What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder

What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder (Helpful Examples)

Dating on Tinder is fun and exciting as long as you are getting matches according to your style and preferences. What many people do not realize is that breaking the ice with the first few opening messages is highly important in setting the mood of a conversation itself.

What many people “fail” to realize is that putting extensive effort into breaking the ice with the most cheesy pickup lines, name puns, and funny openers is not enough. After sharing the first laugh, you might be in a good mood to talk more to the other person if they react the way you expected them to or in a better way. Hence, the conversation really begins with what you have to say after you have broken the ice or your pickup line works on Tinder.

What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder

What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder?

Well, the first step should be to acknowledge how the other person responded. If they come up with the reaction that you expected, then well done! If they showed even better reactions, then it might be your lucky day. Sometimes, the other person might not share the same intelligence or miss the real point of enjoying the pun or pickup line.

Here’s what you can say after breaking the ice on Tinder with your new match:

  • “I see that you appear with a racket in your profile; do you love playing tennis, or was it something casual to kill time?”
  • “What are your thoughts on the best conversational topics because I can’t think of anything else except you?”
  • “Where did you go to study?”
  • “What’s your favorite time-killing hobby when you are home alone?”
  • “Do you watch [any series] that is picking up the heat lately, I’m planning to?”

What to Say After a Pickup Line on Tinder?

From the above examples, you can clearly see how the conversation is tilting towards another direction, which involves inquiring about the other person. This is good since your cheesy opener was directed towards the other person. It is imperative that the conversation of the topic should also include them.

So, try to engage as much as you can and develop an interest-sharing bond with your Tinder match if you two really seem to click. Learn about their preferences and talk with a passion and let them feel comfortable sharing their ideas, interests, and more with you.

Here are some more examples that can help you make up a conversation after your pick up line on tinder:

  • “Hey, what did you think about the event that happened a couple of days ago?”
  • “What kind of a person are you? An extrovert who would love to go on a date with me? Or are you an introvert who would prefer to spend the night talking over text with me?”
  • “Don’t mind asking questions about my cool personality; I am known for blowing girls’/guys’ minds away.”

Something conversational or something cheeky can pique their interest and make them reply to you.

What Do You Say After a Tinder Opener?

It is common to get stuck with the thought of what you should say next after you break the ice. Here’s an example of a conversation reaching a cold end even after breaking the ice because not many people succeed in making the most of Tinder conversations:

What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder?

The good news is that she still seems to be interested. He can play along and say something like “I will make it up to you next time ;)”. This reply shows his sense of humor and that he is interested in her.

The most common idea is to begin casually without being overtly sexual right away. Things like that can put off the mood and let your match consider the prospects of un-matching with you instantly. Here’s an example:

What to Say after Breaking the Ice on Tinder?

Rather, you can be more courteous and careful regarding the questions and statements that you make. This will help make the conversation healthy and carry the interest of both persons while they learn more about each other.

Ask about their favorite hobbies, TV series, Netflix recommendations, the best places to eat for something specific in terms of dishes, and a lot more. Taking suggestions and sharing your interest in the same recommendation can divert the conversations into a friendly chat.

Check out my checklist on what to write for your Tinder profile. 

How Do You Make A Conversation Interesting On Tinder?

Looking for ways to make things interesting on Tinder? Well, you can surely benefit from some cool and appropriate GIFs that reflect the right answer to the right question. For instance, you were congratulating the other person when you learned that they completed their exams successfully.

A drinking Leonardo DiCaprio might do you good in grabbing their attention:

Elephants leonardo dicaprio GIF on GIFER - by Felharon

Another thing to note is that compliments never actually fail to establish a firm rapport with the other person. Of course, looks might have been the first thing that compelled you to swipe right. So, here are some attractive and cheesy compliments that can get you a date if they are on the spot:

How Do You Make A Conversation Interesting On Tinder?

It’s clear from this conversation that she is interested in him. If he likes her, he can proceed to ask for her number or to set up a date with his Tinder match.

You can even share an experience to make the conversation interesting by relating to something in the other person’s picture that reflects your experience. Perhaps, you can match some of your interests with their interests. Here are some more examples to make your conversation interesting:

  • “Since we both are book lovers, is there any chance that you have read the [any book]?”
  • “Skiing is one of the best experiences I have had. My favorite part was the snow and the long trip to [the place]. What’s yours?”
  • “Do you watch any [any genre] movies? We could Netflix and chill if you would like that….”

How Long Should A Tinder Conversation Last?

Tinder matches expire after 12 or 24 hours, so it is best to take the conversation out of Tinder before that happens to keep the mood going. Normally, the conversations are no longer than 15-20 minutes, but sometimes it can be quicker if you promptly get their number or the match doesn’t go well.

You can ask them for their number but do make sure that you do not sound desperate. Give some compliments and share some good messages before asking for their number.

Asking for the number is easy if you know the right way. Take a look at this example, and you will get some ideas:

How Long Should A Tinder Conversation Last?

How Do You Keep a Conversation Flowing?

To keep a conversation going, you should find the best topics to discuss or maybe ask the other person out on a date to movies, lunch, dinner, or something more exciting. Intriguing their interest and grabbing their attention help you better understand what the other might want.

Similarly, there are various ways to avoid hitting a dead end. You can bring up an interesting story from your past that makes them laugh or at least giggle. If you have nothing to talk about them, instead of waiting for their message and letting the conversation die, you can ask them about their interests.

Here’s what you might say and avoid being boring on Tinder chat with a girl or a guy:

  • “I happened to be at the place of my choice after so much planning. What’s your quickest go-to choice when you are craving something sweet?”
  • Did you know that there is a new [restaurant or place] opening near my neighborhood? Want to hang out?”
  • “So, what did you do last weekend? Is there any fun insight for this weekend?”

Talking to a girl, you should avert from being sexual and making sexual compliments right away. Instead, praise her personality and let her feel your welcoming gesture. Here’s what you can try when talking with a girl on Tinder:

  • “Now, you eat burgers, like to swim, and love the space. So, what’s your favorite place to eat a burger, where did you go for a recreational swim last time, and do you like Tesla?”
  • “Since you like both swimming and sky-diving, which one would you prefer if there was only one to choose?”
  • “I love pizzas, you love pizzas, so let’s go out sometime to see if we fall in love with each other. What do you say?”


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