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Copywriting Services

I offer a wide selection of professional writing services. Whether you need copy for your website, email autoresponder series or Amazon product description, I’m the professional writer you’ve been looking for.

I have an extensive website here that goes into detail about the writing services I provide. Use the menu above, or click on the links below to find out more about the specific service you’re interested in.

Website Copywriting -  Your website is your most important marketing tool. My copy will position your business, products and services to clearly show customers why you're the solution they've been looking for.

Landing pages - To make a successful landing page, it has to instantly captures your visitor's attention and make it clear what action they should take. The landing pages I'll craft for you are clear, focused and compel your visitors to take your desired action.

Email Autoresponders - If you're looking to build relationships with your customers while also saving time and money, email autoresponders are the perfect solution. But they have to be done the right way for them to be successful. I'll help you create an autoresponder series that will delight your customers, improve your authority, and maximize your conversation rates.

Blog Post Writing -  These days, having informative and engaging blog posts is imperative for your business success. Long gone are the days when simply pumping out a large number of articles made all the difference. Site visitors and search engines won't stand for poor quality content. If you want quality blog posts that will delight and inform your readers, I'm the writer you're looking for. 

Dental Copywriting - To ensure your practice is found by patients, you have to have a strong presence online. Dental websites that have engaging and informative content rank higher and convert better. Whether you need copy for your website, content for your newsletter or ideas for blog posts, my dental copywriting services help to maximize your exposure and revenue.

Amazon Product Listing Copywriting - The Amazon marketplace is more crowded than ever. That's why it's imperative to have copy that makes you stand out from the millions of other sellers. Whether you're an established seller or selling your first product, I'll craft attractive product descriptions to compel customers to buy from you.

Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Copywriting  -  Are you ready to give your Amazon enhanced brand content sales a boost? My EBC/A+ listing services will increases conversions, boosts sales, and grows your brand,

Amazon Product Review Emails - Are you ready to get more Amazon customer product reviews? My series of follow-up emails will engage your customers, help them with your product, and get them to leave reviews RIGHT AWAY.

Airbnb Listing Copywriting - If you want to increase your bookings and stand out from the other Airbnb hosts, its essential to have a compelling description for your listing. The Airbnb descriptions I'll craft highlight your space's best features to turn your visitors into guests.

Vacation Rental Copywriting - As a keen traveler and a trained vacation rental copywriter, I know exactly what prospective vacationers are looking for in a short term rental property. I'll work with you to discover what makes your property special.

Online Dating Profile Writing - Are you having trouble meeting women online? If so, the problem may be because of your dating profile. Your profile will decide whether your inbox is overflowing with messages from potential suitors or as empty as a bare lake. Make yours count. I'll craft a magnetic dating profile that will make you stand out from the crowd and capture your readers' attention. And I'll stay 100% true to your unique voice.

Hotel Copywriting - Great hotel copy is descriptive, vivid and personal. It makes your readers feel as if they're already your guests. Whether you need copy for your website or brochure, my hotel copy connects with your readers, engages their senses and compels them to book with you.

Tourism Copywriting - How do you show you're the best tour agent or tour operator in the business? With copy that is clear, descriptive and offers a solution . I can help you boost your revenue with vivid descriptions, personal language and strong benefits for your website and other sale materials. 

And more... - Including newsletters, case studies, press releases, etc. 

I’m by no means limited to the above if you’re looking for something more bespoke. I can work with you to ensure your writing needs are met - regardless of your project or industry.

If you‘re serious about growing your business - don’t choose just any copywriter - choose The Hijack Copywriter.


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