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How to Rank Higher on Airbnb: Proven Airbnb SEO Tips

Are you looking to boost your rental property’s visibility and outshine the 7 million listings on Airbnb to increase bookings? If so, the key lies in refining your Airbnb SEO strategy, specifically focusing on improving your Airbnb search ranking.

Airbnb SEO involves a strategic process for search engine optimization to enhance your ranking and visibility during any relevant Airbnb search.

Just as it’s crucial to optimize your website for Google’s first page, having a high-quality listing on Airbnb is essential for achieving higher ranks. This guide will delve into how you can optimizing your Airbnb listing and provide insights into the workings of the Airbnb SEO algorithm.

How to Rank Higher on Airbnb

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The ranking process during an Airbnb search utilizes an algorithm that analyzes multiple factors to determine the placement of any listing. Consequently, achieving a higher rank on Airbnb involves consideration of several key Airbnb ranking factors.

According to Airbnb, there are over 100 factors influencing the ranking of listings during searches. Some of these criteria include the listing’s quality, enabling instant booking, maintaining a detailed host profile, ensuring a quick response rate, garnering positive guest reviews, and generating interest.

While the specifics of Airbnb’s search algorithm remain proprietary, the company has disclosed certain elements that impact listing rankings and has committed to regular updates.

The Airbnb SEO tips provided in this guide will help you enhance your listing’s Airbnb rank and attract more bookings.

How Does the Airbnb Search Algorithm Work?

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Airbnb uses its secret algorithm to rank listings on its platform.

Unlike Google, Airbnb’s SEO strategy doesn’t emphasize keywords in the written content. Instead, the Airbnb algorithm seeks to comprehend the guest’s needs through searches and how the host can fulfill those requirements.

While the Airbnb platform provides hosts with tips on numerous ranking factors, the true secret still lies in their algorithm. Therefore, from the Airbnb SEO strategy’s algorithmic ranking factors provided, those over a hundred factors can be summarized into three categories. These categories include:

The Guests’ Needs

The needs of guests are a significant factor that property owners wishing to host guests cannot control. The preferences and choices of the guest are of top priority, as Airbnb aims to maintain its record of integrity.

As an Airbnb host, it’s essential to take note of the guest’s booking requirements so you can anticipate and provide accordingly. Additionally, Airbnb takes into consideration the type of listing owners provide to potential guests. Therefore, as property owners, your profile should clearly state who your listing suits, such as families, couples, business associates, campers, tourists, etc.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to interview your guests to understand their specific needs before approving bookings.

Airbnb considers various factors, including the guest’s current location, their destination, past trips, and other undisclosed elements, to meet the guest’s wants. These factors are beyond the knowledge and control of property owners.

Guest Trip Details

Guest trip details are another factor hosts cannot control. The Airbnb algorithm takes these details into account when the guest inputs them. Trip details include the number of guests traveling, the purpose of the journey, the amount the guest is willing to offer, and other relevant information.

These factors significantly impact the listing’s rank on the first page of Airbnb’s search results, and there is nothing the Airbnb host can do to influence the ranking based on this factor.

Airbnb Listing Details

Your Airbnb listing details are the only algorithmic factor vacation rentals can influence. These details encompass guest reviews, booking rates, competitive prices, an excellent Airbnb profile, quick replies, etc. Therefore, you’ll want to create a listing that stands out from other hosts.

This factor is crucial for improving your listing rank on Airbnb’s first page and increasing your booking rate.

Furthermore, ensure that your Airbnb listing includes high-quality photos showcasing your vacation rental and the surrounding area. Your photos should tell a story and visually lead prospects throughout your property, including key areas such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, backyard, etc.

Many modern smartphones come equipped with a good camera these days, so take a variety of photos of your space. Ensure your space is tidy, capture the photos in landscape mode, and shoot during the day when there is ample natural light. Consider hiring a professional photographer if you don’t have the time or are looking to enhance the quality of your photos.

