How to Respond to “Lol” from a Guy

How to Reply to “Lol” from a Guy (And What His Texts Mean)

You’re chatting with a guy, enjoying the conversation when suddenly he responds “lol” to your last message. Do you text back? Does that mean he’s bored of the conversation or no longer interested?

I’m taking you through all the possibilities when it comes to receiving a one-word text. At the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to respond next time you get a “lol.”

How to Reply to “Lol” from a Guy

What Is the Best Way to Reply to “Lol” from a Guy?

The hardest part about receiving a one-word “lol” response is thinking of a reply. But the best reply to a “lol” changes the conversation topic with a funny question, story, or move towards a date. Here are some ideas.

Go with a Question

Questions can change the conversation topic so your guy has more to work with, and you can take the pressure off of him to think of something to talk about. It can be a serious question or something random. Anything like these will work:

  • Do you want to move anywhere else in the next five years?
  • Did you ever get money from the tooth fairy?
  • What’s your favorite movie? We should have a movie night and watch it!

What Is the Best Way to Reply to “Lol” from a Guy?

The question in the conversation above changed topics and let the guy respond with a long, thoughtful answer, improving a previously dry conversation.

Tell a Quick Story

The great part about telling a story is that it’s an easy transition. You can say something about your day, a memory you had, or something you’re excited to do. Try a casual text like:

  • Did I ever tell you I’m obsessed with Marvel? I just saw there’s a new one out!
  • I just had a memory of the first time I ever went white water rafting and fell out of the boat. Have you ever been?
  • I had such a wild day today, you’re not gonna believe it.

Move Things Offline

If your conversation has reached the point of multiple one-word replies, it might be time to move things offline. You can either try out a phone or video call, or you can go with an IRL date. Ask your guy to make that transition with something like:

  • Hey! Texting is fun but do you want to chat on the phone tomorrow?
  • Loving these conversations, but how do you feel about a date sometime this week?
  • Are you free for a movie or phone call next week? I’d love to hang out in person!

What Does it Mean When Someone Just Responds with “Lol?”

When you get that “lol” text, a lot of thoughts will race through your mind. But before you jump to the worst conclusion that he’s no longer interested, let’s go over the possibilities.

Guys, just like girls, usually put thought into their text messages. But life can get in the way for anyone. There are a few different reasons why you may have gotten a “lol” text. Take a look at the possible explanations.

He’s busy or distracted

Life happens, and people get busy. If you only receive a short, one-word text once or twice, there’s no need to worry. He most likely got distracted or busy with work, then didn’t have time to give a longer text. Give him a few days to get things straightened out, then you can text him again to see if he has more to say.

What Does it Mean When Someone Just Responds with “Lol?”

Both of the people in this conversation are busy, but they’re also not giving each other respect or even interest. Instead of responding with a short “I’m busy tonight,” he should have sent something like:

  • “Sorry, I’m busy tonight. Are you free tomorrow? I’d love to meet up for lunch?”
  • “Tonight doesn’t work for me – what about tomorrow? I’d love to have a date!”
  • “I’m super busy tonight, but I’m free the rest of the weekend! Do you have any other days?”

He’s nervous thinking about what to say next

Dating is hard, even for guys. Sometimes, men can get stressed about what to say next, especially over text or messenger. He might want to get it right and make the conversation continue but isn’t sure how to do it. You can help him out by changing the topic after his one-word response, and see how he reacts.

What Does it Mean When Someone Just Responds with “Lol?”

You can see in this conversation that the person responded “lol” because they didn’t understand. Once they read the punchline to the joke, they perked up and were ready to chat!

He wants to switch conversation topics

Some conversations are boring to others. Even if you thought you were having some funny banter, he might have been getting bored or even uncomfortable. If you get a “lol,” try switching the conversation topic and see if you get more traction.

He’s not interested

The least likely explanation is that the guy lost interest. It’s possible, but it usually doesn’t happen in a single conversation. You’ll be able to tell when a guy has lost interest based on his behavior all around, not just one text. Are his messages getting shorter and shorter? Does it seem like he can never find the time to hang out? Is he sending fewer flirty texts than he used to? Does the conversation seem to be getting drier?

If the answers to those questions are mostly yes, then it’s possible he’s lost interest. If that’s the case, you can either:

  • Ask him outright: “Do you want to keep chatting? I really enjoy your company, but want to make sure we’re both in this.”
  • Ignore him and wait to respond until he sends you a message back.
  • Continue the conversation until you notice a difference.

Is “Lol” Flirty?

When it comes to texts like “lol,” “haha,” and “lmao,” the catch is that they’re often an attempt at being flirty. However, a single-word text never gives off the impression that you’re trying to flirt. That’s why it’s always good to tack on “lol” to the end or beginning of a text, like:

  • Lol, what are you up to today?
  • I thought that show was so good, lol.
  • Lol are you a pineapple pizza lover?

Is “Lol” Flirty?

This is a great example of someone adding “lol” to a text without sending it solo. It continues the conversation and keeps things light and funny.

Should I Respond to “Lol”

In most cases, a response is better than no response. If this is the first “lol” you’ve gotten, or it was at the end of a slightly dull conversation, then go ahead and respond with something that changes the topic.

However, if you’ve been getting consistent “lols” from someone without any other effort into the conversation, a response isn’t necessary. It might be time to go back to the drawing board, revise your Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge profile, and look for a new match.

Should I Respond to “Lol”

The guy in this conversation is giving zero effort. You can see the amount of one-word answers are consistent, showing that the girl should really just go look for another match instead of wasting more time.

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How Do You Respond to a Mean Guy?

Sometimes guys will act unkind – or pretend to – as a method of flirting. But using sarcastic flirting with things like one-word answers doesn’t give you the attention and respect you deserve.

If a guy constantly sends you lame texts like “lol” and “haha,” it’s fine to stop responding to him. If the rudeness continues, you can even block him if necessary, and then hop back on the apps using my tips to find a new match.


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