She Asked Me To Hang Out

She Asked Me To Hang Out (Signs She Likes You As More than a Friend)

Is she giving you signals that she is ready to take your friendship to the next level?

It can sometimes be hard to read signals, especially if you are not sure what they are. But there are a few key prompts you can watch for that will help you clarify where you stand in the relationship.

After all, you don’t want to make a move and find out that she only thinks of you as a friend. So to help, we are going to look at some tips and signs that will ensure you don’t make a fool of yourself and ruin a perfectly good relationship with a misunderstanding.

For instance, what if she asked you to hang out? What does that mean? Let’s take a closer look!

What Does it Mean if She Asked Me to Hang Out? Signs That She Likes You As More than a Friend

It can be hard when having conversations with the opposite sex to really understand what they are trying to say. This is especially true if the person is not confident in themselves and tries to use roundabout ways to ask you out. This may leave you wondering if you are dating or just hanging out!

It can be even more challenging when the bulk of these conversations are done through texting, whether that be on a dating app or through regular messaging. (See how to deal with being ghosted.) So here are some signs that you can look for when spending time with the girl or guy that will give you a better understanding if they want to take the relationship in a new direction:

Body Language

Sometimes when all your messages are through DMs or PMs, you have to work harder to be able to identify if someone is interested. When you actually spend time with these individuals, though, you can watch for body language cues. Things like twirling hair and blushing are easy cues that there is something more there.

You should also watch for her to respond to your body language. Then when she is returning your cues, you can use an icebreaker to get the conversation started.

Nervous Around You

There are a lot of reasons a person is nervous in a social setting. In fact, many people just are naturally nervous. The trick is comparing previous iterations to see if they are just nervous around you or anyone in general. If it seems to just be around you then that person might have a little crush on you. You can easily tell by focusing on their actions and reactions if the nervousness stems from this. 

For instance, if the person is always smiling or giggling, especially at you, then odds are you have a good shot of dating as opposed to just hanging out. This may be a good sign it is time to try one of those openers to get the conversation moving towards romantic ends.

Compliments You A Lot

You can’t tell from a dating profile if you will have chemistry, but you can when you are hanging out in a social setting. One of the biggest clues that the other person is into you is compliments. If you find yourself taking tons of compliments, then it is most likely that the other person is just a little into you.

There will be no way that you will have to deal with a dry or dying conversation if this is happening because they will keep the conversation going no matter what! You may even find your text messages becoming a little more flirtatious. You may find the other person mentioning things about your eyes or smile regularly and this is a good indication they are into you.

Signs That She Likes You As More than a Friend

As you can tell from the conversation above, Mary is definitely interested and giving him lots of compliments. The fact that she says he has the most amazing eyes is a pretty sign.

There will be no way that you will have to deal with a dry or dying conversation if this is happening because they will keep the conversation going no matter what! You may even find your text messages becoming a little more flirtatious. Like the example above!

Physical Contact

You have to have a good idea of texting etiquette when you are trying to determine where a relationship is going, but you also need to understand physical contact as well. If you are in a group and the person you are interested in seems to focus on your every word and throws in a few touches, they are probably looking to go a step further with you.

They can simply touch your arm while laughing at what you just said or if looking for a more intimate touch, such as hugging, can also be a big cue. These romantic cues can be just the sign you need to make your move and go from hanging out to dating!

Always Looks Her Best

Online dating often leads to social situations where everyone wants to look their best. But when you have hanging out sessions, you may see a change in the other person’s appearance. Look for them to always put their best face forward.

You may see them beginning to make sure they are always groomed well. Things like always doing their hair or for ladies making sure they always have their makeup done or are wearing perfume. You might also notice that the outfits they show up in are a little fancier than they had previously been dressing in. If you notice this occurring and they seem to always float around you in a group, they may be signaling that it’s time to take down your dating bio.

She Makes Time For You

It can be hard to find time for any type of social gathering in this hectic world. That is why dating sites like Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid have become so popular. But if you meet someone who has a hectic schedule, and yet they find time for you, then odds are they might have more romantic feelings for you than you might realize.

Always Laughs At Your Jokes

We all think we are funny at certain times, especially when upping our flirting game. But if someone is laughing at every joke, then you can bet they are interested in more than just friendship. This is especially true when you add in one or two of the other signs.

She Knows I Like Her But Still Wants to Hang

She Knows I Like Her But Still Wants to Hang

Hanging out can be a great way to get close to someone you think might be interested in you. It is in these situations you will be able to see if you are compatible. The trick, though, is to act instead of being stuck in the hang-out loop.

So what do you do when you have made it clear that you like her too? Here are some tips that you can use to show you as the person back:

Play It Cool

Like with anything in life, you want to not show too much interest. This will allow there to be a little mystery build-up. However, the challenge is not to play it so cool that they have no idea you are interested.

You don’t want to not react at all to the cues and flirtations but you don’t want to be so cool they think you’re not interested. So maybe smiling and laughing at their jokes is a great way to let them know your interest.

Be Confident

Insecurity can creep in, especially if you are interested in someone. But you don’t want those insecurities to overpower your confidence. So make sure you pay a little extra attention to your look but not so much you seem like a narcissist. Confidence can be built by making sure your hair is always styled and your clothes are pressed nicely. Other things, such as standing tall, smiling, and being comfortable with yourself, will go a long way. 

Would a Girl Agree to Date If She Wasn’t Interested?

The truth is that sometimes people will agree to date even if they are unsure if they are interested. This could be because they want to give the person a chance. Or it could be just because they want to go out and have some fun.

The answer really depends on the person, but you need to be very clear with your intentions, so there is no misunderstanding on where the relationship is going. Stating that you are ready for a relationship or making it clear that you are single and ready to mingle through not only your actions but words help to make your intentions clear.

When a Girl Says She’s Hanging Out with a Friend – Signs She Is Not Into You

Just like there are signs to look for to see if the other person is interested, there are clear-cut cues that you should give up and move on. Here are some of the most common ones that will be easy to spot:

She Only Wants to Hang Out in Groups

Whenever you ask her to hang out, and she brings friends or suggests meeting up with the crew, she might be trying to avoid being alone with you. But you have to be careful with this one and really look at the cues she is sending. It could simply be that she is nervous around you and feels less shy when in a group. As mentioned earlier, always check her current behavior with the past behavior and see if there is a difference. 

Ghosts You

Ghostings are a surefire clue that she just is not that not you. If you text her and she doesn’t reply or does so with dry texting, then you need to take the hint and move on. Or maybe they do something like soft ghosting, which is when they just don’t answer you back no matter how hard you try to connect with them.

When a Girl Says She's Hanging Out with a Friend – Signs She Is Not Into You

Is it Wrong to Hang Out with Another Girl While Dating Someone?

It can be hard to know if it is okay to hang out with others while hanging out with someone. This is really determined by boundaries and actions set at the beginning of the relationship.

Maybe you are unsure if you are dating, or perhaps it just isn’t exclusive. Unless specific guidelines have been laid out, it is not wrong to see other people while hanging out with someone. The decision, though, is your own, which means the real answer relies on how you feel about the burgeoning romance.

So you have to be able to read cues and be clear with your desires when it comes to hanging out. The term implies a gray area that unless properly looked at can swing in very different ways.

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