What Should You Put in Your Airbnb Title?

What to Put in Your Airbnb Title? (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

The title of your Airbnb listing is a big part of capturing the attention of the right guests and securing bookings. You should put thought into the title because doing so will create a great first impression, boost your listing in the search rankings, and make sure you’re targeting the right guests. Read more to find out what you should put in your Airbnb listing title, including examples.

What Should I Put in My Airbnb Title?

In the title of your Airbnb listing, you should include memorable adjectives and highlight the key features of the vacation rental property. Capitalize each word, use the maximum number of characters, incorporate abbreviations and emojis, and make sure you consider the target market for your short-term rental.

Why Should I Give My Airbnb Listing a Great Title?

Giving your Airbnb listing a great title means that you capture the attention of guests searching for a place to stay, make a good first impression and attract the right kind of guest to your property. It also means you’ll perform well in Airbnb’s rankings, increase your occupancy rate, and your unique selling points (USPs) will be clear to everyone who scrolls to your listing.

When it comes to posting your Airbnb listing, we all know how important your photos and description are. But why should you also put a lot of thought into the title of the listing?

Capturing Attention

Perhaps the most important reason to invest time in writing a great Airbnb title is to capture the attention of your potential guests. You want to stop the scroll; write something that will make a guest pause and click on your listing.

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First Impressions

The title of your Airbnb is a great place to create a good first impression. Potential guests may be put off by short, boring titles that don’t give any useful information about the property. In these cases, it doesn’t look like much effort has been put into writing the title.

In the example below, the Airbnb host has clear branding, but the title doesn’t convey any details about the property where it is situated, i.e., if there are any landmarks nearby. It also doesn’t mention what type of space it is, for example, whether it’s a house, condo, or apartment.


Ranking Well

Strong titles will result in more views of your listing, which is an important part of how Airbnb ranks your property. When advertising your rental property, you want to ensure that you’re on the first page when a guest searches your location.

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Highlighting USPs

Titles are a great chance to highlight the unique selling points of your short-term rental property. If you’re the only property in the area to have a swimming pool, this needs to be in the title! If you’re the closest property to the beach, this needs to be in the title! If your property is the only off-grid property around, this needs to be in the title!

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The Right Target Market

Lastly, taking the time to write a brilliant title means that you’ll target the right potential guests. Take a moment to reflect on what type of guests you want to attract; do you want families, couples, individuals, people with pets, digital nomads, those on business trips, or someone else staying there?

If your property is aimed at families, for example, then a title is the first chance you get to indicate this to guests. This reduces the number of people enquiring about your property when it won’t suit their needs.

Learn how to attract the right guests to your listing in my guide.

How Do You Title a Listing on Airbnb?

When you’re crafting a fantastic title for your Airbnb listing, consider doing the following:

  • Write your title in title case – Each Word Should Be Capitalised
  • Use all 50 characters
  • Use abbreviations and emojis
  • Incorporate memorable adjectives and avoid the common ones
  • Draw in your target audience
  • Mention the unique aspects of your vacation rental property
  • Put your brand on it

Capitalizing Words

Airbnb recommends writing your title in title case, capitalizing each word. Avoid using all capital letters, as this can come across as shouty and aggressive. Capital letters also tend to take up more space than lower case letters, so your full title might not be displayed when guests search for properties.


In the example above, the Airbnb host has capitalized each word, so that the title is clear and more professional-looking.


In the example above, the Airbnb host has not used capital letters even though ‘hideout’ is a brand name, as well as the name of the property. The title is also far too short, which is the feature we’ll look at next.

Maximum Length

Airbnb titles that use all 50 characters available generally perform better than short titles. This is because they give more information about the property and invoke an emotive response to the short-term rental property.

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Memorable Adjectives

In order to draw your potential guests in and gain more views of your Airbnb listing, you should make the title memorable by using creative adjectives. One or two great adjectives is usually enough, since you want to use your word count wisely to include the property’s unique features.


  • Beautiful
  • Good
  • Nice
  • Great
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Modern
  • Spacious
  • Renovated


  • Eclectic, rustic, glamorous, chic, retro
  • Coastal, bohemian, cozy
  • Insta-worthy, rare, luxury
  • Contemporary, charming
  • Peaceful, secluded, oasis, hideaway
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, off-grid

Abbreviations and Emojis

In order to make the most of the character limit, use abbreviations where possible. The word ‘with’ can be shortened to ‘w/’, the word ‘downtown’ can be shortened to ‘DT’, and the word ‘bathroom’ can be shortened to ‘BA’.

