Catchy Airbnb Title Examples

Catchy Airbnb Title Examples (To Stand Out & Get Bookings)

Writing a catchy Airbnb title is one of the most crucial aspects of optimizing your Airbnb listing. Not only your Airbnb description title draws attention to your rental, but it also gives a glimpse of what potential guests should expect from your property.

Here is a guide that offers valuable tips and catchy Airbnb title examples.

Think like Your Audience

Once you narrow down your target audience, think like them to address their needs directly. If you are offering the perfect spot for couples to enjoy a memorable vacation, here are a few catchy Airbnb title examples:

Enjoy a secluded and exotic beach from a secluded oasis.

If you are targeting frequent business travelers, your title should be something like this:

Contemporary Studio Apartment with all Amenities

When addressing families’ needs, make sure your title has something that appeals to parents who want to keep their children busy. For instance:

Beautiful House with a Spacious Children’s Play Area

Keeping your potential guests’ expectations and needs in mind will help you brainstorm a title that grabs instant attention. Add suggestive words for composing an impressive title. For instance, when promoting your rental as the perfect option for newlyweds, use adjectives like ‘secluded,’ ‘dreamy,’ and ‘magical.’ For example:

Secluded Countryside Cottage by the Lake

Old Town Apartment with Sauna and Fireplace

When catering to business travelers, add adjectives, such as ‘contemporary,’ ‘modern,’ ‘convenient,’ etc. For example:

Luxury 1BR Apartment with a Contemporary Kitchen

Utilize the Character Limit

Since Airbnb allows hosts to promote their rental through a catchy title with a 50-character limit, every word is essential. Many times, this word limit can make it difficult for the hosts to paint the best picture of their rental. Several abbreviations and symbols can make it possible for you to add as much detail as possible to your title.

Here is a list of these abbreviations.

  • With: w/
  • Downtown: DT
  • Bathroom: BA
  • Apartment: APT
  • Bedroom: BR
  • Air conditioning: AC

For example:

Hidden 3BR, 2BA Gem w/Pool & Gym in DT

Lovely 1 BR, APT w/AC & stunning mountain views

Use Symbols

Many of the best Airbnb titles have symbols that grab attention yet communicate all essential amenities and features.

For instance, many hosts use a heart emoji or symbol to say ‘heart of downtown.’ Using a heart symbol to replace the word ‘love’ is also a popular way to add a unique touch to your title.

Such titles inspire potential guests to explore your rental. You can download online emoji keyboards or easily find them on Google for adding relevant emojis and symbols. Choose the best emojis and symbols and use them for making your Airbnb title simple, short, and sweet. Remember, overdoing it can backfire because potential guests will not take you or your rental seriously.

Using emojis and symbols will also help you stand apart, beating the fierce competition on Airbnb. Here is how you can add an Airbnb title emoji.

  • Visit a website like
  • Choose the emojis or symbols you want to use
  • Copy it to your clipboard
  • Paste the symbol or emoji on your Airbnb listing

Thousands of emojis and symbols are available to make your title look catchier. Some of the most famous symbols include animals, transportation, buildings, drinks and food, flags, etc. For example:

Secluded 2BR APT in the ❤ of NYC

Stunning 3BR Villa near the 🏖️

Avoid Using General Words

The key to making your Airbnb title impressive is to add catchy words instead of generic words. For example, instead of using words like ‘nice,’ ‘good,’ or ‘great,’ go for adjectives like ‘spacious’ ‘roomy,’ ‘rustic,’ ‘contemporary,’ ‘exotic,’ etc.

Here is a list of some of these catchy words you can add to your Airbnb title.

  • Eclectic
  • Insta-worthy
  • Rare
  • Luxury
  • Contemporary
  • Renovated
  • Peaceful
  • Secluded
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ecologically efficient
  • Glamorous
  • Oasis
  • Resort
  • Hideaway
  • Couple’s Getaway

For example, top titles for Airbnb can be something like:

Stylish Walkout Apartment Close to Metro

Eco-friendly Country House for a Romantic Getaway

Go Easy on the Caps and Exclamation Marks

When you write a title with the Caps Lock ‘on,’ you give an impression of yelling. Furthermore, avoid using too many exclamation marks, so your title is easier on the eyes. An Airbnb title written in all capital letters can also make your rental looks like a potential scam or a low-quality option. Simply capitalize each word of the title without using too many exclamation marks.

Highlight the Best Features of your Property

A captivating Airbnb title should present your property’s best features. Go through a few examples before writing your title to determine the kind of title that gets more exposure and bookings.

For instance, specify amenities such as free Wi-fi, free parking for guests, a hot tub area, etc. Mention all special offers and discounts in the title to attract more attention. For example, if your rental has spacious bedrooms or a beautiful garden, mention it in your title. Keep adjusting and changing your title to make it appealing for guests throughout the year. For example, if there is a music festival near your rental, include it in your title to target a specific audience. Here are a couple of rental listing titles:

1BR Guest House Just 2 Steps from the Festival

Cozy 3BR APT in DT for Easy Access to Shops

Stick to these Proven Airbnb Title Formulas

Writing an attention-grabbing Airbnb title is not rocket science. Using a few easy and simple formulas can help you develop an excellent title for your rental.

Let’s take a look at these Airbnb listing name ideas and formulas.

  • Formula 1: (Adjective) (Rental Type) w/ (Features)

Example: Contemporary Studio Apartment w/ King Bed + Skyline Views

  • Formula 2: (Adjective) (Rental Type) Near (Landmark): (Distance)

Example: Luxury 1 BR Near Golden Gate Bridge — 5 Min Walk

  • Formula 3: (Adjective) (Rental Type) Perfect for (Experience Type)

Example: Dreamy Beach House Perfect for Romantic Getaway

  • Formula 4: Enjoy (USP) at (Adjective) (Rental Type) in/at (Location)

Example: Enjoy Scenic Views at Fully Equipped 2BR Lodge at the Beach

Bottom Line

Now you know how to write the best Airbnb listing title. We offer plenty of catchy Airbnb title examples so you can get a fair idea of how an Airbnb title should look. Check out my book, The Airbnb SEO Bible, to find out more about how to make your Airbnb description more appealing.

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