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The 5 Golden Rules To Writing A Compelling Airbnb Title

The main way that people look for listings is by typing in their desired location into Airbnb’s search bar.

When the results show up, the first two things that people will see are the listing’s main photo along with the title underneath.

Like so:

Since you are competing against dozens (probably hundreds) of other hosts who are vying for guests, you want to be sure that your title grabs your reader’s attention and gets them to click your listing.

Here are 5 golden rules for you follow to help you craft a compelling (and clickable) listing title.

Golden rule 1. Use all of your available space

Airbnb provides 50 characters of space to work with which isn’t a lot. As a result, you want to take full advantage of this space and include as much useful information as possible.

To save space, use abbreviations such as:

w/ instead of with

BR instead of bedroom

AC instead of air conditioner

DT instead of downtown

Golden rule 2. Avoid redundant information

Since you’re only limited 50 characters, avoid any redundant information in your title. For example, including your city in the title (i.e. Cozy 1BR in Toronto) isn’t necessary since users usually search for places to stay by city.

Instead, you should use those extra characters of space to mention other critical pieces of information, such house type or a unique benefit.

Golden rule 3. Determine your biggest selling point

Whatever your space’s biggest selling point is, be sure to include in the title. If not, you’re missing out a huge opportunity to sell your space.

Is there a private gym and pool in your condo?

Does your patio offer a breathtaking view of the mountains?

Do you offer free limo service from the airport?

Think of a few selling points you could include and add the most attractive one in the title.

Golden rule 4: Sprinkle in some adjectives

Adjectives add personality to your copy and help you to engage your readers.

Words such as cozy, modern, and bright are generally better than generic words such as nice or good.

These latter words are so vague that they really have no meaning.

Once you write your title, see if you can include an engaging adjective to add more oomph to your title.

Golden rule 5: Keep testing

The only way to know which title converts the best is by testing.

You can create a spreadsheet and track how many views your listing gets each week.

After a week or two, make a small change to the title and see if it makes a difference in your views.

Keep doing this until your title is optimized.

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