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★ The Secret To Identifying Your Target Audience

★ How To Create a Powerful USP and Define Your Dental Business Goals

★ Simple Ways To Develop Your Lead Magnet and Build Your Online Presence (Even If You’re Not a Tech-y Person)

★ Top Tips For Writing Emails That Sell

★ Practical Ways To Build Your Dental Website For Less Than $200!

★ The Essential Differences Between Advertising and Marketing (and Why They Matter)

★ Surprisingly Effective Advertising Strategies

★ Plus, much more...

So if you’re stuck struggling to get your dental practice off the ground, or if you want to drive more clients to your clinic and master the art of online dental marketing, then Dental Marketing Hacks is for you. Discover from the expert how to define your goals, write emails that sell, and build an unforgettable online presence!

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Being a good dentist isn’t enough anymore and this book helped me to understand what I needed to do to get to the next level.

Anna Anderson 

Amazon Customer


The 90-day plan is amazing and has helped me to push my business forward.

Chris Chu
Amazon Customer


Owning your own business is hard these days but this author has helped me to feel more in control than ever before.

Robert Wright
Amazon Customer

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