Craft an attention-grabbing Airbnb title that encourages clicks and stays under 50 characters, preferably under 32, highlighting only the most critical information and emphasizing the biggest benefits. For instance, if your property is just 5 minutes from the beach, that’s a key detail to include in the title.

In addition, create an engaging and easy-to-read Airbnb description. Provide benefits and amenities for various sections of your space, making it easy for potential guests to envision their stay. A well-crafted title and description not only contribute to the algorithm but also engage potential guests effectively.

How to Improve Your Airbnb Search Ranking

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As vacation rentals with property listings on Airbnb, your primary focus is to rank higher and get more bookings from the platform. Therefore, you need to tweak your listing profile to what the Airbnb algorithm will rank easily to achieve this aim.

Improving your Airbnb ranking depends on how optimized your Airbnb profile is; this, in turn, relates to its visibility.

Here are some of the factors you should consider Airbnb algorithm before ranking its listings on any search:

Optimize your Airbnb Listing

Optimizing your Airbnb profile and title to ensure they reflect your service and are catchy enough is essential for creating a high-quality listing. The Airbnb title is what prospective guests encounter for a quick assessment of your listing. The title determines whether your vacation rental is suitable for their needs. Therefore, there is a need to create an accurate, precise, and catchy Airbnb title.

Most guests also check the host profile; this helps boost guests’ assurance when booking on this platform. Therefore, it’s essential to write a dazzling host profile and add all necessary details for account verification.

As mentioned, the Airbnb title section allows only 50 characters. Therefore, pay attention to the words in your title; they must reflect the search terms visitors will search on Airbnb.

Your Airbnb title should be precise, contain helpful information describing your vacation rental, and lack exaggerating adjectives.

To create the above-described title, ensure your listing title contains the following elements:

  • An excellent feature of your property (heated pool, jacuzzi, gym, near beach, quiet location, etc.)
  • Words that reflect the number of guests you can welcome (e.g., couple or family suite)
  • Nearby landmarks and tourist centers guests can visit (e.g., [Famous Park], [Historic District], [Popular Museum])
  • Who suits the property? (e.g., business associates, campers, tourists, etc.)
  • Property type (cottage, villa, castle, one-bedroom apartment, etc.)

Also, always draft and redraft your listing title to ensure it’s appealing to potential guests and contributes to a high-quality listing.

Learn the five golden rules of writing a compelling Airbnb title.

Quick Response Rate

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Airbnb aims to provide the best possible experience for its users. Therefore, offering guests a fast, convenient, and reliable experience can significantly enhance your ranking on the platform. Airbnb hosts who respond promptly to guests often find their listings at the top ranks.

You can follow Airbnb’s advice for a response time ‘within 24 hours,’ but it’s advisable to respond much earlier than that for optimal results.

Advice: Use the Airbnb smartphone app to ensure a quick response to prospective guests. Managing your response time effectively is a key factor in improving your Airbnb ranking and delivering a positive experience for your guests.

Offer Instant Booking

Airbnb clearly states that listings with instant booking are ranked more highly. Instant booking is one of the fastest ways to achieve a score of over 90% in Airbnb optimization.

This feature enables guests to make quick bookings and pay without waiting for host approval. It is user-friendly, allowing guests to select their arrival date and seamlessly connect with the host.

Moreover, instant booking has a positive impact on your response rate, enhancing the visibility of your property.

Additionally, the instant booking feature contributes to reaching Superhost status, which requires maintaining at least a 90% response rate.

Besides offering instant booking, provide self check-in and self-checkout options to ensure a smooth guest experience.

Tip: To enable instant booking, log in to your Airbnb dashboard > click on “My Listings” > Manage Listing > Booking Settings > Turn on the Instant Book button.

Improve Guest Reviews and Ratings

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Acquiring positive reviews and high ratings on Airbnb is a treasure for your listing to rank on the platform. Positive thoughts and high ratings help attract guests to your listings on Airbnb and trust in the property.

Many remarkable rentals on Airbnb don’t get the visibility and attention they deserve because they have few 5-star reviews and ratings.

