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When She Promises to Text You But Doesn’t: How to Respond

Since your first-ever conversation with her, you’ve been waiting for her to make her first move in attempting to talk to you. You’re usually the one to text first, whether for a genuine reason or a casual chitchat. However, despite her assurance that she would text you, she hasn’t followed through yet. But you’ve now had a lucky breakthrough; she just said she’s going to text you!

At this point, you may feel like a balloon floating in the big blue sky. Looks like you finally mean something to her! But hold on. Why does she want to text you? Ready to go, full Sherlock? Let’s find out!

What Does It Mean When She Says She’ll Text You

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It could mean almost anything. She doesn’t need to have the same reason for messaging you as you think she does. Here’s a stepwise breakdown of determining what she’s implying when she says she wants to have a little conversation with you:

How She Tells You

Does she casually mention that she will use one of her conversation starters on you when you’re with other friends or colleagues? Or does she ask to send you the heads-up through someone, perhaps to build more suspense? Or maybe she approached you without any previous interaction and told you that she was going to text you.

The Context

Context is the biggest game-changer here. It can turn the tables in literally an instant, so you have to be informed about the context before you assume anything. For example, if you have asked her out, maybe she wants to either friendzone you or talk to you about how she’s not okay with you flirting or maybe wants to add you on a social media site, such as Instagram.

If you two have already been discussing another issue, or if you two also have any other formal and informal relationship, then perhaps her conversation starts about something that’s not so private and special.

Text messages where the one person asks the other to message them via text rather than on messenger.

So yes, context does matter. However, if you want your dating bio to ultimately set off the fireworks between you two, just drop a word in my inbox. I’ve worked with many others like you to help them get their dream girl to text them. That too constantly, with lots of flirting. So although she may consider rejection for you right now, you can always sign up for my dating app texting feedback services to improve your conversations and stay away from getting friendzoned!

Now, let’s have a look at this person’s cleverness. Although the girl texted first and seemed like a casual text, he’s trying to steer the conversation into a more interesting phase. The point here is, that it’s great if she texts you first. But if you want her to feel confident about texting first the next time as well, make sure you make her feel welcome at her first attempt!

When and Where She Plans to Text

A fourth, and a pretty useful category. If she tells you the time and medium of the text, that can tell you a lot about her intentions. For instance, a text in the afternoon over WhatsApp might be related to work or any other non-romantic relationship. A text in the evening through Instagram or Facebook might mean she’s just looking to chat for no real reason — maybe not even to remotely tease you!

A text on one of your dating profiles, on the other hand, that too at night, is a different thing. Perhaps she’s in for a serious talk about how she wants to take forward your relationship with her! If you’re not convinced, then just get in touch with me right here. I can revamp your dating bio and turn it into a date magnet for all sorts of potential partners, which will automatically attract her to you!

What to Do If She Said She Would Text Me But Hasn’t All Day?

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Big deal. It’s okay for her to not get back to you even after she said she would text you. Why? Because as adults, it’s easy for things to slip out of your mind, even if you’ve strongly committed it to your memory. There are a thousand other matters to tend to, which may have kept her from texting you all day. However, if you’re still worried about why she hasn’t said anything, here’s what you can do:

1. Check Her Last Seen:

Last seen and activity information is a valuable asset on messaging apps. You can check her last seen and her activity status on different apps to know when and where she’s been active, whether she actually has ignored your icebreakers, or if she’s just too busy to open the apps at all!

See, this last-seen information on WhatsApp and other social media apps comes in handy when you’re figuring out where a person is active. If she hasn’t been active in a long time, such as this user, then you may check out her last seen on another app!

2. Send a Check-Up Text:

Even something as simple as ‘Good afternoon’ will do the job. She’ll know you’ve noticed her absence (or the fact that she’s ignoring you). If she’s genuinely busy, she may also send a quick reply, appreciating that you’re looking out for her. This one here, however, is a total heart-winner. Checking up on her while also flattering her. Bravo!

Text message from a man to a woman thanking her for her recent comment.

3. Avoid Making Her Feel Guilty

I’ve had people come and tell me ‘She hasn’t texted me in 4 days, which is something to worry about. Compared to that, 24-hour radio silence isn’t something serious. Even though you may want to confront her, or she may feel guilty, try to brush it aside. Even if you’re sure she deliberately ignored you, try to keep things cool and smooth. Avoid the scarcity mindset, which makes you look desperate and unattractive. Embrace an abundance mindset instead, which makes you look cool and attractive. This way, both of you will learn how to handle and develop personal communication techniques!

Numerous text messages from a man to a woman with no response.

