Bumble dating FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Bumble Dating FAQs (Top 13 Frequently Asked Questions)

Bumble is a popular online dating app with millions of users worldwide, where thousands of matches occur daily. It is available in many regions. While you may think that creating an account and adding some details with a picture would be enough, you have to put more effort. There are many tips and facts that you can incorporate in your Bumble profile to improve your online dating experience. Let’s take a look at the most common FAQs and tips that you should be aware of when it comes to Bumble.

Bumble dating FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why are Bumble Matches Low Following the First Week of Use?

When you create a new account on Bumble or any other popular dating app, the app boosts and tries to run the new profile as much as it can. This is why you may have been getting more matches in the first week compared to now. However, your dating style and strategies may also be the reasons you are not getting responses. By writing the most attractive Bumble bio and creating a unique profile, you can increase the matches that you get.

2.  Why Am I Only Getting Likes But No Matches on Bumble?

People may swipe right, and more often, when two people swipe right on each other, it makes a match. However, if you are only getting likes but no matches, there may be several reasons for that. Your Bumble profile might be incomplete, the other person might have second thoughts, or you didn’t verify your account profile.

Here’s how you can verify your account on Bumble:

  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Tap on “Verify Account” under your profile picture
  • A prompt will appear that will show a random photo pose
  • You’ll imitate the pose and take a selfie using the Bumble app
  • Then, you will send the selfie to Bumble’s photo moderation team
  • If you replicate the pose in the example picture correctly, your account will receive a blue badge which means “verified.”

You should make your profile attractive and provide accurate information. Mention your fun hobbies and interests that might intrigue the other person and compel them to swipe right. You will soon find many matches.

3.  How Can You See Who Liked You Without Paying on Bumble?


Presently, there isn’t any way to see who swiped right on you without paying for the premium account option on Bumble. By paying the subscription fee for the premium features, you gain access to the Beeline, which shows who liked you in the last 24 hours. Subsequently, you can match with them instantly and get on with an amazing conversation.

4.  What’s the Average Match Rate on Bumble?

Only Bumble will know the average match rate for its users. However, here is what one Reddit user found for his conversation rates on Bumble if you’re interested.

He found that active Bumble users get swiped nearly 10 to 12 times a day, whether a left swipe or right swipe. Apart from that, nearly 18% of the total swipes on Bumble are right swipes. Moreover, stats show that 50% of right swipes from males are for 25% of women. Meanwhile, only 15% of men receive the right swipes from 50% of women. Therefore, the rate of matching for any two people is roughly around 3%.

Remember to keep in mind that this is just based on one user’s experience. To gain matches on Bumble, you should focus on improving your online profile and messaging skills. Look for areas that you can tweak, such as your photos, bio, and ice breakers. By improving your bio and conversations, you’re maximizing your chances of finding success on Bumble.

This user uses a joke to keep his matched engaged.

5.  Why Are My Bumble Conversations Going Nowhere?


You should work on your conversation styles and incorporate the latest tips and tricks to let the other person enjoy engaging in text messages with you. You can use funny openers, ice-breakers, and name puns to interest them.

Furthermore, while you try to be humorous and attractive in your conversation, you can avoid being overtly sexual and inappropriate regarding any specific details about the other person or in general. This helps keep the conversation smooth, and it will not be dry. Find the best Bumble conversation ideas to get a date with your chatting style.

For example, you can talk about the other person’s interests. This brings excitement, especially when you ask them about their future goals or adventures. Hence, it will set the mood for the rest of the conversation rather than making the conversation dry.

6.  How Long Do Guys Take to Respond on Bumble?

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After a match, you and the person have 24 hours to make the first move through chat. If you want to impress the other person, you may go with a funny opener or pickup line. However, when the match doesn’t reply soon, many people get worried. You get 24 hours to begin a conversation after a match on Bumble.

If you or the other person fails to start a conversation (i.e., sending the first message), the match expires. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot rematch, as you may find their profile on your swipe list by chance.

7.  Why Do Guys Stop Responding on Bumble?

Inappropriate conversation styles and messages might put the other person off. They will dislike or unmatch instantly. Moreover, if a potential match finds you to be uninteresting, they may ghost you, which means ignoring you as a match until it expires. A guy might not reply on Bumble if your conversations are dry, you lack confidence, or you don’t have anything fun to talk about and get a date.

8.  When and How to Ask Out a Girl on Bumble?

Asking a girl for her number on Bumble can be tricky. Surely, you should be compassionate and humorous rather than rude in your conversation when asking for her contact numbers. Here’s an example of an awkward phone number exchange:

Telling a girl why you would like to be on a date with them and spend some time together is a smart way to continue the conversation and ask for their number. However, be polite and makes them comfortable.

You can admire them and compliment them; this will suggest that you value what you are trying to say about her. Moreover, try not to be overt in any inappropriate manner. This means avoiding sexual comments unnecessarily if the other person might feel comfortable.

9.  How Soon is Too Soon to Ask Someone Out on Bumble?


Wondering when to ask someone out on Bumble? Well, there aren’t any set rules for that. First, you have to ensure that you and the other person connect with each other. Besides, it depends on you, your match, and the flow of the conversation. However, a few days is usually a good guideline since it gives you time to build a connection and learn about their interests. From my experience, most guys often wait too long to ask out a girl. I know guys who wait weeks or months before they even pop the question.

So, once you see a connection, you can ask the other person out in a friendly manner. It is safe to say that learning a bit about each other before asking out on a date is a good idea.

After you have established some rapport, you can try to say something like this to ask them out:

  • I have this great place to eat [anything you or they like]. What do you think about this Friday?
  • Are you around here this Thursday? I would love to take you to [any place of interest for both of you].
  • If you could choose from a late-night dinner and an afternoon lunch, which date would you prefer?

As you can see, the above conversation is a good example of setting a meet. The match asks Mike what his favorite drink is and suggests some options for them to get to know each other better.

10.  How Is the Bumble Experience for Guys?

Since Bumble has millions of active users like many other popular online dating applications, you have a higher chance of finding the perfect match. Therefore, guys seem to have a good matching rate on Bumble but there is always competition. Here are the results one Reddit user got about his conversation rates on Bumble.

You can meet a new person every day, thanks to the features that Bumble provides. Working on your conversation style, improving your profile bio, and making some adjustments to how you approach a girl on Bumble can result in instant matches and dates.

11.  Can You View the Profile of a Potential Match?

You can always see the profiles of people that you think are a potential match. Moreover, Bumble will show you profiles that are usually near you and share the same interests as you. You can see other people’s photos, profile bio, and interests. However, you cannot send messages to someone until you match with them.

12.  What Does Bumble Spotlight Mean?’

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The Bumble Spotlight feature is a premium one, which means you have to pay for a weekly, monthly, or bi-annual subscription. You can use the Spotlight feature to become the top profile in your area for a limited amount of time (usually 30 minutes). This helps in generating more matches and profile viewership.

13.  Why Can’t You Begin the Conversation After Your Match on Bumble?

On Bumble, when you match with the opposite gender, women have to make the first move. However, if the time is near match expiration and you are interested in a girl on Bumble, you can use the extend match time feature to give them additional 24 hours to respond.


Hopefully, the post above has helped answer some of your questions for Bumble. However, if you want more tips, advice, and guidance from an online dating expert, I can help. Besides my dating blog posts, I can help you write an attractive and engaging Bumble profile bio. I

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