How to Text a Busy Woman

How to Text a Busy Girl (Best Texts to Send Her at Work)

Texting any busy person takes a lot of nerve, mainly because there are numerous complications involved. If you’re texting her while she’s at work or is busy with an assignment, only a few minor misconducts on your behalf could really deliver a powerful blow to your relationship or to that developing connection you share with her.

What to Text a Girl at Work


She may simply ignore the message, intentionally or unintentionally, because she may be occupied with something more imperative. She may forget to text back, leaving you ghosted, or she may text back a ‘BRB,’ then forget you even existed, leaving you soft ghosted.

If she’s busy with something official, then it’s possible that the organization she’s engaging with may be tracking her phone for irrelevant messaging. If nothing else, then she might simply feel annoyed at you for texting her when she’s busy.

So, how do you text her at work without setting off these numerous bombs? Let’s explore your options in this blog!

How To Text a Busy Woman

There are certain dos and don’ts that I can share with you, courtesy of my mountainous experience in working as a dating messages consultant for countless lovebirds like you!


Be Confident

Teetering about won’t do here. You can’t keep her guessing your cues or hinting at your purpose of texting her with GIFs and emojis. In other words, if you want to flirt or tease, then be a bit more direct and suave. You can reserve the cheekiness for later when she’s free. Otherwise, you may end up with a rejection!

Be Concise

Once you’ve made a grand entrance into her Bumble DMs with your classic conversation starter, you may want to resort to casual chatting for a while. However, a busy schedule doesn’t have the ideal moment. Want to say something to tease her? Try texting it in a slightly formal, to-the-point manner like this:

How To Text a Busy Woman

In the example above, the guy texting isn’t being overly cheesy or coming across as egotistical. It’s a sweet concise message to let the girl know that he was thinking of her!

Most of the time that’ll deliver just the right impression without overdoing it, just like this one right here. It’s brief, subtle, but all the same, it’s just enough to leave her thoughts lingering on you!

Add an Understanding Connotation

When you text, make sure you give her the idea that you understand she may be busy at work and that you’re okay if it takes a while for her to return to your OkCupid prompt. This will maintain that you’re not trying to dominate her in any way and that you respect her individual, personal and professional space!


Avoid Overtexting

When you two are chatting just before bedtime, you can send multiple texts in a row, even single-worded texts. Why? Because the constant ping of text alerts isn’t interfering with anything else. But if you keep up that relentless stream of 3 am rambling at 3 pm, then you’ll most probably get kicked into a far-flung friendzone (albeit not literally!).

Don’t Expect Her to Reply on Time

No matter how close you two are, there are some elements in her life where you cannot expect to influence anything, and this quite explicitly includes her professional and academic career and even some parts of her personal life. So if you try to wade in without her consent or encouragement, then my mate, you’re really on the verge of ruining things.

If you keep demanding her to reply instantly, not only will her replies become short, but she may also cut you off altogether, whether it’s from her personal life or from her dating apps.

And let’s be real, after all the hard work I do into vamping up your Tinder dating profile by ghostwriting your dating bio, I’ll also be a bit disappointed when you stop behaving like a proper, date-able gentleman!

What To Text a Girl at Work

Workplace texting and flirting don’t have to be boring like that pile of documents sitting on your desk. Neither should it be a random brain dump like this one because it’ll surely distract her from working with a straight face!

What To Text a Girl at Work

Sending a text like the one above isn’t going to get you a response. It’s way too long for a busy woman to even read through and it’s all over the place.

If you’re racking your brains for some workplace-appropriate yet flirty enough icebreakers, let me pitch in a few ideas of my own!

Talk About Fellow Colleagues

If she has ever talked about her work colleagues and execs with you, you’ve probably stamped those details on your heart like one true love, right? Well, now is your time to shine! You can drop a slick message about any of her colleagues who inspire her, or creep her out, or someone she finds funny or someone she constantly rivals against. For casual chitchat, this is perhaps the safest approach.

Get Updates on Her Important Days

If she has a deadline, or a presentation, or an interview, or a raise discussion, then you have your topic readymade right there! Just use any of these as an opener, whether on WhatsApp or on Hinge, and ask her how things went. You can also provide her with some useful tips to get through the day with success!

Ask About Her Plans

She may not tell you in detail what she’s doing at the moment, but she may still give you a hint about what she’s up to once she’s free. If she says that there’s nothing special, then you can ask her for a hangout. If she says she’s going to the library or visiting someone, perhaps you can offer to drop her off or even accompany her on the visit if both of you are okay with it!

Ask About Her Plans

Take this as an example. It’s brief, with optimal confidence, asks a relevant question, doesn’t pressure her to make a compromise or respond pronto. All the best features of a text message intended for a busy person!

When a Girl Says Let Me Get Back To You

Now, even after these seemingly awesome conversation cues peppered with a bit of flirting, you may feel like it’s a dry conversation. You’re not wrong, though. Sometimes, her texts may sound like the doomsday clock has finally struck 12; it’s radio silence from her side, and the wait is killing you, but you can’t do anything!

Her last ‘let me get back in a bit’ is still hanging in the air, so while you wait for a response, here are some reasons why she may not be texting:

She Has Forgotten

This isn’t unlikely, you know. When people are busy, their cognition is already processing a lot, so your text may slip from her mind. But when she does get back, try not to reprimand her for it. That’ll serve as a red flag for her, and she may end this dying conversation for once and for all.

She’s Not Interested

More often than not, if a girl says, ‘let me back to you,’ it usually means she’s not interested and is looking for a polite way to exit the conversation. Girls tend to say this when they don’t want to hurt the person they’re talking to but really don’t want to commit to anything either.

If this happens to you, do one of two things. You can either choose to quietly move on (there’s little point in pursuing someone who’s not interested in you) or send just one follow up text saying something like this:

When a Girl Says Let Me Get Back To You

The guy in the screenshot above sends a follow-up text that’s light and humorous – one that won’t alarm the girl in any way and is likely to get a response.

Final Thoughts

Dating is always tricky, but dating a busy woman is even trickier. Luckily, it’s not impossible. With the tips mentioned above, you should be able to do fairly well with the busy woman in your life. If you need any additional help, you can check out my text message feedback service for personalized advice!

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