Airbnb House Manual

What to Include in an Airbnb House Manual: Easy Checklist

A Guide to Great Hosting

Are you a good… or a great host?

Most hosts provide a house manual in one form or another to their guests.

Sometimes it appears as a few measly pages inside their guidebook, but most of the time, that still leaves guests wondering.

Having a well-written, detailed Airbnb house manual can set you apart from the competition.

Let’s find out why.

Airbnb House Manual

Why Do I Need a House Manual?

An Airbnb guidebook is a great way to point your guests in the right direction in town—but many hosts forget to include details about the house.

To be a great host, you need an Airbnb house manual that gives guests all the need-to-know information in an easily digestible way.

It gives your guests a better experience and can save you time by fielding most of the questions your guests may have.

I’ll show you how, step by step.

How to Write A Great Airbnb House Manual

It turns out there’s a lot more information that you need to give your guests than you think.

You’ll even want to include some things that feel like common sense.

Let’s get into it.

Home Essentials

First things first.

The first page of your Airbnb house manual should give basic information that your guests need—and may not have written down themselves.

  • A short, sweet welcome message
  • The listing address
  • Your (or your manager’s) contact information
  • The Wi-Fi password

Don’t overlook providing this basic information to guests.

You can also provide a bit more detail here like which method you prefer to be contacted with (or which method to use in case of an emergency).


Speaking of emergencies, you should always hope for the best—and plan for the worst. Your Airbnb house manual should include contact details in case of an emergency.

Almost all of your guests will be from out of town, and many will be coming from other states and even countries. Give them everything they might need in case of an emergency.

  • Phone numbers for the:
    • Police department
    • Fire department
    • Hospital
    • Ambulance
  • In case of fire, how to exit:
    • The front door
    • Stairwells (not elevators)
    • Fire exits and back doors
  • Location of:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • First aid kit

You might think that everyone must know 911—but foreigners might not.

This information could save a life, and you can print out some of the info directly from Airbnb’s Home Safety section.

House Rules

In your house rules section, you’ll include any information that is important to you that guests follow.

You can remind guests that your house rules are in the Airbnb listing online and in the house manual.

Write down the essential rules and policies you (and your township) have.

  • Parties or gatherings
  • Overnight guests
  • Trash, littering, and recycling
  • Illegal activity
  • Smoking
  • Pets

Mention that the rules should be clear and to the point. They can send an electronic guidebook to the guests first and print it out and post it somewhere where guests will see when they show up.

Appliances and Amenities

This section might feel full of obvious information to you, but the quirks of your home won’t be familiar to guests.

Include information about the kitchen, bathroom, and heating/cooling systems. Talk about how to use the appliances, and if anything has any personality.

For example, in some houses, the hot water may get so hot it might burn you if you’re not careful Another example is that the tub stopper often falls down, making the tub seem as though it was clogged when it isn’t.

Adding Airbnb Guidebook Information

It’s normal to feel confused about the difference between an Airbnb guidebook and a house manual. Often, these documents are one and the same. The main difference is the important information that you include inside.

What To Include In An Airbnb Guide

Think of your guidebook like a condensed version of a rack of travel pamphlets you might find in a hotel lobby—except guidebook content should only include the best places around town that you would recommend to a friend. Include information about fun things to do around town.

  • Restaurants
    • Best dishes, specialties, price, and rating
  • Local venues
    • Sports, concerts, and events
  • Seasonal and outdoor activities
    • Skiing, swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, etc.
  • Indoor activities
    • Shopping, bowling, rock climbing, etc.
  • Family-friendly locations
    • Bookstores, playgrounds, theme parks

Consider mentioning how far away each place is from your Airbnb. Some guests might have a car—but others might not. To stand out, you could include details about public transit.

You should also mention places they might need like the local pharmacy, grocery store, or department store.

The Bottom Line: You Need a Great Airbnb House Manual

Whether you choose to include this information in your Airbnb guest book or guidebook for guests, or as a standalone document, you need a detailed house manual for your Airbnb listing.

Providing your guests with a great house manual will ensure that they have a positive and safe experience.

If you want to make sure that your Airbnb guidebook shines, check out my professional Airbnb guidebook services.

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