What Does a Good Airbnb Bio Look Like?
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What Does a Good Airbnb Bio Look Like? (Profile Examples)

Taking the time to craft the perfect Airbnb bio will help you to build trust with your potential guests and show them your credibility, reliability, and professionalism.

Read on to find out what makes a good Airbnb bio, why you should write one, and what you should include in your bio description.

What is a Good Airbnb Bio?

A good Airbnb bio contains a friendly profile photo, captivating description, five-star guest reviews, verification, and references. Your description should contain a bit of information about yourself and your hobbies, along with an explanation of what made you let your short-term rental property on Airbnb. The bio should be friendly yet professional, and conversational yet informative.

Why Should I Write a Good Airbnb Bio?

Why Should I Write a Good Airbnb Bio?


The main reasons to spend a bit of time crafting a great Airbnb bio are to build trust with potential guests, show your uniqueness, and demonstrate your reliability and professionalism.

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Building Trust

Writing a great Airbnb bio is a fantastic way to build trust with your potential guests. Including all the necessary verifications, along with references and details of your experience, helps to put guests’ minds at ease when they’re booking a stay in a new country. Airbnb hosts with a complete ‘Describe Yourself’ section come across as more authentic and trustworthy than those without.


This Airbnb bio is great, it explains why the host decided to set up an Airbnb account and gives some of their experience to make them seem more credible and trustworthy.

Showing Uniqueness

The Airbnb bio is also a great way to showcase what makes you different from other Airbnb hosts in the local area. Perhaps you run an Airbnb experience or have a particular passion that your guests may be interested in. Whatever it is, writing a good bio description is a great way to make your Airbnb profile, and hence your Airbnb listing, stand out from the rest.

You could also include a reference to any Airbnb experiences that you run, or any Airbnb guidebook that you have created. Both of these demonstrate that you are truly an expert in your local area.

Learn how to write a professional Airbnb Experience listing.

Reliability and Professionalism

Whether you run your Airbnb as a brand or business, or with family and friends, an Airbnb bio is a good way to come across as professional and reliable. A complete Airbnb profile gives a good first impression, and lots of guests like seeing a friendly profile photo so they know who they’re booking with.

Verification and Status

As part of your Airbnb profile, you should also get verified by uploading your identification to the site. You’ll need to submit your name and address, and upload any government-issued identification, for example, a driving license, passport, or visa. In some cases, you may also need to provide Airbnb with another photo of yourself, separate from your profile photo.

In addition to this, get references from friends and family or previous guests at your property. This not only shows that you are trustworthy but also demonstrates professionalism and authenticity. If you don’t yet have any guest reviews, you can ask any of your friends who use Airbnb to leave reviews for you on your profile.

Lastly, you should aim to achieve superhost status. Being a superhost gives you a badge so that guests can easily recognize you as a committed and reliable Airbnb host when scrolling through listings. You can earn superhost status by being very responsive and having a low cancellation rate.

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What Should I Write in My Airbnb Intro?

What Should I Write in My Airbnb Intro?


In your Airbnb introduction, you should introduce yourself and your family, let your potential guests know a bit about your background and your occupation, and let them know why you signed up to Airbnb. Give some details of your hobbies and interests, and any languages you speak so that your guests feel more at ease.

Introduce Yourself and Your Family

Firstly, let your potential guests know who you are. You could include:

  • Your name
  • Whether you are married
  • How many kids you have, if you have any

For example:

“Hello! My name is Sam and my partner Joe and I love to buy and refurbish old English properties.”

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Give Your Background and Occupation

Next, give a little bit of information about your background and occupation. You could include:

  • Where you grew up
  • How long you have lived where you live
  • What jobs you have had in the past
  • If you’re retired

For example:

“I grew up in the English countryside, while Joe grew up in the USA. Together, we’ve lived in Devon for over a decade. We bought a farm here after retiring from our city jobs in Finance and IT, and we’ve never looked back!”

Why Did You Sign Up to Airbnb?

It’s also important to show your guests why you have vacation rental properties on Airbnb. You can get creative with this, answers like ‘for the money’ aren’t going to cut it!

For example:

“When we bought the farm, we took on a huge renovation project to bring it into the modern-day. We loved the process so much that we’ve decided to do it to short-term rental properties all over Devon, so that our guests can experience the magic of the area of England that we call home. Guests like you help to fund our passion for older architecture and preserving historic buildings.”

Hobbies and Interests

You can also include some personal information that is unrelated to your Airbnb:

  • What hobbies do you enjoy?
  • Do you play any sports?
  • Do you have any special interests?

For example:

“When we’re not doing up properties, Joe and I like to find quiet fishing spots along some of the UK’s most beautiful rivers. I’m a big fan of Irish Folk music, and Joe is more of a Rock n’ Roll guy!”

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Spoken Languages

It’s also useful to include any extra languages that you speak, to put any foreign guests at ease. Communication barriers can be hard to overcome, but online messaging makes it much simpler thankfully!

For example:

“We’re both native English speakers, and Joe also has a degree in French and Italian. I can speak basic Mandarin too!”

How Do I Describe Myself on Airbnb?

How Do I Describe Myself on Airbnb?


When you write your ‘Describe Yourself’ section on Airbnb, the aim is to come across as polite and friendly, yet professional. Stay away from sarcasm or too many jokes, but keep the bio light-hearted and slightly informal. Keep it relatable, as this will help you to build trust with your potential guests while they are deciding whether to make a booking.


In the example above, the Airbnb host has done a great job of explaining why he provides Airbnb accommodation for all kinds of different people. However, the description isn’t very personal; after reading, we don’t know anything about Julian as a person, where he lives, or what he does.

The host is a superhost and has had their identity verified, making them appear more credible. However, the photo doesn’t give us any indication of who the host is. It would be better if it were a picture of a smiling face!

Read more about writing irresistible Airbnb photo captions.


In this example, the host has a great profile picture that really helps guests learn more about her. The description includes an explanation of their hosting style and a bit about where they live, however it doesn’t mention their occupation or any hobbies. The host is a superhost and is verified, both of which are appealing to potential guests.

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In conclusion, an Airbnb bio is a great way to build trust with potential guests, demonstrate your credibility and make your listing stand out from the rest. Include a great profile photo, bio description, verification, and some five-star guest reviews to boost your vacation rental bookings and occupancy rate. Make sure that your bio is friendly, professional, and relatable to guests.

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