What Does it Mean When Someone Wants to Go Out With You?

What Does it Mean When Someone Wants to Go Out With You?

Spending time on sites like Tinder means you’ll eventually need to learn how to read certain social cues over text. Of course, this is much easier said than done, and there will be times when you are uncertain about someone else’s intentions.

Fortunately, this guide should be able to clue you in on some subtle hints that will make determining someone’s intentions much easier.

What does it mean when someone wants to go out with you?

After spending enough time on social networking and dating apps, you’ll eventually find yourself making plans with someone. This person could be someone you’re attracted to, or it could be someone you want to get to know and be friends with.

Asking someone out on your own terms is easy, but things could get a little hazy when someone else asks you out. Are they interested in you, or do they just want to be friends?

Besides coming straight out and asking them, there are a few possible explanations for their true intentions. It could mean that they like you or that they want to get to know you in person before they make up their mind. Conversely, it could mean they just want to hang out as friends.

It could mean that they like you.

Naturally, spending time on dating apps like Tinder typically implies that your primary objective is to date. It isn’t always so cut-and-dry, but most of the people you chat with are probably looking for the same things you are.

So, if someone you’ve been flirting with back and forth asks you out, it’s likely that they are attracted to you and want to spend time alone with you. You can determine this by examining their messages to you in the days leading up to them asking you out.

If most of their messages have romantic or flirtatious undertones, the chances of them liking you are pretty high. Of course, plenty of people flirt casually, but most stop before it escalates to a date. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a proposition, the other person is probably into you.

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It could mean that they’re curious about you.

Unfortunately, sites like Tinder have their fair share of shady individuals who may not have the best of intentions. Chronic Tinder users have likely encountered at least one of these people who may have left them with a few trust issues.

Naturally, these people have more reservations about meeting others from Tinder. Their feelings for you may be strong, but before they can express them, they will want to ensure that you’re legit.

This can be tough to pick up on. They may have flirted with you in the past, but their message in which they ask you out might seem more neutral. With this in mind, you’ll have to pay attention to how they act when you are out together.

It could mean that they want to be friends with you.

Of course, people make all sorts of connections on sites like Tinder, and not all of them are romantic in nature. Many Tinder users are just looking for new people to chat with and get to know.

With this in mind, you may find yourself hanging out with someone in a purely platonic manner. Their messages will usually reflect this as well. If the topics you discuss seem esoteric, obscure, or totally random, they will likely just enjoy chatting with you and value you as a friend.

Additionally, how they phrase their message asking you out will be different. They may substitute “go out” with “hang out,” for example.

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What is the difference between ‘hanging out’ and going out on a date?

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At some point or another, you may end up in a situation in which you spend time alone with someone else. You may think that this person is cute, and you may even think of seriously pursuing them – the only problem is knowing whether the time you spend alone together is platonic or romantic.

Fortunately, there are a few subtle clues that a keen eye should be able to pick up on and which should hint at the true nature of the time you spend together.

Take note of what you do together.

Some activities are better enjoyed as friends while others have a decidedly more romantic air to them. What the two of you do together could give you a big hint as to how the other person feels towards you. For example, if you spend plenty of time visiting concerts or festivals together, the crowded nature of these events tends to sap away the romance in the air. Conversely, if you often go out to fancy restaurants, you’re more likely on a date.

Some activities can be rather ambiguous, however. Going to the movies is a popular date idea, but it’s also an activity that can be enjoyed with friends. Pay attention to the movies you watch – romantic comedies and horror tend to be reserved for couples, while action and adventure flicks make for good entertainment amongst friends.

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Take note of how they approach you.

Asking to spend time with someone you fancy can be a painfully awkward endeavor. Most people will try to get the subject of their affections alone, away from prying eyes. Even still, they will likely still show signs of nervousness, such as fidgeting or a crack in their voice.

If you were asked out in this manner, the other person likely wanted to get you out on a date. If, however, their approach was fairly nonchalant, it’s possible that they’re keener on spending time with you as their friend.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule, but taking note of how the other person approaches you should clue you in as to their true intentions.

Take note of how they behave.

It is often said that a person says more with their body than with their tongue, and this is undoubtedly true when it comes to potential romantic entanglements. It is no secret that people tend to act shy and awkward when they are around someone they admire.

Therefore, if your friend seems a little more nervous than usual, it could be that they don’t quite know how to act around you in a way that makes them seem more appealing.

On the flip side, some people don’t hide their affections at all. If someone you are hanging out with starts flirting with you, they are almost certainly interested in you.

Take note of their relationship status.

While it’s not a crime for people in fully committed relationships to spend time with singles, it is rare. Typically, couples spend time with other couples or otherwise hang out with singles together.

On the flip side, single people are drawn to other single people. If the person you’re hanging out with isn’t in a relationship, spending time alone with them could mean they are interested in you. Take note of how they respond when you bring up other people – if they seem jealous, it’s a pretty clear sign that they may be into you.

If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask them.

If you’ve paid attention to all the clues and still are unsure what to make of your time together, it never hurts to just come out and ask the other person. Although it may be daunting, it’s much easier than it seems.

Simply ask them over a message, which eliminates the awkwardness of one-on-one interaction. If you do, keep your message short and nonchalant – don’t give away your feelings towards them until they’ve made it clear how they feel about you.

Is it okay to hang out with someone else while you are in a relationship?

Is it okay to hang out with someone else while you are in a relationship?


Hanging out with someone else while being in a committed relationship is not bad in and of itself, but it is something that should be approached with care and caution.

For starters, you should discuss the topic with your partner first. If they don’t seem okay with it, then it is best that you avoid it. Otherwise, you should also be aware of how the other person acts around you. If they flirt with you, it’s best to stop spending time alone with them or ask them to stop. If they refuse to stop, don’t hesitate to cut them out for the sake of your relationship.

Is hanging out with someone alone a date?

Simply spending time with someone alone does not necessarily constitute a date. However, you should pay attention to all the signs we’ve pointed out already to determine whether or not the other person has feelings for you. If you’ve been hanging out with someone for a month consistently, it’s possible that they like you.

What does it mean when someone thanks you for hanging out?

Sometimes, the person you hang out with will thank you for spending time with them. It’s easy to misconstrue this as an act of romantic admiration, but often, the reality is far more mundane. Even if someone does not have any romantic feelings towards you, they will still thank you for your time out of courtesy.

Besides, if they do like you, they will likely make it known in much more overt ways.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Learning how to determine someone’s true intentions becomes much easier the more you try it. As always, practice makes perfect.

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