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How to Attract More Airbnb Guests: 12 Proven Success Tips

Embarking on a journey to optimize your Airbnb hosting experience? In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies on how to attract more Airbnb guests and boost your occupancy rate, ensuring a steady stream of bookings throughout the year.

Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting, you will discover valuable insights and actionable tips to enhance your listing’s appeal and implement smart pricing strategies. Let’s unravel the key elements that can elevate your hosting game and turn your property into a sought-after destination for travelers.

How to Attract More Airbnb Guests

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If you’re wondering how to market your Airbnb and get more bookings, the tips below have you covered. Let’s dive into them in more detail.

1. Keep Your Airbnb Listing Updated

A great way to attract more guests on Airbnb is to keep your Airbnb listing up to date. Updating your listing frequently is important because your description should match what you are offering. For instance, if you added any amenities to your Airbnb property within the last six months, don’t forget to show them by adding more pictures to your listing.

Whether you made any additions to your roof garden or décor, update your listing and upload recent pictures. Remember to update your listing every month, so you don’t miss out on bookings and reservations.

If monthly updates can boost your booking likelihood by 70%, imagine the impact of daily updates on your Airbnb SEO. Although updating your listing daily needs serious commitment and involvement, the results are worth the effort. Airbnb rewards active hosts with more visibility in search rankings, increasing your chances of receiving more inquiries.

2. Optimize Your Airbnb Description

One key aspect of maximizing your Airbnb listing’s appeal is to highlight the unique amenities, features, and benefits of your space. Showcase what makes your property stand out, creating a compelling narrative for potential guests. Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of incorporating relevant keywords into your listing description. Figure out the specific terms and phrases your potential guests are likely to use when searching for vacation rentals in your neighborhood. This strategic approach aims to enhance your listing’s visibility in Airbnb search results.

For example, consider incorporating tourist attractions, major landmarks, and local events into your description. By aligning your listing with the interests and preferences of potential visitors, you increase the likelihood of attracting guests who are eager to explore these specific spots during their holiday or business trip.

Here are a few examples of ways you can add relevant keywords to your descriptions:

  1. Highlight Nearby Attractions:
    • Mention proximity to popular tourist attractions, ensuring that potential guests find your listing when searching for specific places to visit.
  2. Emphasize Local Landmarks:
    • Incorporate mentions of significant landmarks in your area, making your property more visible to those interested in staying near these points of interest.
  3. Feature Events and Festivals:
    • Include information about upcoming local events and festivals, catering to travelers attending or looking for accommodation during specific occasions.

For example:

  • Enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge from the roof terrace
  • The luxury beach house is steps away from the beautiful Malibu Beach
  • Witness the spectacular fireworks show over the Mississippi River right from your window

Strategically highlighting features and amenities, and incorporating keywords into your description not only provides valuable information to potential guests but also increases the likelihood of your listing appearing prominently in Airbnb search results.

3. Simplify Booking for Guests

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Your Airbnb booking rate is a crucial factor that Airbnb uses to determine your listing’s visibility in its algorithm. Therefore, it’s essential to provide multiple reasons for guests to choose your property over others in your neighborhood.

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by offering instant booking and flexible check-in options. Allowing guests to instantly book makes your listing more appealing and has the potential to boost your Airbnb occupancy rate. Instant booking provides a seamless and convenient experience for guests, allowing them to confirm their reservations without waiting for host approval.

This not only caters to the preferences of spontaneous travelers but also signals to Airbnb’s algorithm that your property is readily available and responsive, positively impacting your listing’s visibility. Essentially, offering instant booking is a strategic way to enhance your chances of standing out and attracting more bookings compared to other listings in your neighborhood.

Increasing your bookings and achieving a higher occupancy rate also helps you attain Superhost status, enhancing your Airbnb profile and boosting your rental business’s reputation and listing visibility to guests. Airbnb Superhosts have a proven track record of maintaining a fast response rate, providing excellent hospitality, and garnering positive reviews, further solidifying the appeal of your property to potential guests.

