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When a Girl Says ‘Let Me Get Back to You’ (How to Respond)

There are many reasons why a girl may say ‘Let me get back to you’ or ‘Let me come back to you’ when messaging. She could be genuinely busy, uninterested, or just forgetful!

Read on to find out the meaning of ‘let me get back to you,’ why a girl may respond to your text messages in this way, and what you can do to determine whether she is intentionally ghosting you or simply leaving replies until the last minute!

When a Girl Says ‘Let Me Get Back to You’

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There are several reasons why a girl may say ‘Let me get back to you’ in a text conversation. She could be busy, forgetful, anxious about responding, uninterested in continuing messaging, trying to seem busy, or have found someone else. When a girl says ‘Let me get back to you tonight’, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t want to pursue the conversation!

Man inviting a woman on a date, and she responds that she's busy and will get back to him later to reschedule.

In this example, the text asking ‘What you up to on Tuesday night??’ was followed up with another text to try to get a response quickly. This should be avoided as it can come off as impatient and passive-aggressive.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Says ‘Let Me Think About It and Get Back to You’?

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It can be difficult to tell whether a girl is still interested in talking to you if she replies with ‘let me get back to you’. This can mean several things.

She is busy doing something else

The first reason why a girl might say ‘Let me get back to you’ during a dying conversation via text message is that she is genuinely too busy to chat. It might be that she has a lot on her plate at work or college, is spending time with family or friends, or is doing something else that means she isn’t on her phone at the moment.

She has forgotten

Another reason why a girl says she’ll text you but you haven’t heard back from her yet is because she has forgotten. Maybe she had a call from a friend that distracted her attention away from the conversation, or perhaps she remembered a task she had to complete. Unless this happens very frequently, you shouldn’t read into it too much. A simple text should suffice to remind her of the text messages.

She is over-thinking her responses

Stalling a response to a text message by saying ‘Let me get back to you’ could be a way for her to take some more time to think about a response. If a girl has certain anxieties about texting, then it may be that she wants to carefully craft a response when you’ve asked her out on a date, to give off the right impression. In this case, it’s best not to hurry her along as this may be off-putting.

She isn’t interested

On the contrary, another reason why she might be stalling her responses to your text messages could be because she just isn’t interested and doesn’t know how to tell you. Not replying to your messages or saying ‘let me get back to you’ could mean that she doesn’t view the conversations as a priority, and therefore might not be interested in pursuing a relationship.

On the contrary, another reason why she might be stalling her responses to your text messages could be because she just isn’t interested and doesn’t know how to tell you. Not replying to your messages or saying ‘Let me get back to you’ could mean that she doesn’t view the conversations as a priority. Therefore, she might not be interested in pursuing a relationship and could consider you more as a friend rather than a romantic interest, entering the realm commonly known as the ‘friend-zone‘.

Man messaging a woman asking if they're still on for a date and the woman forgot and then doesn't respond to further messages.

She wants to seem busy and successful

Another less common reason why your crush might be putting off replying to you is that she is trying to appear busy. Taking a while to reply to messages, or delaying a response may be a way of showing you that they are successful at work or have a busy social and family life.

She has found someone else

It could be that a girl has simply found someone else, maybe a boyfriend if she is responding to text messages in a conversation with ‘let me get back to you’. This is a bad sign and probably means that it’ll be in both of your best interests to go your different ways. Don’t take this too personally; she has probably just found someone who was a better match for her and her lifestyle! This ultimately means that she isn’t right for you.

Deciphering the Meaning of ‘Let Me Come Back to You’

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What does it mean when a girl says ‘Let me come back to you’ when messaging? This phrase indicates that she doesn’t have a response to your question at the moment, but will respond at a later time.

If she says this in response to you asking her out on a date via a conversation on OkCupid or another dating site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t like you, isn’t interested, or that she’s found someone else, although our minds do tend to assume the worst!

It could simply mean that she is extremely busy with work, deadlines, family life, and other commitments. She often forgets to respond to messages or is trying to seem like she has a very full and busy life. She may be genuinely very busy, with lots of work and social engagements to fit the date around. She also may be on the go, without a calendar near her, or very forgetful. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in pursuing the conversation!

Text messages where man messages a woman who doesn't reply for a few hours and he sends a reminder.

In this example, likely, the girl is actually busy. However, it might be good to avoid sending more reminder messages so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed or feel like you are pestering her for an answer.

If you find that your crush is saying ‘Let me come back to you’ very frequently, it may be a sign that she isn’t interested in continuing to text and doesn’t know how to tell you. This can be quite difficult to judge, but a simple text to ask her if she has any intention of setting a date may be enough to confirm.

If you find that you are often the one to start the conversation and she takes a while to respond or delays her responses, this may be another indication that she is not interested. Avoid double-texting as it can come across as pushy or needy, and instead give her space to initiate contact if she is genuinely interested.

Learn when you should stop texting a girl.

The Meaning of ‘Let Me Get Back to You on That’

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If you’re texting your crush and you’re worried about her message, ‘Let me get back to you on that’, don’t be! There could be many reasons why she is texting this, and not all of them are bad!

Justifiable reasons for a girl texting ‘Let me get back to you on that’:

  • She is very busy with work, family, and her social life;
  • She is anxious about replying with the wrong thing so is calculated with her responses;
  • She is taking time to decide whether to pursue the conversation with you;
  • She is trying to appear busy and successful; or
  • She is forgetful.

