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The product description that Alex wrote for us was great. It's already made a noticeable difference in our conversions and sales. I love the attention to detail and that he took the time to answer any questions we had. Alex has a talent to include keywords in the listing in the natural and engaging way to ensure the most impact. High recommended!”

Cindy Gan

FBA Seller

I was really impressed with Alex’s professionalism and the fact that he took the time to learn about my situation, goals and needs. Alex was able to provide a unique solution that I am confident that will increase my bookings and expand my business opportunities. Above all, I loved the description he wrote! The copy was informative and engaging. I would highly recommend Alex’s services for anyone who is hosting on Airbnb or any other vacation rental site."

Max Rerre

Airbnb Superhost

“I hired Alex to write a product description and review request emails for my new private label product. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m extremely impressed with the work Alex has produced! He understood my overall goals and helped me to improve and optimize my listing to increase my conversions. On top of the awesome product description, the emails he wrote were engaging and sure to boost the reviews for my product. He is worth every dollar I paid and I couldn’t be happier with the results."

Igor Dobrosmyslov

FBA Seller

Working with Alex has been a pleasure. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, since my Airbnb rental is in Taos New Mexico, communicating with Alex was a breeze. He was always available to answer questions and did the proper research to understand my space and what I was going for. He did an amazing job with the listing’s description and highlighted my space’s best aspects to help me get more bookings. I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you are looking for professional copywriting for your Airbnb listing, be sure to contact Alex. You won’t regret it!"

Bob Marro

Owner of TAB Denver DTC

We couldn’t be happier having Alex as our copywriter. We hired him to improve our vacation rental listing on Airbnb and Homeaway. We were getting a decent number of views but weren’t getting many inquiries or bookings. Alex created a strategy that highlighted our property’s unique features and helped us find ways to make it more attractive. The copy he produced is vivid, engaging and speaks directly to our guests. Since we have made the changes to our listing, views have increased and inquiries and bookings have gone up. We already have 2 new bookings this month. We recommend his services to any rental property owners who want to increase their bookings!"

Sunil Hariramani

Airbnb Host

We are launching 3 products on Amazon and needed super duper copy for our product descriptions. Not only did Alex write exceptional copy, but he delivered early! The product descriptions were well researched, informative and engaging. We are really impressed with his professionalism and work ethic. We recommend him to anyone who is selling on Amazon."

Paper Pret Inc.

FBA Seller

I just want to thank you for the amazing job you did. The results have been phenomenal so far! Being in the financial industry, competition is fierce. I knew that I wanted the copy for my sales page to stand out and be memorable. Thanks to your work I saw double the signups last month. I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ll be using your services again soon to further improve my business."  

Evan Bleker

Net Net Hunter

Working with Alex has been absolutely fantastic! He really took the time to get to know my business and the scope of the project I was working on. This attention to detail allowed him to craft a completely tailor-made email sequence aimed at providing value to my readers while promoting my digital products. I highly recommend Alex to anyone in need of copywriting aimed at adding value to your readers while cleverly promoting your products or services without using hard sell techniques. I will definitely be using Alex's services again in the future!"

Arvid Yap

Social Booyah

Alex is an excellent copywriter and a pleasure to work with. He optimized all aspects of our Amazon product listings with in-depth knowledge of Amazon's requirements and knowing what makes people want to buy. He is extremely thorough and well researched producing tangible results. Alex successfully increased our percentage conversion metrics by 30%. We are extremely satisfied with Alex's service, he is essential in growing our e-commerce business and taking it to the next level."

Sam Eaton

Founder of Water Well

I approached Alex because I wanted to improve the description for my AirBnB listing. He really improved on the description and made it a pleasure to read. Now I’m getting more guest requests than ever before! One thing I liked was that Alex was very thorough. He did a lot of research, asked the right questions and focused on what guests would be interested in. The fact that Alex was living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan was a bonus since it meant he knew the city really well. It was a very positive experience. Alex made the whole process easy and straight forward. I can’t recommend him enough."