Advice: Engage guests both offline and online to gather their views on your service. Also, you can send emails to previous guests with the link to rate their experience with your service.

Learn how to respond to negative guest reviews

Ensure a low Booking Cancellation rate

Ensure a low Booking Cancellation rate to maintain a favorable Airbnb ranking. The Airbnb ranking algorithm perceives canceled bookings as indicative of a disagreement between the host and guest. An elevated cancellation rate is one of the fastest ways to lose your Superhost status.

If there’s a need to cancel any booking, Airbnb allows every listing one cancellation in six months. However, any additional cancellations will result in a decrease in ranking level as a punitive measure. Managing cancellations carefully is crucial for sustaining a positive ranking on Airbnb.

Update your Frequently Calendar Frequently

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Many property owners often have busy schedules and may forget to update their booking calendars. As an Airbnb host, always make an effort to update your listing status, including availability, to avoid double bookings, which can later lead to cancellations. Ensure you provide accurate information about your property daily to avoid missed opportunities.

Additionally, it’s believed that logging into your calendar board daily directly impacts your listing rank. Regularly updating your calendar, including availability, not only prevents booking conflicts but also contributes to maintaining a favorable position in Airbnb’s search results.

To ensure that your calendar is filled throughout the year, avoid minimum stay requirements of 2 nights or more. This may prevent many potential guests from booking your place if they only want to stay for one night.

Maintain Competitive Prices

Airbnb clearly states that an important criterion in their search algorithm for ranking is the property’s price point, taking into consideration similar listings. The price must be competitive enough. Therefore, if you have a listing where the price is way outside the typical price range, it may not rank. This effect is because the price range is higher than the bid price of most Airbnb guests.

So, you should list your property at a realistic price, considering similar listings in your area. The price tag is critical, especially when you are new to the platform.

Tips: Research similar rental properties around you so you can compare prices, including the price of your listing. If you are a start-up, ensure your nightly rate is cheaper to attract more bookings.

Create a Professional Guidebook for Guests

The Airbnb platform allows you to create a guidebook to attract potential guests. The Airbnb guidebook includes areas available around the property location that can attract guests to book your short-term rental. Guests often search for a rental property with exciting places such as tourist centers, restaurants, sports arenas, local attractions, etc., to book.

Therefore, including popular centers and local attractions in your Airbnb guidebook may help increase clicks, correlating to a higher ranking for your short-term rental on Airbnb. In addition to a guidebook, an informative house manual can assist guests in getting more out of their stay.

Best Keywords for Airbnb

In 2020, Airbnb announced the removal of the keyword search feature from its ranking algorithm. This implies that potential guests cannot search for unique amenities on Airbnb’s search engine.

Although keyword search isn’t possible on Airbnb, we can’t underestimate the effectiveness of incorporating essential and accurate Airbnb SEO keywords in your listing description. The use of these keywords, such as ‘pool’, ‘beach’,’free parking’, etc. may help your listing appear on keyword-enhanced search engines such as Google and Bing, potentially boosting conversion rates.

Therefore, when creating an Airbnb title for your listings, you can choose to include Airbnb SEO keywords for Google, Bing, etc., for ranking purposes or decide not to (only for Airbnb).

Note: When creating a new listing on Airbnb, ensure you have a catchy title informative description and avoid unnecessary details. The title and description are crucial for maximizing bookings, enhancing visibility on Airbnb, and potentially improving conversion rates.


Hopefully, this guide has shown you how to rank higher on Airbnb. Effective Airbnb SEO is an excellent practice that property owners on Airbnb utilize to stay ahead of competitors on the platform. Therefore, to increase your ranking on Airbnb, you need to improve your Airbnb SEO strategy.

Use these tips above as a starting point to optimize your Airbnb listing and increase your rating.

If you’re looking to create a high-quality Airbnb listing or a professional guidebook or house manual for guests, my Airbnb copywriting services can help you. As an expert Airbnb copywriter who has assisted numerous hosts with their listings, I’ll work with you to optimize your Airbnb listing and attract more bookings.

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