Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden? (Slow Texter Guide)

So, you found the right match online and started talking to the guy. However, he is not responding to your messages now or replying too late. You may have many questions, like why did he stop replying all of a sudden? Why is he taking so long to respond? Is he not interested, or has he found someone else?

There can be many reasons why he is taking forever to reply to your message. Don’t worry, as I will help you learn the reasons why a guy responds late or stops replying completely online. You will also get some valuable tips to make your dating profile more attractive!

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden?

Before you think of all the possible reasons for this sudden change in his behavior, let’s discuss some common and simple factors. First, he may not be good with text messages and feel more comfortable talking to someone over a phone call or meeting them in person. Perhaps, the guy lacks texting etiquette, skills, or knowledge. His tone and style of messaging can tell you if that’s the problem. Moreover, some people have a habit of checking and replying to messages late. Look at this example:

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden?

You can see how it all went well when both the girl and guy acknowledged their habit of replying late. Things might not be the same for you. For instance, the guy may have poor time management skills and fails to reply on time due to his busy schedule.

When he takes too long to reply, you can leave a simple message like:

Hey, are you ok?

Is everything alright?

It can help you get an idea of what he is up to. If the guy is interested, he will reply and also tell the reason for the late response. But if he does not reply to your message, it could be a hint that he’s not interested or has other options.

Here are some effective icebreakers to use to engage your match. 

How Long Is Too Long To Not Hear From a Guy?

One of the first things that come to mind when a guy stops replying or responds late is ghosting. When someone completely stops all communication with you and does not respond to your calls, messages, and texts without any justification or apparent warning, it means they are ghosting. You may wonder, how long is too long to not hear from him? We have the answer here. Usually, online daters and couples keep each other updated and drop a text every 2-3 hours if they are busy. Hence, it means getting replies after five hours or more leaves the conversation dry and stale.

Moreover, people also consider that not replying or responding late for three consecutive days is equivalent to ghosting. Here’s a perfect example to understand ghosting:

How Long Is Too Long To Not Hear From a Guy?

How Long Should I Wait for Him to Text Me before Giving Up?

When you think that someone is ghosting you, you should find a way to deal with the situation. You can find out if he’s interested in you without being aggressive. You can send messages that will increase his curiosity about you. For instance, you can send him a snapshot of your latest activities like a night out with friends, a long drive to a recreational spot, hiking, tours, etc. Here are a few text examples to get his attention:

  • “Here’s a photo of my new friends and me traveling to the [a recreational spot]”
  • “The hype for the recent concert was real; this picture proves it!”
  • “Visiting the [hiking place] makes us realize how nature is so beautiful.”

Or, you can send him a picture of your new dress and maybe show it to him by putting it on. If the guy really likes you, there’s no way that he will ignore your message and not respond to it. Otherwise, you should be smart enough to get the idea. Here’s an example of how soft ghosting looks like:

How Long Should I Wait for Him to Text Me before Giving Up?


When a person reads your message but does not show any interest in the conversation and replies with one-word answers, they are soft ghosting. The conversation above shows the guy probably did not like how the girl commented about not liking pizza.

Here’s what to do when a conversation is going nowhere. 

He Said He Liked Me, But He Stopped Texting Me

I have compiled a list of reasons why a guy who likes you may stop texting you all of a sudden. Sometimes, guys can be shy in expressing their likeness to girls. The guy may be crafting some seriously interesting and attractive messages to impress you, which is taking him longer than usual. Further, you should never try to revive a dying conversation using inappropriate gestures or jokes. This can lead to soft ghosting and mishaps in your online dating experience.

He Said He Liked Me, But He Stopped Texting Me

As you can see in the conversation above, the girl didn’t react well when she found out the guy was in school. She probably has her reasons but she should explain why she has a problem with him being in grad school. If not, he might think he did something wrong.

On the other hand, some guys lack the energy or simply don’t want to share their ideas and thoughts with girls. If he likes you, he will find a way to let you know how busy he is or otherwise. On the other hand, there can be multiple other reasons why he stopped texting even though he likes you. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • He thinks that taking things slow might help in building a strong relationship.
  • He wants to give a hint that he isn’t that interested in you now.
  • He may have found someone else; perhaps, he is trying to soft ghost you by replying late and not messaging in the DMs first.
  • He may not know how to finish a conversation smoothly, as he is new to online dating. Still, he will find some way to explain to you if he truly likes you.

Here’s what to say when someone stops replying.

He Stopped Texting Me First

Did he stop texting you first? Did he stop texting first in the PMs? You should use the best openers and interesting conversation starters to regain his attention and interest. If you come onto him too strong, it might put him off-guard. Therefore, learning the best examples and tips is necessary to keep your online dating experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Further, some guys genuinely lose interest in a couple of days. Hence, they may not be into you now as much as they were when they first met you. In addition, you two may have different preferences and likes. For instance, the guy may be an extrovert or someone who loves to socialize, and you may be more interested in knowing him more before you decide to meet him.

He Used To Respond Quickly

Did he use to text you back instantly? What is taking him so long to respond? You probably wish that you knew what went wrong. There may be distractions like friends, family, office work, and other issues that may be leading to late replies. Besides, the guy may have other options and trying to give you a hint that he’s not interested. When he stops responding quickly, don’t panic:

  • Give him space
  • Avoid taking it personally (the guy may be genuinely busy)
  • Reach out to him through some other means
  • Suggest meeting in person to see his response
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Move on

He Stopped Texting Me at Night

Night-time texting is fun. Nevertheless, it can become awkward when the guy you like replies with one-word answers or replies too late. Here are a few possible reasons for that.

Altogether, a guy who likes you will never ghost you. Perhaps, he is busy with his friends or watching a movie, or maybe he has some important work to do.

He Stopped Texting Me at Night


There is no point in continuing a conversation if it’s going nowhere. The conversation above shows the girl is not interested. In such situations, it is better to move on and find other options.


There are multiple reasons why a guy may respond to your messages late. What’s taking him so long? Finding the reason behind late replies and text messages will help you decide what to do. You shouldn’t have to wait for a guy who isn’t showing any interest. However, make sure to give him space and ask politely, as he might be busy with something important.

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