Airbnb title example for a modern private bedroom in downtown with water and sunset views.

5 Golden Rules To Crafting the Best Airbnb Titles

The primary way people search for listings on Airbnb is by entering their desired location into the search bar. Once the search results appear, the first two things that catch their eye are the listing’s main photo and the title beneath it. In this competitive landscape, where numerous hosts vie for guests’ attention, your Airbnb title needs to be attention-grabbing and enticing, compelling them to click on your listing.

Here are five golden rules to follow when crafting a compelling and clickable listing title:

Airbnb Title Rule 1: Maximize Available Space

Airbnb provides a mere 50 characters of space to work with, which may seem limited. Therefore, make the most of this space by incorporating as much valuable information as possible. To save characters, consider using abbreviations like “w/” instead of “with,” “BR” instead of “bedroom,” “AC” instead of “air conditioner,” and “DT” instead of “downtown.”

These abbreviations not only help you save valuable characters but maintain the clarity and readability of your title. Furthermore, they assist in conveying crucial details succinctly, enabling potential guests to grasp the key selling points of your Airbnb listing.

An Airbnb title example for an Airbnb listing in Notting Hill, England.


The Airbnb listing above effectively incorporates distinct aspects of the property by using a vertical bar to separate features. A quick scan of the title reveals that this vacation rental is situated in a coveted location and offers a range of appealing amenities, including a Smart TV, a well-equipped kitchen, and Wi-Fi.

Airbnb Title Rule 2. Avoid Reduncy

Given the character limit, avoid redundant information in your title. For instance, including your city in the title (e.g., “Cozy 1BR in Toronto”) is unnecessary since users typically search by city.

Instead, highlight essential details that truly set your listing apart. Focus on aspects like the type of house, its unique benefits, or exceptional features that make your property a standout choice for potential guests. This not only optimizes your character count but also ensures that your Airbnb title conveys the most compelling and relevant information to attract potential guests.

Learn how to add symbols to your Airbnb title.

Airbnb Title Rule 3: Showcase Your Biggest Selling Point

Identify your property’s most compelling selling point and ensure it’s included in the title. Failing to do so means missing a significant opportunity to attract potential guests.

Whether it’s the allure of a private gym and pool within your condo, a serene patio boasting breathtaking mountain views, or the convenience of complimentary airport limo service, each of these unique features possesses the power to captivate potential guests.

By featuring the most attractive selling point in your Airbnb title, you’re essentially highlighting it for all to see. This approach not only piques curiosity but also connects with prospects seeking a standout experience and compels them to choose your rental property over others.

An Airbnb title example for an Airbnb listing in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.


The Airbnb title example above does a great job of highlighting the property’s unique features, such as ‘amazing views’ and being ‘steps to the beach’.

Airbnb Title Rule 4: Add Engaging Adjectives

Incorporate adjectives to infuse personality into your listing and engage readers. Words like “cozy,” “modern,” and “bright” are more appealing than generic terms like “nice” or “good,” which lack specificity. After crafting your title, consider including a captivating adjective to give it that extra flair.

Once you’ve written the core of your title, take a moment to assess its impact. Is it informative but somewhat bland, or does it lack that extra something to make it truly compelling? By including a carefully selected adjective, you can make your title more enticing to potential guests. Since space is limited, it’s best to limit adjectives to 1-2 per title.

An Airbnb title example for an Airbnb listing in Casalecchio di Reno, Emilia-Romagna, Italia.


This Airbnb title example above includes “luxe” as a way to highlight the luxury and elegance of their vacation rental.

Airbnb Title Rule 5: Continuously Test

Testing and optimizing the title for your Airbnb listing is a crucial step in attracting more potential guests and increasing your bookings. To optmize your title, create a spreadsheet to monitor your listing’s weekly views so that you can track the performance of different titles over time.

After a week or two, make a subtle tweaks to the Airbnb title and observe how it impacts your views and click. This process can involve editing the keywords or emphasizing specific features or nearby attractions. Don’t make more than one change at a time. Continue this process until your title is optimized for maximum impact.

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