Airbnb Profile Description

How to Write the Best Airbnb Profile Descriptions to Attract Guests

Many hosts are unsure of how to write the best Airbnb profile descriptions for their rentals. That’s one of the reasons why they fail to attract their target guests. This guide will offer the best tips for writing the perfect Airbnb descriptions and their impact on increasing your booking rate.

We also offer a few Airbnb profile description examples so you can create an Airbnb profile description template according to your needs.

Airbnb Profile Description

Why is it Important to Write a Good Airbnb Profile Description?

Potential guests want to find out about your property as much as possible. Furthermore, your Airbnb profile description must give a glimpse of your hosting style and mention any rules and expectations you have from your guests. Here are a few reasons why writing an impressive Airbnb profile description is essential.

A well-written Airbnb description profile:

  • Leaves a strong first impression
  • Establishes your authority as an authentic and professional host
  • Details all features and amenities
  • Attracts your target audience
  • Increases your booking rate

Tips for Writing the Best Airbnb Profile Descriptions

Here are some valuable tips to help you write the best Airbnb profile descriptions.

Utilize Your Airbnb Profile About Me Section

When you are filling in the various sections of your profile, remember to add all relevant details. Here is a rundown of what you should add to your description.

  • Your location
  • Your occupation
  • The number of years you have been a rental host
  • The reason why you decided to join Airbnb
  • Your favorite thing about being an Airbnb host
  • Your hobbies
  • Past experiences of being a host or a guest

For example:

My spouse and I have been on Airbnb for the past four years. While both are in the real estate business, we are also avid travelers and know the importance of finding a cozy and well-equipped rental for unwinding after a long day of exploring. We love helping our guests enjoy a wonderful time in our city.

Hello! I have been hosting my Airbnb ever since my son left for college three years ago. My decades of experience in the hospitality industry allow me to offer customized packages to my guests. I love connecting with people and don’t mind guiding you to the most popular local restaurants and tourist spots.

Hi there! My name is Sean, and I’ve lived here in Miami, Florida, for the last five years. I am passionate about watersports and love snorkeling, paddle boarding, and surfing. I’ve traveled to over thirty countries in Europe and Asia.

Here is another Airbnb profile description sample:

I am looking forward to meeting you and hosting you this year to enjoy a memorable trip. Feel free to reach out to me to find out more.

Add an Appealing Personal Photo

Choose the most appropriate photo for your Airbnb profile bio. High-quality photos add authenticity to an Airbnb host profile, provided the picture is not grainy or blurry. Your face should be fully visible, and remember to have a positive or neutral facial expression. Another way to make your Airbnb profile bio more professional is to wear formal or business attire for your description photo. Avoid wearing dark glasses.

Here are a few tips for making your Airbnb photo look professional and authentic.

  • Use a professional camera for capturing your photo
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Smile into the camera
  • De-clutter your background
airbnb profile description photo


Check out the photo, which shows the host with his baby. You can clearly see his face as there is enough light, and he is smiling into the camera. This shows that he is a jovial host, looking forward to welcoming his guests.

Add Reviews to your Listing

Airbnb hosts are aware of the importance of reviews for the long-term success of their business. Getting five-star reviews is essential for earning a good reputation for Airbnb. Once you take all the necessary steps to make your rental comfortable for your guests, don’t be shy to ask for reviews when they check out.

Since guests can forget to leave a review, make the first move, and review your guests for encouraging them to give feedback. Airbnb will also send a notification to your guests to remind them to review their experience at your rental.

airbnb profile description review


Get the Identity Verification Badge

Many guests fear scams and prefer contacting verified hosts only. Adding verification to your Airbnb profile can encourage more guests to contact you for more details. Here is how Airbnb hosts can verify their profiles.

  • Go to your account settings
  • Click the Identity Verification option
  • Click the Get the Badge button
  • Add your verifications

After submitting the required information, you will receive the identity verification badge on your public profile.

Airbnb profile verification


For confirming identity, you can:

  • Use your smartphone to take a picture of your driver’s license, national identity card, or passport
  • Use the camera on your phone or computer to take a picture
  • Add an existing photo of your ID
  • Submit your legal first and last name
  • Provide your legal address that matches your billing address

Hosts should also verify their email address and confirm their contact number. Connecting your Airbnb profile with your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook profile is also helpful.

When you verify your Airbnb account, you add extra credibility to your listing, which helps your rental stand out on the platform. Guests are likely to check out listings and book rentals from verified hosts.

You can complete this free and straightforward process within minutes. Another benefit of the verification process is that you can request your guests to provide their ID’s in case they would like to book your rental.

Update your Airbnb Profile

Whenever you change jobs to move to a different city, don’t forget to update your profile. That’s because you don’t want to confuse potential guests. Any inconsistencies between your profile info and the answers you provide to guests can lead to cancellations.

Pay Attention to Your Response Rate

Your response rate refers to the percentage of reservation requests and new inquiries you responded to within 24 hours in the past month. Hosts can either respond by pre-approving, declining, or accepting requests.

Make sure you either accept, decline, or pre-approve all requests within 24 hours of receiving a reservation request or an inquiry for improving your response rate.

Since your Airbnb host profile reveals your response time and rate, you would want to improve both these metrics. In case you fail to maintain a consistent rate, you will lose a large percentage of reservations to competitors who have a higher response rate.

Get in Touch

To write the best Airbnb profile descriptions, remember to add a compelling Airbnb host bio and account verification. The more complete and comprehensive your profile is, the more chances you will have to get more bookings. Learn more about my Airbnb copywriting services to increase your bookings now.

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