Copywriting Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions (along with their answers) that I receive regarding my copywriting services:

I’m Alex Wong, the “Hijack” Copywriter. Additionally, I’m an author with several bestselling books to my name. My objective is to secure you more business through mind-hijacking content. To find out more about my services, feel free to explore my About page or take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Copywriting involves crafting words for marketing or promotional objectives. Copywriters can create a wide spectrum of content, including website copywriting, email copywriting, landing pages, SEO blog writing, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

In contrast to other writing styles like academic or editorial writing, copywriting centers on compelling readers to take action—whether it’s downloading an eBook, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase.

Hiring a skilled copywriter brings a multitude of advantages:

  • Creating compelling copy that captivates readers, resonates with their inner desires, and motivates them to act.
  • Presenting your business in an optimal manner, setting you apart from rivals.
  • Generating search-engine-optimized (SEO) content, guaranteeing your message reaches online customers.
  • Offering a fresh perspective and fostering innovative concepts for your business
  • Restoring your precious time, allowing you to concentrate on other business aspects.

No, copywriting pertains to the words used in promotions and marketing materials, while copyright refers to a creator’s legal ownership of their work.

This is, in fact, a substantial advantage, and here’s the reasoning: You’re intimately connected to your business. While having industry knowledge can be advantageous, it can also pose challenges. When you’re deeply involved with your business, you might overlook how confusing your specialized terminology can be to outsiders.

Numerous clients I’ve assisted—despite their expertise in their respective fields—struggle with self-promotion. They become engrossed in daily tasks and find it difficult to perceive the broader perspective. Consequently, when clients write about themselves, the content often centers on their business rather than addressing customer needs. A fresh perspective and the expertise of a dedicated copywriter can be precisely what your business requires.

While this perspective holds some validity, it’s essential to recognize a significant oversight. Even more concerning, you could potentially be missing out on a substantial number of sales. Why? Because you’re not a copywriter. While your industry knowledge is commendable, it’s distinct from being a copywriter. And that’s perfectly acceptable. Your journey has been shaped by learning from mistakes, shaping you into the expert you are today.

Copywriters have gone through the same rigorous process. I’ve invested countless hours finessing words, scrutinizing sentence structure, and delving into the intricacies of persuasive communication in writing. Copywriters possess the adeptness to craft content that commands attention, arouses interest, and compels action.

One approach involves prompting your prospects to imagine using your product or service. The power of words comes into play here, constructing a vibrant mental image… A process occurs as they are transported from their present circumstances to their desired outcome… Demonstrating to them how much more enriching their life can be with your product or service.

If you can guide them to imagine and tangibly sense the outcomes they desire—effectively illustrating how these outcomes materialize—you can SIGNIFICANTLY heighten the desirability of your product.

Another strategy is the creation of irresistible headlines. These headlines are the initial contact point for your readers. On average, the headline garners five times more attention than the body of your content. In fact, a substantial proportion of readers may not progress further… unless the headline seizes their interest and arouses curiosity. A well-crafted headline compels readers to delve deeper, while an ineffective one could lead them to disengage.

Absolutely. Maintaining a blog stands as one of the most effective methods for promoting your business, enhancing your SEO, and fostering a connection with your audience. Feel free to explore my blog here.

Certainly. The broader your presence across marketing platforms, the more advantageous it can be. Nevertheless, I suggest concentrating only on one or two platforms initially, as managing too many can become overwhelming.

The cost varies according to the project’s scope. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote BEFORE we begin, ensuring no unexpected surprises. Learn more about my copywriting rates here.

To confirm your order, I request a 50% deposit prior to commencing your project. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks after the initial draft’s delivery. For projects totaling $1000 and below, full pre-payment is required. I facilitate payments through PayPal and online credit card transactions, making the process hassle-free.

Throughout the years, I’ve crafted content for clients spanning diverse industries, encompassing dental copywriting, Amazon product descriptions, Airbnb listing descriptions, online dating profile writing, and numerous others. You’re welcome to explore my portfolio here. Even if I’m not yet acquainted with your industry, rest assured. A skilled copywriter (such as myself) can tackle any subject by delving into research about your industry, brand, and target audience.

Generally, all communication can be conducted via email. For particular services, such as coaching, we can communicate through Zoom.

You do – once you’ve settled the outstanding balance, all the content I’ve written for you belongs to YOU. You’re free to edit it in any manner you prefer. Nevertheless, I might request permission to use it as an example.

The turnaround time varies based on your project’s nature and my current workload. Once we establish the cost, I’ll provide you with well-defined deadlines. Being a professional copywriter, I recognize the significance of your timelines, and that’s why I assure you of meeting them. If you require a swift completion, the most effective step is to get in touch with me so we can delve into the particulars.

Certainly! Often, I take the content my clients have produced, infuse it with some “hijack magic,” and transform it into something exceptionally valuable for their use.

If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out by completing the form. This will allow us to delve into your project, and understand your distinct goals and requirements.