How I Can Help You To Earn More & Work Less

Hi, I’m Alex, the "Hijack" Copywriter.

I’m on a mission to "hijack" your readers’ minds and win you more business with persuasive copy.

Whether you’re a small business or corporate, it doesn’t matter. I’ll work with you to ensure your copy needs are met and deliver the best results possible.

What's in it for you?

  • A professional and reliable service.
  • Irresistible content that inspires your readers to take action.
  • Copy that is optimized for search engines like Google.
  • A range of digital skills including web copy, sales letters, blog posts, and more in a variety of industries.
  • Quick turnaround times. 
  • An enjoyable and positive working experience.
  • But most importantly, I give you back your valuable time.

Skills & Experience

I’m an experienced copywriter and content strategist. I’m also the head copywriter for an advertising media agency specializing in custom websites and internet marketing.

During my time, I’ve worked with countless clients in different industries helping them to grow their business and sales. 

Besides this, I’ve trained with some of the best copywriters and internet marketers around. Under their guidance, I’ve learned the best methods, tricks and strategies to persuade your customers to take action.

My skills include:

I love bringing people’s visions to life with the power of words. Plus I’m easy to work with 🙂

I've Been Featured On:

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A few other things you might find interesting...

  • I’m the first person in my family to graduate from university (I have a degree in psychology).
  • Before becoming a copywriter, I worked as a waiter, customer service agent, telemarketer, animator, tutor and English teacher. Surprisingly, all of these jobs have helped me to become a better copywriter.
  • I'm author and have written a number of bestselling books.
  • I’m all for learning new things. When I’m not writing, you can find me learning about languages, healthy eating tips and productivity hacks.
  • If I could meet one anyone it would be Bruce Lee. You couldn’t ask for a better role model 🙂

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

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