Using abbreviations means that you can get more information across to potential guests, while still keeping within the limitations of your Airbnb listing.

Emojis are a great way to introduce a pop of color into your title and therefore capture the attention of those scrolling past. You can use emojis as abbreviations too for catchy names for your Airbnb:

  • ‘Heart of Downtown’ becomes ‘❤ of DT’
  • ‘Beach apartment’ becomes ‘🏖 APT’
  • ‘Villa with a Pool’ becomes ‘Villa w/ 🏊’

To add emojis to your title, visit a website like http://coolsymbol.com/ and copy and paste your emoji over to Airbnb. Avoid using more than two emojis, as this can make you seem unprofessional.


In the example above, the Airbnb host has used the abbreviations ‘BR’ (bedroom), ‘BA’ (bathroom), and ‘W/D’ (washer/dryer) to successfully relay vital information about the property in the listing title.


In the example above, the Airbnb host has used too many emojis and they don’t add any new information. They have also missed an opportunity to shorten ‘downtown’ to ‘DT’, which would mean they could have fit in some extra information about any unique features the apartment has.

Targeting Your Audience

Think about your potential guests when writing your listing title. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you advertising to families or individuals/couples?

If you’re advertising to families, a title like ‘Contemporary Villa 3BR w/ Activities + Pool’ will work better than ‘Insta-Worthy Villa w/ Bar in ❤ of DT’.

  • Are you advertising for leisure or work?

If you’re advertising to those attending conferences or meetings in the local area, a title like ‘Charming APT in City w/ WFH Set-Up’ will work better than ‘Fabulous APT Near Shops 🛍 + Bars’.

Highlight Your USPs

Whether this is the location, property size, features, or local amenities, try to highlight at least one unique selling point in the title of your Airbnb listing.

This could be:

  • Free Parking
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and free Netflix
  • Pool or hot tub
  • Local landmarks
  • Local events and festivals
  • Washing and drying facilities
  • Walk to beach or city center


In this example, the Airbnb host has listed several unique and descriptive features of the property: ‘45m²’, and ‘city center 20 min by metro’. This is a great use of characters.


In the example above, the title doesn’t list anything at all unique about the property. The words ‘guest house’ doesn’t add any detail, and ‘in Barcelona’ is a waste of characters because the guests know where they’re searching and can see the location of the property on a map.


Consider putting your stamp on your property, starting with the title. For example, if your Airbnb brand name is ‘Camp Cornwall’, you could include the letters ‘CMP’ for ‘camp’ or ‘CC’ for ‘Camp Cornwall’ at the beginning of each of your titles.

  • CMP Rustic Glamping Site w/ Outdoor Bath near 🌊
  • CMP Beachfront Boho APT 5min from ❤ of Newquay
  • CMP Glam 6BR/4BA Villa for Family Escape

The presence of the branding at the start of the title immediately creates a link between these properties in the eyes of the potential guests scrolling past.

Airbnb Title Ideas

  • Contemporary Villa 3BR w/ Activities + Pool
  • Insta-Worthy Villa w/ Bar in ❤ of DT
  • Charming APT in City w/ WFH Set-Up
  • Fabulous APT Near Shops 🛍 + Bars
  • Rustic Glamping Site w/ Outdoor Bath near 🌊
  • Beachfront Boho APT 5min from ❤ of Newquay
  • Glam 6BR/4BA Villa for Family Escape
  • Eclectic Cottage 2BR for Romantic Getaway
  • Chic Studio w/ WFH Space + W/D + Free Coffee
  • Eco Escape w/ Log 🔥10min to National Park

What Not to Put in Your Airbnb Title

Avoid putting repeated information in your listing title, or information that is irrelevant to your target audience.

Don’t include:

  • The type of place i.e., whether it is a room or an entire place. This will be featured underneath the title, and most guests use this as a search parameter anyway.
  • The name of the suburb. Most guests won’t know the area well enough to know anything about the suburb that the property is in. Save this for the description where you can include more information about the local area.
  • The number of guests that the property can accommodate. This is another commonly used search parameter and so isn’t necessary to include it in the title.

In conclusion, in order to capture the attention of your potential guests and secure more bookings for your Airbnb, you should put some time and effort into crafting a great title. Increase your occupancy rate by using abbreviations and emojis in your title, using all 50 characters, including information about the unique aspects of the property, and injecting some branding into it.

Need help writing an attention-grabbing title? Check out my Airbnb copywriting service and vacation rental copywriting service to unlock the potential of your listing.

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