Additionally, it’s advisable to offer a flexible cancellation policy, especially when you are starting. This provides potential guests with added peace of mind, making your listing more attractive and encouraging bookings, particularly for those uncertain about their travel plans.

A flexible cancellation policy demonstrates your understanding of unforeseen circumstances and creates a positive impression, contributing to a smoother start in building your Airbnb profile and reputation. As you garner more positive guest reviews and establish trust, you can reassess and adjust your cancellation policy to align with your hosting preferences and guest expectations.

4. Adjust Rates Periodically

Even if you have the most beautiful apartment or house in the neighborhood, if you don’t price it competitively, your chances of securing more bookings are sure to decrease. Remember that the price you set for your home cannot remain the same throughout the year.

Ensure you offer travelers attractive weekend rates to incentivize them to stay with you during the week. Furthermore, reduce your rates during the off-season to stay competitive with local motels offering discounts during this period. Maintaining competitive prices, along with utilizing dynamic pricing tools such as PriceLabs or Wheelhouse, is one of the best ways to attract more guests on Airbnb’s platform.

Additionally, research similar listings in the area to check their prices and adjust yours accordingly. It’s a good idea to offer lower rates if you are starting out and have no reviews. Once you have garnered some reviews, you can gradually increase your rates. This approach helps build trust and encourages more guests to choose your property.

5. Boost Your Social Media Presence

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Once you have your listing set up, you need to find ways to drive traffic to it. One of the most effective methods is social media marketing. There are numerous social media sites you can use to reach potential guests, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it’s advisable to focus on 1-2 social media sites initially. This approach allows you to assess which platforms generate the most traction for your property, ensuring you can strategically direct your attention and efforts for optimal results.

Here are some actionable steps that hosts can start taking for effective social media marketing:

Choose 1-2 Targeted Social Media Platforms:

Select one or two social media platforms that align with your target audience. For example, if your property has visually appealing features, platforms like Instagram or Pinterest may be ideal. If you want to engage in conversations and share updates, Facebook or Twitter might be more suitable. By focusing on a couple of platforms initially, you can better manage your efforts and gauge audience response.

Create Compelling Visual Content:

Invest time in creating high-quality, visually appealing content for your chosen social media platforms. Use professional photos of your property, showcase its unique features, and highlight nearby attractions. Visual content tends to capture more attention, making your property stand out. Ensure your posts include engaging captions and relevant hashtags to increase visibility and attract potential guests.

6. Highlight Your Property’s Proximity to Major Events

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Another useful tip to target guests is to tie your Airbnb listing or description to big events. This small step will help you attract more guests on Airbnb. Don’t wait for guests to find you in the crowd and grab their attention by mentioning that your short-term rental is near a specific spot, such as a stadium or an arena. That way, your Airbnb listing will appeal to travelers who plan to explore those places or need to attend events.

Here are some examples:

  • Situated in the City of Festivals, the apartment offers the perfect accommodation for tourists looking forward to exploring the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
  • The Disneyland Parks and Anaheim Convention Center are a 5-minute drive from this luxury home.
  • The apartment is perfect for business travelers who want accommodation near central Austin hot spots.

7. Offer Airport Pickup

Do you wonder why hotels offer this facility? Who wouldn’t mind benefitting from this free service? Offer this service so your Airbnb guests don’t have to navigate their way to your rental property. Many Airbnb hosts include Airport pickup as part of their package because it helps the guests avoid the stress of finding public transport while carrying their luggage.

List the service as part of your description and see the difference it makes to your occupancy rate. If you live far from the airport, offering this benefit may not be the best idea. However, try it once to see the impact it makes on your booking rate success.

8. Provide a Welcome Package

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The hotel industry thrived because it understood the power of ‘freebies.’ Adopt the same model and boost your booking rate. Airbnb guests read multiple reviews before choosing a home on Airbnb. Imagine your guests posting positive reviews, thanking you for the ‘amazing welcome pack’ offering free treats.

