How to Say Hi on Tinder

How to Say Hi on Tinder: Conversation Starters That Get Replies

Starting a conversation on any dating platform can be hard. If you send a message that’s too offensive or rude, your chances of getting any attention from the opposite sex will be almost zero.

From brainstorming Tinder pick-up lines to getting the conversation flowing and meeting up in person, the world of online dating can be overwhelming.

The part where most people dread is how to say Hi on Tinder. How do you break the ice with someone you’re interested in without sounding lame?

How to Say Hi on Tinder

How to Start a Tinder Conversation

The purpose of your first Tinder message is to capture the other person’s attention. No need to stick to the conventional ‘How you are doing?’ message.

Both guys and girls on Tinder should say ‘hi’ with a short, crisp, and funny message. A joke, a GIF, or an observation about the other person’s interests and hobbies can ignite an instant spark.

In this guide, I am going to offer the best tips and ideas to help you figure out what to say to a girl on Tinder and how to start a Tinder conversation with a guy.

How do you Greet Someone on Tinder?

If you thought flaunting your IQ score or showing off your car collection can be the best Tinder conversation starters, you’re wrong. Keep it short, simple, and sweet. But most importantly, keep it to the point.

Here are some examples of how to greet your potential date.

Hi! Funny meeting you on Tinder.

Hey! How’s your Monday so far?

What’s up? Love your hiking photo.

But what do you say after hello on Tinder?

Cheesy GIFs and cliché jokes can quickly end any plans with your dream date in the future. That’s why try to be as original as possible. Trust me. It’s not as difficult as it looks. Once you establish some rapport, make your conversation more interesting by asking questions like.

Where did you click this photo?

How come you are still up?

Where did you get this guitar from?

Let’s now find out how to pick interesting Tinder conversation topics for both guys and girls.

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How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

Ask about her Profile

Once you go past the ‘hi’ phase, ask the girl about something on her profile. While your Tinder match may not have too much information on her profile, you can still comment on her school, job, or location.

I’m so glad we went to the same school.

How often do you go to that library?

So what’s the most interesting thing about NYU?

These are great examples because such questions help you start an engaging conversation without being too intrusive. You’re asking about the things she has already mentioned in her profile, so you are not prying into her personal life.

If you are not sure what to write in your profile, I can connect you with your future date by suggesting the best tips for creating your Tinder profile.

Ask for her Opinions

We all like voicing our opinions but feel comfortable sharing them only when we know the other person is listening.

Don’t just rely on common questions, or your conversation will take the form of a boring Q&A session. After all, you’re looking for a date, not recording an interview. Ask for her take on something funny or serious.

For example,

I’m arguing with my roommate and we can’t agree. Should you lick or bite your ice cream?

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?

Would you rather lay on a beach in the Caribbean or go on a trip to Europe?

When do you think this rainstorm will end?

These are good questions since everyone loves to give their thoughts and opinions on something. It is a good way to get them invested as there are no right or wrong answers. It’s also a good way to learn about them.

The best types of questions are what, why, and how questions. The reason is that these allow her to give a variety of responses, which increase your chances of her replying and continuing the convo.

So instead of asking “Do you like watching movies?” ask “If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

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Start with a Non-Creepy Comment

While Tinder is a dating app, it doesn’t mean you start a convo with the first thing that comes to your mind. Avoid freaking her out by making explicit comments or asking for her digits right away.

The key to making non-creepy comments is to respect your boundaries. Technically, you are not her date ‘yet.’

For example, avoid creepy Tinder conversation starters like:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

Or this:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

That’s why your first messages on Tinder should be decently flirtatious. Try coming up with something like this:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

Here is another good example:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?
This is another great conversation below:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

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Pick Something from her Bio

It could be anything from her dog’s name to her favorite coffee spot. The point is to initiate the conversation while playing it safe.

Girls will appreciate that because it shows you actually spent some time reading her profile. Typically, guys won’t go through a girl’s bio and use a generic message to greet every girl on the platform. Girls can tell whether a message is genuine or not, so spend some time reading her profile to pick interesting things to comment on.

For example, this user mentioned that ‘dog’ is a great conversation starter in her bio.

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

You could also go for a Tinder opener like this if are feeling extra ballsy:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

Tips to Make Flirty Comments

No girl likes a pushy guy who sends creepy messages. If you want to flirt with your potential Tinder date, you will have to learn the difference between a friendly conversation and an awkward one. The key is to avoid being too crude and send light-hearted messages.

Here are a few examples.

Such a stressful day, let’s blow off some steam tonight.

Why don’t you and me makeout, sorry, takeout tonight?

Can I skip the small talk and go straight to flirting?

Just FYI, I love the color of your eyes.

I’m a little drunk, so don’t mind my flirty messages.

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Be Funny

Every girl loves to have a good laugh. That’s why some of the best Tinder conversation starters we come across are hilarious.

For example:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

Tips to Add Humor to your Messages

Crack an inside joke. For example, if you went to the same school or college, you can joke about a famous kissing spot.

Share a GIF. Sometimes the best way to be funny is to use a GIF that says it all. Whether you want to show your interest, love, or affection, use a GIF.

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How to Start a Conversation on Tinder with a Guy

There are several ways to spark a connection with a guy on Tinder. From a flirty compliment to a funny pick-up line, choosing the best Tinder openers is easy when you don’t try too hard to impress.

Guys like interacting with self-assured and funny girls on Tinder. Let’s find out how to get the attention of your favorite guy on Tinder from the very first message.

Compliment Him

Let’s confess it. Guys love getting compliments as much as girls. It’s just that they feel shy to admit it. His profile, bio, or pictures can give you a good enough reason to praise him.

For instance, if you spot a cute dog in his pictures, say something like this.

‘What a cute pup you have there.’

If he loves football, come up with something like:

‘If you’re playing, I don’t mind being a cheerleader for the rest of my life.’

If you see a beautiful picture of an exotic beach vacation, you can say something like:

‘Let’s go soak up the sun together the next time you go on a beach trip.’

The key to giving compliments is to be genuine. Once you give the compliment, keep the conversation going by asking him an interesting follow-up question.

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Keep It Light

While dating apps can help you find your soul mate, the whole idea is to have fun. Tinder is no exception. Whether you are looking for a boyfriend or your future husband, your first messages should be light-hearted and funny.

You are not out there to psychoanalyze a user. While commenting on someone’s preferences and likes/dislikes is acceptable, never judge anyone.

Here are a couple of examples:

‘I wish I could touch your abs of steel, or is it your Superman costume.’

‘I’m not sure why I’m here, but I think I’m looking for a runaway train since you love Soul Asylum too.’

And another one:

How do you say Hi to a Girl on Tinder?

This is a nice example because both the guy and the girl are exchanging their views in a light-hearted manner.

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Don’t Bring up His Ex

Avoid digging into his past right from the start. No guy is comfortable talking about his ex to a stranger, especially right after you exchange Hellos. Your new date will eventually spill the beans. The only way you can ask a guy about his past relationship or ex is if he has mentioned something in his bio.

Keep it light and fun at the beginning. You can get more personal once you meet in person. You can find more unique and interesting ideas for Tinder conversation starters.

Talk about What they Do

Guys take great pride in what they do, even if it’s gaming or plumbing! Comment on their work status and don’t bring them down for their career choices. There must be a reason why they picked a certain occupation. Compliment them and praise their choices.

For example:

‘Being a professional scuba diver must be so much fun.’

‘Becoming a dentist was my childhood dream. At least one of us became one.’

You can follow up and ask if it was his childhood dream or what made him decide to choose the career.

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