hinge matches not responding

Why Hinge Matches Don’t Respond (How to get Replies)

Have you been matching with a ton of people on Hinge yet can barely start a conversation? No matter how many likes you get, there is a huge chunk of people that just don’t respond back.

The truth is, we all feel like there is some interest if that person sent a like. To know why your profile is not getting likes, visit the guide here.

A lot of friends were asking me why does nobody respond on Hinge?  Here I will show you how to turn the tide and get those meetups on the right track.

hinge matches not responding

Why Do Guys Match and Not Message on Hinge?

“Why do guys swipe right but don’t message” I’ve had this question asked many times. Getting a Hinge match but no message is more common than you think. If you had, let’s say 10 matches, 2 of them will likely reply back. There are many reasons why that happens. They could be having second thoughts after checking out all your profile pictures. Yet, for many, the most impactful factor is energy.

People like a conversation that’s high in energy. When the conversation goes flat or is too simple from the beginning, it results in a Hinge no response. But, for others, the reason is less personal. They are just using online dating apps as a confidence boost. Having many matches makes them feel and look good. Just don’t let it burst your bubble. Learn what you can do if the conversation is going nowhere.

What Do You Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply on Hinge?

Many want to know how do you get people to reply on Hinge? But to always get it right, you need to know how long it takes people on Hinge to respond. If you try too hard and keep sending messages, you can leave a bad impression.

So, wait for 24h to 48h for a reply after one message. If they don’t say anything, just move on to the next one. If you are asking yourself why guys stop replying on Hinge, then think of it like this. Online dating is just like casting a net. It may not work the first time, but you will eventually get the hang of it. The trick is to up your game.

Here are some of the best Hinge conversation starters to get you started.

What you do need are messages that sound genuine and are focused on getting to know that other person. Maybe they recently had a trip to Barcelona – one that you always wanted to have. You can use that as the ultimate conversation starter.

What Do You Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply on Hinge?

Because the first sentence will be your biggest opener, you want it to be interpreted the right way. Instead of being blunt, like saying that you want a simple hook-up, try to be more open-minded. A major portion of people on Hinge is looking for a relationship. You can get them to talk to you if you are being yourself.

What Do You Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply on Hinge?

The best example is to start by complimenting their profile. Choose a specific topic from their narrative and write about how much you liked what they had to say. Don’t use anything with a sexual connotation. Rather focus on the unique character that they listed on their profile.

What Do You Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply on Hinge?

Take a look at the image above. See how the person opens the convo with an interesting question? It gets their match to open up.

Hinge Profile Matters Too

You want to pay attention to your bio. Many people don’t reply to a person if the rest of their pictures seem to be years old. For more Hinge profile tips, check out the information here. When someone’s dating profile is out of date, it does sound fishy. If that’s not the case, then your bio may be too simple, and you wrote nothing that they can resonate with. Two short sentences about your favorite things in life will do. These Hinge profile prompts can get you going.

Also, there are a few do’s and don’ts when writing the bio that you should be aware of. To know what to say when someone stops replying, just avoid revealing your concern. You might be worried that you are most likely not going to see that person. But, if you force a conversation, you will only add more pressure. If they are not up for it, why should you be? There is always more fish in the sea.

Why Do People Stop Responding on Dating Sites?

Why Do People Stop Responding on Dating Sites?

There is a match that you’ve been back and forth talking about for hours. But, now it has been a couple of days, and he/she doesn’t reply back. This has happened to you before and is happening all over again. In most cases, they lose interest in a couple of days.

There are constantly a ton of people to talk to. It may not be intentional, so they could have simply forgotten. Or someone else might have grabbed their attention. The question is, how do I revive a conversation on Hinge? From playful hints to chill inquires, there are many clever ways to get a Hinge conversation back on track. Here are some practical examples:

  • I watched WandaVision, the other day, the one you mentioned you wanted to watch. So, I thought of you. How are you?
  • The weirdest thing happened today. You will want to hear it.
  • I finally checked out the comic book you suggested, and I definitely have some things to say.
  • I have some games planned out for tomorrow. Do you think you can pull it off?
  • In case you forgot [send an adorable selfie], this is me today. Want to pick up where we left off?

Now that I answered your question, “how do you restart a conversation on online dating” you will have an easier time reconnecting with that other person. You can use these sentences and revamp them to get back on their radar.

For more funny hinge answers, check out the article here.

Why Can’t I Reply on Hinge?

Wondering how do you become successful on Hinge? Are you feeling anxious? How many times have you felt rejected, frustrated, or stressed after texting somebody? To top it all off, they just don’t reply back. The reason you can’t get yourself to reply to someone messaging you on Hinge is that you need a quick confidence boost.

The right tactic can help you tackle this issue. Give yourself a pep talk beforehand. You can also work on your bio and use the profile examples listed here. Think positively and embrace those nerves. Take it easy and figure out exactly what you want to say. Start with something simple.

For more details on what to ask a girl, check here. Maybe bring up a current event that the person mentioned on their profile. This can get the conversation going and ease that anxiousness. However, be sure to keep the conversation focused on you and her.


Getting someone to reply on Hinge can be taxing. After all, a lot of people are jumping the wagon before they get to know you. This is normal, and as long as you move forward and try your luck with the next person, you will eventually land on a genuine match.

Lastly, to answer the question “how long should I wait to respond on Hinge,” try to write a quick response. People tend to wait for about 24h to 48h. So, you don’t want to be too slow, or they will lose interest. What you can do is try your best with the opening line and begin an engaging conversation. It is up to them if they want to get to know you.

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