While gifts don’t make much of a difference to frequent travelers, the gesture shows your hospitality. Many hosts mention ‘free welcome gift basket’ or ‘free fresh fruit basket’ in their description as part of their overall package. Offerings like these certainly make a nice impression on guests looking for a warm, cozy, and welcoming home. Check out some amazing ideas from my bestselling book, The Airbnb Superhost Checklist, to ensure you offer your guests the best gifts.

9. Offer Free Passes

If you target tourists and adventure travelers, offering free passes to local cinemas, art galleries, and massage centers is a great way to grab their attention. These small investments go a long way to increase your Airbnb bookings. Discount vouchers or gift cards are just another way to thank your guests for choosing your rental.

For instance, if someone is visiting your city or town on New Year, offer passes to a local celebration event or buy them their first dinner at a fancy restaurant. While these offerings seem a little expensive, they make up just a fraction of what you can make if your rental is booked throughout the year.

10. Promote Family-friendly Attractions

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Small details like a washing area, extra mattresses, high chairs, cots, and baby baths can attract more potential guests on Airbnb because these are everyday accessories for many families. Think of a large family traveling to your city for a couple of months. They would surely like to use all these amenities without buying them to make their stay comfortable. Mention all such amenities and get the tick of approval from Airbnb guests trying to save as much money as possible during a vacation trip.

Here are a few easy ways hosts can make their Airbnb space family-friendly, based on the provided details:

  1. Washing Area:
    • Include a designated washing area with a washing machine and laundry essentials for families to conveniently clean clothes during their stay.
  2. Extra Mattresses:
    • Offer additional mattresses or sofa beds to accommodate larger families, providing flexibility in sleeping arrangements.
  3. High Chairs:
    • Have high chairs available for dining, making it easier for families with infants or toddlers during meal times.
  4. Cots and Baby Baths:
    • Provide cots for babies to sleep comfortably and baby baths for convenient bathing, catering to the needs of families with young children.

11. Make Your Space Pet-Friendly

In addition to tailoring your Airbnb rental for families, ensuring your space is pet-friendly is another excellent strategy to expand your guest pool and keep your calendar booked throughout the year. Many travelers are unwilling or unable to be separated from their pets, so providing an accommodation that warmly welcomes both guests and their furry companions adds an extra layer of appeal and inclusivity to your property.

Here are three to four simple ways hosts can make their Airbnb space pet-friendly:

  1. Provide Pet-Friendly Amenities:
    • Set up a designated area with a comfortable pet bed and bowls for food and water.
  2. Communicate Pet Policies Clearly:
    • Clearly outline your pet policies, including any size or breed restrictions, in the listing description.
  3. Include Pet-Friendly Flooring:
    • Opt for easy-to-clean flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, to accommodate pets.
  4. Create a Safe Outdoor Space:
    • If possible, offer a secure outdoor area where pets can play and stretch their legs.

12. Be a Local Guide

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Much like the airport pickup service, offering this service is viable only for some hosts. However, if you want to attract guests to visit for the first time or are passionate about the city or place you live in, offering services as a local guide is not a bad idea. You can mention your availability in your listing so your potential guests know the time or hours when they can contact you for local guidance. While some hosts charge for this service, offering it as a freebie will certainly give you an edge over other hosts.

Some of my best Airbnb stays have been when hosts took the time to show me around the neighborhood and enhance my guest experiences. One time, my host spent an entire day with me to show me the nearby cafes, supermarkets, and local restaurants and attractions. Naturally, I posted a positive review to thank him and return the favor.

To further enhance the guest experience, be sure to ask for their feedback, actively engage in guest communication, and look for ways to provide the best experience possible, encouraging repeat bookings. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many strategies that you can use to optimize your Airbnb listing and boost your occupancy rate. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some useful tips and ideas on how to attract more Airbnb guests and market your Airbnb more effectively.

If you’re looking to optimize your Airbnb listing description and stand out from other rentals, my Airbnb copywriting services can help. I also offer a professional Airbnb guidebook and house manual services for hosts who want to take their hosting to the next level.

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