How to Respond to “I’ll Text You Later”

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When a girl says “I’ll text you later,” it often leaves a sense of anticipation, but the ambiguity can be a bit perplexing. Understanding the I’ll text you” meaning behind her words is crucial for your response. Instead of waiting passively, consider taking a proactive yet light-hearted approach. Responding with enthusiasm, you might say, “Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Feel free to hit me up whenever you’re ready.” This conveys your interest while giving her the space to initiate the conversation on her terms.

Text message where the woman says she'll message the man back later because she's busy.

If you are thinking, “This girl told me to text her,” you may be like what does that mean? The girl explicitly instructs you to text her; take it as one of those positive signals. She’s giving you the green light to make a move. A playful response like, “Got it! I’ll be the first to hit you up then. Any particular topic you want to dive into when I text?” adds a touch of humor while keeping the conversation engaging. This not only shows your willingness to initiate but also opens the door for her to share preferences, hobbies, or interests.

Text message where the woman asks the man to text her later and he agrees.

When navigating through the initial stages of communication, incorporating shared experiences or inside jokes can foster a stronger connection. If you’ve already established a rapport, referencing an inside joke or a specific topic you both enjoyed can reignite the positive emotions from your previous interactions.

In the realm of dating, the language used plays a significant role. If she says, “I’m gonna text you later,” the casual use of “gonna” implies informality and suggests a relaxed, comfortable vibe. But try, even though you are being casual, to keep from saying things like “sh*t.” Some people may be offended, so watch out for that!

Reflecting this tone in your response maintains a sense of camaraderie.

Text conversation between two people where they make reference to an inside joke to break the ice.

When a girl says I’ll text you later but hasn’t followed through on her promise to text, it’s important to maintain a positive perspective. Instead of dwelling on potential reasons for the delay, assume the best and keep your next message light-hearted. A simple, “Hey there! Hope everything’s going well. Whenever you’re ready, looking forward to our chat,” leaves room for her to explain or initiate without any pressure. As the conversation progresses, consider suggesting a specific activity for a potential second date, perhaps for a Friday night. For example, “Whenever you decide to text, how about we plan for that coffee shop visit we talked about? I heard about this great spot – what do you think?” Proposing concrete plans shows initiative and signals your interest in taking the connection beyond digital interactions.

If She Texts Me Late, Should I Ignore Her for a Day?

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I’d generally advise against that. It’s not wise for you to jump on the same bandwagon as her. If she has ignored you for a long time, then you also do the same. That may push your relationships towards a dry conversation. And dry texting, fellas, is the first step towards getting friend-zoned or completely ghosted or rejected by her!

Text conversation where one person apologizes for the late reply and the other says it's no problem.

But that also doesn’t mean you should reply within a minute of her text. Not only is that a desperate texting etiquette, but that also indicates that you’re ready to tolerate any behavior from her. If you really want to show that you’re upset, you may try soft ghosting her for a few hours. If she tries her cheesiest conversation starters to avoid a dying conversation, then you can slowly start replying to her!

The conversation above is a clear case of no-go desperation. Would’ve been better if the replies came slowly, gradually, and not in full paragraphs!

A Girl’s Gone Quiet on Me — What Should I Do?


Well, can you think of something that made her upset? Anything you did? Perhaps an inappropriate remark? If you know what’s bothering her, you could try texting her on Tinder to get her back on track.

If she said she would text you later but never did, the key is to approach the situation with a positive mindset. Instead of dwelling on the lack of response, send her a light and friendly message that maintains the positive vibe you had during your initial conversation. You could say something like:

This follow-up text shows your understanding, maintains a friendly tone, and opens the door for continued communication, emphasizing the excitement for a potential first date while respecting her response time. That is the best way to show your text game if a girl says she will text you but doesn’t.

However, if you can’t think of anything that may have gone wrong, then it’s best to stay put for a day or two at least — maybe she just needs a break!

What to Do When Your Crush Goes Silent?


If your crush knows you’re crushing on them, they’ll usually feel a bit reserved around you. It may also be that they have something else on their mind, or they’re just too busy to talk at the moment.

Although it’s natural to want your crush to talk like they normally would, it’s better if you stand by and let them do it their way. You can send a few texts every once in a while as a goodwill gesture, and I hope that they’ll come around eventually!


Hopefully, this post has provided you with effective strategies on how to respond when a girl says ‘I’ll text you later’ and the meaning behind it. As you can see, how to respond and act will depend on the specific situation and your dating and relationship goals.

As exciting as it is for a girl to text you first, you still need to factor in several considerations — what texting etiquette you should follow, how you should take the conversation forward, how you should deal with dry texts, and so on. Luckily, you can find the answers to all these queries right here on my blog! Additionally, as a dating coach, I can also assist you with writing your dating profile. Chat soon.

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