None of these reasons mean that you should call things off with her, it may just be that she is in a particularly busy stage of her life where responses may take longer. If it is hurting your feelings, you can always drop her a message to see if there’s a reason that she is always so busy and minimize confusion.

If this happens time and time again, there may be another underlying reason why she sends texts like ‘Let me get back to you on that’ or ‘Let me come back to you’, for example:

  • She has lost interest in the conversation;
  • She has found someone else; or
  • She isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship; or
  • She is using it as an excuse to delay the conversation.

If this happens, try not to take it personally. It’s unlikely that you did anything to cause this; it’s more likely that she realized that you are not what she is looking for, that she has found someone more suited to her personality and her lifestyle, or that she has decided not to enter into a relationship at all. Don’t dwell on it, pick yourself up and get back out there!

Text conversation where man tries to invite a woman on a date who decides she doesn't want to date right now.

In this conversation, the guy has reacted negatively to the girl saying she doesn’t want to continue dating. Try to remember that it isn’t personal; at the end of the day, dating is as much about finding the right person for them as it is the right person for you.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Says She’ll Let You Know?

Woman in brown scarf holding a smartphone and smiling while walking outside on the street.


So what does it mean when a girl says she’ll let you know? Deciphering this involves navigating various complexities in dating communication. Understanding last-minute invitations and interpreting subtle body language cues, such as eye contact, are key aspects. Social media signals, such as examining Instagram and Twitter activity, can provide valuable insights into her relationship status and emotional state, shedding light on potential uncertainties.

Maintaining a balance between patience and assertiveness is crucial, considering the delicate nature of the situation. Crafting a personalized response, rather than relying on a template, allows for genuine communication without appearing overly persistent. Recognizing patterns in her behavior, such as a fear of commitment or a recent breakup, can offer clues to the truth of the matter.

Moreover, viewing the scenario as an opportunity for personal growth and confidence-building can be transformative. While deciphering the uncertainty, it’s essential to seek clarity with courage, understanding the signals without compromising self-esteem. In essence, decoding “I’ll let you know” requires attention to contextual clues, patience, and the confidence to navigate the complexities of dating communication.

How to Respond When a Girl Says ‘Let Me Get Back to You’

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There are several ways you can respond to a girl saying ‘Let me get back to you’, depending on how frequently this happens and what you want the outcome to be. Not getting replies on OkCupid or another dating site can be demoralizing, so here are some ways to respond when a girl says, ‘I’ll let you know.’

Suggesting other options

If your crush is hesitant to respond to a message about a potential date or is ghosting you, then giving her options is often a way to get a quicker response. If you say something like:

  • “Do you want to go out on Friday night? If this doesn’t work for you, I’m around next weekend too”
  • “Let me know if you want to do next week instead”
  • “I know a great place for a Friday or Saturday night, let me know what works best for you!”

Making your feelings known

If this girl is a serial delayer and you often receive messages from her like ‘let me get back to you,’ then it’s probably best to make her aware that this behavior is hurtful. She’ll either apologize and try to improve her response time if she wants to continue the conversation, or she’ll take it as an opportunity to end the conversation, in which case she wasn’t right for you anyway. Here are some ‘let me get back to you’ replies:

  • “It’s hurtful when you take so long to reply to me. It often feels like I’m being ignored”
  • “Do you not want to speak to me?”
  • “I appreciate that you’re busy but it hurts my feelings when you don’t reply to my messages”


If you’re unsure whether a girl truly is as busy as she says she is or whether she is ghosting you, then you can always try a retaliation tactic. When she sends you a message don’t respond immediately, in fact, wait a day or two to respond. If she messages again to ask for a response then say something like:

If she doesn’t chase your message then she might not be prioritizing your text messages, and it may be time to assess whether it’s worth pursuing. In general, it isn’t recommended to use tactics or to react negatively to her texts. It makes you look bad, so it’s best to move on if they don’t reply after 2-3 attempts.

Giving space

If you know that a girl is genuinely busy, then if she really does like you, she will eventually respond. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of your personality, but rather of her priorities, love life included. Giving her some space may be just what she needs to decide whether you’re a compatible match. If she continues to flake on plans or give mixed signals, it may be a sign that she’s not interested in pursuing anything further.

A polite way to address this is to express your understanding of her busy schedule and the complexities of modern dating. You could say something like:

“Hey [Her Name], I’ve noticed that our communication has been a bit sporadic lately, and I understand that life can get busy. I just wanted to check in and see if everything is alright on your end. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or if there’s anything on your mind, please know that I’m here to listen and support you. And if you’re not feeling up for meeting or continuing our conversation, that’s completely okay too. Just let me know where you stand so we can both have clarity moving forward.”

This approach shows empathy, open communication, and respect for her feelings and boundaries. Let’s take a look at the conversation below:

Man and woman texting where woman took a while to respond and the man calls her on it, saying it's hurtful.

As you can see, the person was honest with his feelings without being rude. Letting the girl know that it is upsetting when you are ignored isn’t a sign of weakness; it shows that you care and desire more for the relationship!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a girl texting ‘let me get back to you’ doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t interested in pursuing the conversation and relationship. She could be busy at work, have a busy social life, tend to forget things, or just be an anxious texter. Having said that, if a girl is frequently delaying responding to your messages or questions about a future date then it might be best to let her know that your feelings are hurt by her actions.

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