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What Does it Mean When Someone Wants to Get to Know You?

Navigating apps like Tinder often requires mastering the art of interpreting social cues through text messages. However, discerning someone’s intentions in the digital realm can be quite challenging. In this guide, we’ll explore how to determine what someone’s intentions are when they want to get to know you, helping you understand whether they are interested in going on a date with you.

What Does it Mean When Someone Wants to Get to Know You?

After spending ample time on social networking and dating apps, you’ll inevitably find yourself making plans with someone. This person could be someone you’re attracted to or simply someone you want to establish a friendship with.

When someone else takes the initiative and asks you out, it can sometimes leave you wondering about their true intentions. Are they romantically interested in you, or do they simply want to be friends? Deciphering their motives can be a bit tricky.

So, what does it mean when someone wants to get to know you without explicitly stating their intentions? There are several possible explanations for their true motives. It could signify that they are attracted to you and interested in dating. Alternatively, it might mean they want to meet you in person before deciding on their feelings, or it could simply indicate a desire to hang out as friends.

It Could Mean They Like You

In the realm of dating apps like Tinder, the primary goal is often to find potential romantic connections. While it’s not always straightforward, most individuals you interact with on these platforms are likely seeking similar outcomes.

If a guy or girl you’ve been exchanging flirtatious messages with eventually asks you out or straightforwardly says, “Do you want to go out with me?” it’s a strong indicator that they’re attracted to you and interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. You can gauge their interest by examining the tone of their messages in the days leading up to the invitation.

A text conversation of Person A asking Person B out tomorrow night, and Person B agreeing.

Tips for Encouraging Someone to Go Out with You

If most of their messages have romantic or flirtatious undertones, and they drop hints like “go out with you,” the chances of them liking you are pretty high. Of course, plenty of guys and girls flirt casually, but most stop before it escalates to a date. When a guy asks you where you want to go on a date or if you find yourself on the receiving end of a proposition like “Do you want to go out with me,” the other person is probably into you. In this case, you can make the first move by asking him or her to hang out to see if there is any chemistry in person.

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It Could Mean They’re Curious About You

Dating apps can be home to some individuals with questionable intentions, which can understandably lead to trust issues. Some users may have genuine feelings for you but feel cautious and want to ensure your authenticity before expressing their emotions.

Detecting their intentions can be challenging. While a guy or girl may have engaged in flirtatious texting in the past, the message where they ask you out might appear more neutral. In such cases, it’s essential to observe their behavior when you’re together in person.

A text conversation between Person A asking Person B if they're available and would like to go out on Friday, and Person B agreeing.

Tips for Encouraging Someone to Go Out with You

If he or she appears genuinely interested in you but remains uncertain about their feelings, they might prefer to become better acquainted before making any hasty decisions. In such a scenario, you can maintain a relaxed and casual approach by proposing a meeting in a laid-back environment like a café to test the waters. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be attentive to their behavior to assess their level of interest and comfort.

It Could Mean They Want to be Friends

Not all connections formed on platforms like Tinder are driven by romantic pursuits. Many users seek new acquaintances for friendly conversations and companionship.

In such cases, your discussions are likely to revolve around diverse, non-romantic topics. The way they phrase their invitation may also reflect a desire for a platonic friendship rather than romance, using terms like “hang out” instead of “go out.”

A text conversation between Person A asking Person B if hang out tomorrow to play a game, and Person B agreeing.

Additionally, how your match phrases their message asking you out will be different. They may substitute “go out” with “hang out,” for example.

Tips for Encouraging Someone to Go Out with You

If you sense that a guy is more interested in friendship, you can opt for phrases like “Would you like to grab some coffee?” to maintain a relaxed tone.

Additionally, observe the way they phrase their invitation. For instance, “Do you want to go out with me sometime?” carries a different connotation than “Do you want to hang out sometime?”

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What Does It Mean to Go Out on a Date? The Difference Between ‘Hanging Out’ and Going Out

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At some point, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re spending quality time with someone. Perhaps you find them attractive, and you’re contemplating a deeper connection, but the challenge lies in discerning whether your alone time together is purely platonic or holds romantic potential.

