old Tinder Matches?

One thing is for sure, when you are missing someone or want to re-engage with someone the way you did before, there really isn’t any problem at all. Instead of worrying about whether it is weird or not, you should pay close attention to the things you can say to an old match.

You can probably end up winning the date that you might have missed. So, let’s get down to a few examples of what you can say as Tinder conversation starters:

“I mean, I’ve been waiting for you to message me, but I guess I’ll get the ball rolling.”

See, now the above example shows interest and sparks a little attention. Here’s what else you can say to begin a conversation with an old or ignored match.

  • “Not for nothing, but how is it possible that you’ve gone so long without messaging me?”
  • “I might be terrible at keeping this chat going. How about we meet in person so you can find out how cool I am?

People also text their year-old matches on Tinder to see if they would respond. The primary reason might be that they miss the funny conversation or have a few laughs together after meeting up. Here’s an example:

Is It Weird to Text Old Tinder Matches?

How to Rekindle an Old Tinder Match?

There are many ways to spark up a conversation with an old Tinder match. One of the main things you need to look out for is that there has to be something catchy and attention-grabbing in the first message you send. Considering you might be texting them back after a long time, like a few months, you need to be creative and not too imposing if they don’t want to get back to you.

Here’s what you can say in a playful mood to remind them of what they might have missed:

  • (Send a selfie of yourself) “In case you were wondering how I look after this long, here’s a picture of me.”
  • “Remember we were talking about eating those truffle fries near that place? What are the chances of actually making it happen?”
  • “Do you want to get over the chat and just meet in person to realize how cool I might actually be?”

Perhaps you can go with something casual to land a solid impression while grabbing the other’s attention:

  • “I watched that movie you were recommending when we talked…. I think we should discuss that you have great taste in movies.”
  • “I was reading the book that we were talking about, reminded me of you. How are you?”

What Do You Do If a Tinder Match Doesn’t Respond?

There are various reasons why a guy or a girl might not respond on Tinder. While someone might find you uninteresting following their preferences, some might have never seen your profile due to the massive list of matches.

So, you can try sending a message rather than crying over a lost match. Here’s an example of a bold message that can help you kickstart a conversation with confidence.

  • “I’ve been trying to pump up the courage to say “hi” for a while now, and now I have. Hi.”

Perhaps something playful can help you get the interest of a long-ignored Tinder match:

  • “Just moving by to say “Hi.”
  • “It seems like we would’ve shared a few laughs, considering how cute you are and how funny I am.”

Still, saying a simple “Hi” might do the trick if your old Tinder match remembers your old conversation or is looking to start a conversation with someone. In fact, you can learn more creative and enticing ways to say “Hi” to someone on Tinder.

How long is too long to Message a Tinder Match?

One thing is for sure; there are various reasons why girls and guys stop responding on Tinder. Maybe a cheesy pickup line went wrong, or the other person realized that they had a wrong impression of you.

Usually, you can only message your Tinder match within 12 to 24 hours before the match expires. Therefore, moving the conversation to other social media platforms like WhatsApp is preferable. This allows you to communicate out of Tinder without worrying about when the match might expire. Besides that, you can also get their number to stay in touch. You are more likely to get the response of your few months old date or Tinder match on their phones. Asking the other out on a date is another way to pique their interest and move away from Tinder when the match is about to expire.

Nonetheless, when a conversation ended without any good reason, or you failed to initiate a convo, you should know how long you might have before it is too long to message an old Tinder match.

Generally, people tend to message their old matches on Tinder only if they are two to three months old. Still, if you are missing someone or really want to chat, considering you find similar interests as the other person, you can message them anytime. Sometimes, people tend to message their old Tinder matches after six months or even a year.

Beware that the other person might sense your desperation, and it can get quite difficult to get the conversation going on a good note. Here’s an example of old Tinder matches interacting after too long:

How long is too long to Message a Tinder Match?

Sometimes people find each other back on Tinder which lets them keep the conversation and one-on-one experience going.

What Do You Say To a Tinder Match From a Long Time Ago?

When you are beginning a conversation with a Tinder match from a long time ago, you should make sure that you inquire about them first. Asking how they are or how they have been can be some of the many welcoming gestures.

If you were the one to leave the conversation hanging in the first place, you should consider making a pleasing apology. Here’s an example of what you might say that can be flirty, interesting, and apologetic in the right way:

  • “I am sorry that I couldn’t continue the conversation before; I didn’t like seeing you carrying the conversation.”
  • “I might have been in a daze for a long time after talking with your beautiful self; would you like to start over?”

Make sure that you don’t wait too long or overthink when you have an idea that the other person might be who you are looking for. Messaging first can open a whole lot of avenues to begin a friendly conversation and get a date.

Is It Weird to Message A Tinder Match Months Later?

Waiting months to text someone or ask about how they are can be a bit confusing. Nevertheless, you should know that talking to someone who piqued your interest is never too late. But waiting months before the first or continuing text means that you need to be careful enough to grab their attention.

Avoid doing something like this below, which will most probably result in ghosting:

Is It Weird to Message A Tinder Match Months Later?

Overall, it all depends on what you choose to say when it comes to texting your old Tinder match. Regardless, you can re-design your dating profile, add more pictures, and re-define your personality if you are looking to catch up with someone from before.


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  1. I matched with a dude on Tinder. I gave him my number. I was already seeing another man by the time he contacted me and ended up in an LTR with that man. Tinder match and I met up as friends. We became Facebook friends and messaged a few times over the next four years. I reached out when my relationship ended. Tinder match and I met up again six months ago and are now in a serious relationship. Hold on to the matches! You can always revisit them. Who knows where you will find love!

    1. Nice! I’m glad to hear you were able to connect with your old match. Love works in mysterious ways 🙂