What To Do If She's Being Dry

What To Do If She’s Being Dry (How to Deal With a Dry Texter)

Have you ever received a lousy emoji as a text response? Has someone ever indicated you to stop sending OkCupid DMs by responding with a single ‘K’? If she’s not even bothering to write a full ‘okay,’ you’re probably frustrated.

No need to be alarmed though. Dry texters are way more common than you think, and it’s also natural to worry when someone you like is just not responding with the same energy as you! If you’re wondering how you can revive this boring dying conversation, you’re on the right page. So, keep reading!

What To Do If She's Being Dry


What to Do If She’s Being Dry?

Rule number one, try not to explode. I know it’s really difficult to stay normal when someone’s apparently doing their best to put you off, but no number of jibes will be able to fix that. Instead, you’ll only ruin your chances of getting out of that dry conversation, and then no number of Tinder prompts or Hinge icebreakers will work anymore, and the talk will go on back and forth like this:

What to Do If She's Being Dry?

So, if venting your anger is not an option, what can you do? Well, you should first look at how she usually talks with you and others in real life and online. If she’s habitually a short talker, then that implies she’s being her usual self, so there’s really no point in worrying about her texting etiquette.

Next, take a look at the type of messaging that’s going on. When texting, it’s quite normal for one person to take the lead while the other just keeps responding with shorter texts. So review your conversation and see if the replies naturally fit in or not. Maybe she doesn’t need to send long replies in the first place. For instance, this text here may seem dry, but given the context of a birthday wish, it’s actually quite normal!

What to Do If She's Being Dry?

Lastly, check out if she’s upset about something. By the way, this something may or may not be related to you. It could be an external, completely irrelevant matter that may be affecting her mood, and hence the dry texting on Bumble.

What Do I Do When Girl Texts Me First But Is Dry?

Alright, there’s another problem: she begins the PMs, but her texts are super dry; it’s almost as if she’s double-minded about talking to you. You might be imagining all the most embarrassing scenarios right now; Maybe she’s spending more time texting someone else. Maybe she’s confused about whether she likes you or not. Maybe she’s politely complying with your efforts to keep the conversation going. Maybe she doesn’t know the art of ghosting.

What Do I Do When Girl Texts Me First But Is Dry?

In the conversation above, you can see that the girl initiates the messages but doesn’t seem too interested. The guy in question does very quickly give up and highlights the dry boring conversation. If you really like a girl, perhaps hold off on doing that because it’s a conversation killer. Instead, we recommend, asking her a few more questions to show her you’re interested.

It’s easy to think of all the most bizarre reasons why she isn’t texting properly and why she abruptly breaks off the conversation even after beginning with the juiciest conversation starters. However, you need an objective lens to help you see the situation clearly, which means she may be soft ghosting because:

She’s Signaling You To Take the Lead

Maybe she doesn’t want to be the one who dominates the conversation. She may have started the text chain, but perhaps she wants you to take the lead and talk while she responds. In other words, she’s looking for a reason to talk to you, so she’s hinting with short but meaningful replies!

She Is Busy

Yes, she texted you first, but now she’s busy. That isn’t exactly impressive, but it’s still a pretty viable reason. There are texters who multitask while talking to people, and she could easily be one of them!

She’s Starting to Lose Interest

Okay, you may count this as a red flag. Being smitten with your CMB dating profile, she might have messaged you. But what if she doesn’t find the same enthusiasm in your dating app messaging as the one you have in your dating bio?

What if YOUR poor text messages make her feel like she has gotten herself into a catfish situation? In a case like this, she might feel like you’re not her kind of guy even though she was the first one to text!

So yes, your poor communication skills can definitely be a reason why she’s beginning to show signs of weariness and is trying to end this conversation as soon as she can. And if you don’t mend your ways, you may either end up in the friendzone or simply get rejected by her.

If you’re struggling with text conversations, hiring a dating consultant can help 🙂

Why She Doesn’t Respond to My Flirting

Sorry, dude. Not all girls behave the same way when they’re flirted with. Some will easily lick whatever you throw their way, but there are others who won’t give in that easily. They may be attracted to you, but they won’t be all lovey-dovey right from the first-ever text.


They Want to Test Your Intentions

Um, yes. Your intentions might not be bad, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be cautious. If she’s keeping her replies short and firm, then that means she may be testing you for multiple things. How do you handle being ignored? How do you take the prospect of being friend-zoned or facing possible rejection? How patient are you when someone isn’t responding well?

This may sound a bit too much to you, but it’s actually a pretty useful way for girls to get to know someone before they officially say yes.

They’re Teasing You

Again, a weird reason, but still a legitimate one. Some girls deliberately let you linger on for a bit before they decide to fully open themselves up. They may be confident that a little bit of dry conversation won’t necessarily drive you away but instead may increase your intensity of liking for each other. In such a situation, the ultimate turnout depends on how you react to being mistreated like this.

How To Respond When Someone Is Being Cold

There are a few ways to play it safe and still deal with the situation effectively. For instance, you may say something like this last text to break the ice a bit.

How To Respond When Someone Is Being Cold

In the conversation above, the guy does a great job of not being rude. Even though the conversation is quite boring, he keeps showing interest and even cracks a joke. Perhaps he could also have shown some empathy. If you’re in this situation, here are some tips:

1. Don’t catch their cold. If they’re being nasty, then why would you want to act the same way they do? You don’t have to keep up a forced conversation, but you may at least keep up your warm behavior whenever they speak to you.

2. Ask them if something’s wrong (and try to fix it!). Is it something irrelevant to your relationship? Or do they find something wrong with your dating profile? I may not be able to do anything about the former, but in the latter case, I’ll be glad to fix your dating app profile for you!

3. Give them some space. If they’re still adamant about going cold turkey when it comes to talking to you, then there’s nothing better than giving them their space. This will help them sort out their own mess and will also save your time and dignity.

How to Respond to Yup

If they’re saying yup in response to your message, then there are a couple of ways to deal with it:

You keep tossing new questions if you have any, but make sure they’re not forced. Here’s a perfect example of a casual texter in a dry conversation:

How to Respond to Yup

You may respond with a simple emoji or sticker if you feel you can no longer carry on.

You can just ghost them for a while to see if they care about you!


It’s surely hard to keep track of everything that may result in this dry spell in your dating texts. You may sometimes not even figure out why she’s behaving this way or what you can do to fix it. The best you can do is talk it out with her and do a little makeover of your dating profile to see if it makes a difference. And for both these jobs, my inbox is always open!

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