Thankfully, there are subtle cues that an observant eye can pick up on, providing hints about the true nature of your interactions.

Take Note of What You do Together

Pay attention to the activities you engage in together. Some outings naturally lean toward friendship, while others exude a romantic atmosphere. For instance, frequenting concerts or festivals, with their bustling crowds, often dampens any romantic vibes. Conversely, regular outings to upscale restaurants are more indicative of a date.

However, some activities can blur the lines. Going to the movies, for instance, is a common choice for both friends and potential couples. In such cases, the choice of the movie can offer clues; romantic comedies and horror films tend to be associated with couples, while action and adventure flicks are friendlier choices.

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Take Note of How They Approach You

How someone approaches you for one-on-one time can reveal their intentions. Initiating a rendezvous with someone you fancy can be a nerve-wracking task. Most individuals aim to secure alone time away from prying eyes, often displaying signs of nervousness, such as fidgeting or a wavering voice.

If you were asked out with a certain level of formality or anxiety, it’s likely a date. Conversely, if the approach felt casual and unassuming, the person might be more interested in maintaining a friendship, even when a guy or girl asks you where you want to go on a date.

As is often the case, there can be exceptions to this guideline. However, keeping a keen eye on how the other person approaches you can provide valuable insights into their genuine intentions.

Take note of how they behave

Actions often speak louder than words, especially in matters of potential romance. People tend to display shyness and awkwardness when they are around someone they admire. So, if your friend seems unusually nervous, they might be uncertain about how to present themselves more appealingly.

On the other hand, some individuals don’t hide their affection and may flirt openly. If someone you’re hanging out with starts flirting, they are almost certainly interested in you.

Take Note of Their Relationship Status

Consider their current relationship status. While it’s not uncommon for those in committed relationships to spend time with single individuals, it’s more rare. Typically, couples socialize with other couples, while singles gravitate towards fellow singles. If the person you’re hanging out with isn’t in a relationship and seems bothered or jealous when you discuss other people, it’s a clear sign they may be interested in you.

When in Doubt, Ask

If you’ve paid attention to all the clues and still are unsure what to make of your time together, it never hurts to just come out and ask the other person. Asking directly might seem daunting, but it’s simpler than it appears.

Consider initiating the conversation through messaging to alleviate any one-on-one awkwardness. Keep your message concise and casual, avoiding unnecessary pressure or expectations.

A text conversation of Person A asking Person B if they like them, and Person B confessing that they do.

Is it Okay to Hang Out With Someone Else While You are in a Relationship?

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Spending time with someone else while you’re in a committed relationship isn’t inherently wrong, but it’s a situation that should be approached thoughtfully and cautiously.

First and foremost, it’s essential to have an open discussion about it with your partner. If they express discomfort or reservations, you should respect their feelings and avoid pursuing it further. Additionally, pay attention to the behavior of the person you’re spending time with. If they engage in flirtatious behavior, it’s best to avoid spending time alone with them or ask them to stop. If they persist despite your request, don’t hesitate to distance yourself from them for the sake of your relationship.

Is Hanging Out with Someone Alone a Date?

Simply sharing one-on-one time with someone doesn’t automatically classify it as a date. However, it’s important to be attentive to the signs we’ve discussed earlier to gauge whether the other person harbors romantic feelings for you. Consistently spending time with someone over the course of a month, for instance, might suggest that they have developed an interest in you.

What Does it Mean When Someone Thanks You for Hanging Out?

Occasionally, the person you’ve spent time with may express gratitude for your company. While it’s easy to misinterpret this as a gesture of romantic interest, it’s often a simple act of courtesy. Even if someone lacks romantic feelings, they may still express gratitude as a sign of appreciation for their time together. If they do have romantic feelings, they are likely to communicate them more explicitly.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. We’ve explored various aspects of dating and socializing, including what it means when someone wants to get to know you and what it means to go out on a date. Becoming adept at deciphering someone’s true intentions becomes more intuitive with practice.

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Remember, practice makes perfect in the world of online dating and relationships.

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