Truman Yu

Airbnb Host

Alex is a great writer who can meet and deliver on tight deadlines. We needed someone who could deliver high-quality content quickly and he exceeded all of our expectations. Alex crafted copy that was imaginative, creative and connected with readers. He t­ells an engaging story and understands how to sell the best features of our product. Not only was Alex responsive, he nailed our message and style right from the start. We are very pleased with the results and hope to work w­ith Alex again in the future."


Asia Dating Experts

We are launching our product on Amazon but were having difficulties writing a good product description. Alex did a fantastic job improving upon what we wrote and highlighted our product’s best features and benefits. We really like the fact that he took the time to learn about our specific product and target market."


Dutch Kings

Joe Pic

We hired Alex to write content for our website and we couldn’t be happier with the results. I've used other copywriters, but none were nearly as good as Alex. He helped to improve our rankings and ensure the copy was engaging and informative for readers. Thanks so much for great work. Highly recommended!"

Joseph Gerocs

I’ve been selling shoes on Amazon since 2013. At best, sales were mediocre. I’m glad to say that after having Alex rewrite the copy for my product descriptions, sales have increased by 21%. And that’s even after I raised prices! Not only is Alex easy to work with, he’s full of great ideas. I’m also impressed with his integrity and responsiveness. I’m definitely planning to use his services again soon for my other product listings."

Yok Jeamkirung

Amazon Seller

At the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Alex to write content for my website. I’m so glad I did. Alex always has great ideas to share and offers suggestions that make a real difference in my business. The copy he developed spoke precisely to my readers and helped to increase my traffic by 38%. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to improve their website copy. I can’t wait to work with him again on our next project.

Dan Bloom

Asia Dating Tips

Alex writes highly effective copy aimed at getting you directly to the results you want. His skill-set is versatile and I have hired him for writing in a number of different contexts including landing pages, blog content and advertising copy. Alex produces high quality work that will result in an increase in traffic and sales conversions. Highly recommended."

McConnell Wade

Working with Alex has been a fantastic experience. He’s always full of enthusiasm and really cares about his clients. He understands my problems and asks the right questions. What he says is so true; people don’t care about my business, they care about what benefits them. Thanks to his feedback, my website traffic has been steadily increasing. Thank you so much!"

Grace Chan


"I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of work that Alex produced. He asked a lot of great questions and took the time to understand what I wanted for my listings. He exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Every Airbnb host would greatly benefit from Alex’s copywriting services. I will definitely be hiring him again for future projects.”

Shmulik Fishman

Airbnb Host

"After reading Alex’s book I found myself wanting to hire him to improve my existing B&B website and also to improve my new condo listing on Airbnb. I’m so glad I did! I was extremely impressed with the quality of work produced and I couldn’t have asked for a better description. I’m confident that the changes will increase my bookings on Airbnb and I will definitely be using Alex services for my new website. I can't thank you enough!!!

Gina Marcell

Airbnb Host

“As a landlord, I just finished remodeling two places that I’m planning to list on Airbnb. Since I have trouble with writing and Airbnb listings are quite unique, I wanted to find someone who is familiar with the Airbnb platform. At the same time, I wanted to work with someone personally and not a big company which I’ve had poor experiences with. So after searching around online and reading his reviews, I decided to reach out to Alex. I have to say I’m very happy with the results that he has produced. The descriptions that Alex wrote are exceptional quality and he did a phenomenal job with the copywriting. After reading the descriptions myself, I wanted to stay at my own places! Overall, Alex exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with him on a continued basis."

Robert Nie

Airbnb Host

“Dear Alex, 

Your description was a big help in regaining our best seller status in the Kindle Store.  And I also really appreciated your willingness to have a lengthy Skype conversation full of valuable Amazon marketing advice.  

I implemented all of your suggestions and have seen a big increase in in our Kindle sales as a result.  I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in a targeted and effective book description. 

Thanks for your great work on our behalf.”

Rebecca Bogart

Best Selling Author & Musician

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