She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me

She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me (Friendzone Guide)

Are you wondering why the girl who has friend-zoned you keeps texting? There can be many reasons why a girl keeps texting when she only wants to be friends. No matter the reason, something like this is annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating at times.

Talking to a girl who wants nothing more than friendship can impact your online dating experience. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss why she still sends texts when she does not want to have a relationship. Plus, I will share some tips on how you should respond to her texts after being “friend-zoned.”

She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me

She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me

Does the girl you like keep texting you back, although she just wants to be friends? What does this mean when she says she only wants friendship? Well, it can be tricky to find the answer as there can be many reasons.

When you are interested in someone, you want to know about them and take the relationship to the next step. However, maybe the girl you like only sees you as a friend and wants to keep things simple. Perhaps, she is unsure of what she wants to do with her dating life or had a breakup recently.

Some girls need more time to get over a relationship or heartbreak and need emotional support from a friend who can listen to them. This can be a reason she keeps texting you to stay friends so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Or, maybe she has a list of matches on her dating profile and is unsure about you.

She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me

Here’s a conversation that shows how a girl was only using Tinder for fun while the guy was looking for a potential match on the online dating app.

Some girls are straightforward and do not want to complicate things. For instance, if she is not interested in you or does not want more than friendship, she will tell you:

  • I don’t wish to ruin our friendship
  • I like you, but only as a friend
  • I apologize if you thought I wanted to date you

While these kinds of texts can be a blow to your confidence, they can also affect your online dating experience. However, it is better to move on when the girl clearly mentions you are only a “friend” to her, and the conversation is going nowhere. Look at the example below; the girl has stated in the first text that she is only looking for friendship:

She Just Wants to Be Friends but Keeps Texting Me

She thinks they will probably get along, but only in a friendship capacity. That’s the right way if you don’t want to give any wrong impression to the guy.

She Knows I like Her but Still Wants to Be Friends

Do you wonder why she keeps messaging you when she doesn’t want to date you and also knows that you like her? Here are some reasons for it:

  • She’s confused about what she wants on an online dating platform
  • The girl values your friendship, so she does not stop texting you even though she knows you like her
  • She is going through an emotional phase (maybe due to a breakup), or she likes to flirt for fun
  • She finds you interesting but not intriguing enough to think about getting into a relationship

A girl can keep texting you for a variety of reasons, even when she doesn’t want you to be her boyfriend. It is possible that the girl is not good with texting or has no online dating experience. Here’s an example:

She Knows I like Her but Still Wants to Be Friends

In this conversation, the girl has subtly hinted that she isn’t romantically attracted to the guy she is talking to. While the guy appreciates her music taste and wants to continue the conversation, the girl has mentioned she doesn’t want him as her boyfriend.

When dating online, you will find many girls who don’t want to get into serious relationships. They even mention it in their online dating profile bio on dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, CMB, etc.

If a dating bio or profile prompt suggests a girl is looking for male BFFs because she already has a boyfriend, this is a clear sign she isn’t looking for something serious. This is more common than you think so pay attention to her bio before messaging her.

She Knows I like Her but Does She like Me?

Does the girl know that you like her? Of course, when she keeps texting you back even after friend-zoning you, there is a possibility that she likes you. Here are some signs that a girl is interested in you but avoids telling you directly:

  • She keeps complimenting you
  • She gives you undivided attention when the two of you are talking online
  • She responds to messages instantly rather than replying late
  • She finds a way to chat with you even when she is busy

These signs suggest that the girl is attracted to you romantically. Moreover, you will observe a change in the behavior of girls when they know their male friend or BFF likes them.

She Knows I like Her but Does She like Me

The girl likes the guy and wants to be her “best friend.” That’s a smart way of friend-zoning, and the guy is quick to find that.

On the other hand, frequent texts and calls from a girl can also mean she likes you and is giving you subtle hints. Here’s how to find out if the girl you like also likes you:

  • Build common ground and talk about her interests
  • Let her know that you care about her by messaging first; make sure to avoid dry texting
  • Give her space to think once she knows that you really like her
  • Compliment her and respect her choices

However, when the girl has made her decision, do not try to convince her or make her feel bad. You can choose not to reply to her texts and continue to look for a potential match on the dating app.

If a Girl Knows You Like Her and She Still Talks To You

There are many reasons why a girl keeps texting you but doesn’t want to get into a serious relationship. For instance, she just wants to have a chit-chat with a friend and already has a boyfriend. Maybe she wants to confirm if you are serious about her or likes the fact that you are chasing her. While it may be fun for some girls, this can be detrimental to a guy’s confidence and passion.

Sometimes, a girl wants to be sure of her feelings about you before she says “yes.” If she likes you, you will notice some friendly, romantic tone in her messages. Nevertheless, if it appears that she is only there for fun and passing her free time, consider moving on.

Don’t keep messaging her when she is clearly not interested.

If a Girl Knows You Like Her and She Still Talks To You

If she stops texting or replying, don’t wait for her. In this case, you should find other matches and use the best conversation starters, openers, and icebreakers to impress her.

I Told a Girl I Like Her, and She Still Talks To Me

So, you told the girl you like her, and she still talks to you. This can be a positive sign, but before making assumptions, it is best to know her feelings. She may take some time and realize her feelings for you.

Ask her out for lunch or dinner and see how she reacts. If she says yes, it is the best opportunity to know if you can get along as a couple. Sometimes, a single compliment can win you a date with a girl. Here’s an example:

I Told a Girl I Like Her, and She Still Talks To Me


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