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How to Write Airbnb Descriptions That Convert

If you want to know how to write Airbnb descriptions that sell, always remember that it should be more than a breakdown of your property’s amenities and features. The description you write is the first introduction of your home to potential guests. Hence, providing a detailed account of all its exclusive features is crucial.

Let’s see how you can write the best Airbnb description along with a few Airbnb description examples and tips.

Airbnb Description

Important Tips for How to Write Airbnb Descriptions that Convert

Add a Title

The title plays a crucial role in convincing why your guests should book your property. Hence, focus on creating a title that grabs instant attention. Since you get only 50 characters for writing a catchy title, do not waste this opportunity to highlight your property’s best features.

Here are a few examples.

Luxury and contemporary Condo with a Pool

Historic mansion with a Stunning Roof Deck

Luxury Studio Apartment Steps from Broadway Market


This section allows up to 500 characters so that you can fit in a lot. Highlight your property’s most prominent features and USPs. Start from the most significant features and offer a breakdown of all amenities in the form of bullets. Another great way to make your summary more convincing is to add testimonials from past guests who enjoyed their stay at your rental. A well-written summary can make a whole lot of difference to your description.

For instance, you can add a summary of your décor, garden, or swimming pool. Think of your target market to determine what will attract them the most. Write something like this:

Unwind at the stunning vintage beachside cottage. The lovely house features high-beam ceilings, stone floors, and antique details that will make you instantly fall in love with the cottage. Enjoy beautiful mountain views from the lush garden and the luxury pool. The house is situated on a locals-only spot where you can enjoy fine white sand and curling surfing waves. Restaurants and shops are just a five-minute drive away.


Elaborate more on the location because travelers are looking for this kind of information. Here are a few pointers to add:

  • nearby bars or restaurants
  • easy transportation
  • proximity to the local train or bus station

For example:

A string of restaurants and shops are just a five-minute drive away

Identify Target Audience

As a host, you can determine the kind of guests who will benefit the most from your property. Your Airbnb description should appeal to those guests. For instance, if you have a studio apartment, pitch your rental to backpackers or business travelers.

But if you have an entire house or a spacious apartment that can easily accommodate a large family, make sure you add all the amenities that a family looks for, such as appliances, Wi-Fi connectivity, and outdoor space.

Answer Key Questions

Once you narrow down your audience, identify the questions your potential guests are likely to ask to figure out how to write Airbnb descriptions.

For example, your guests may be wondering about:

  • How far is your property from the nearest bus stop or subway station?
  • Are there any shopping places or malls near the vicinity?
  • Do you allow pets in your home?
  • Can guests plan a house party or host a small group of friends?
  • Are there any house rules your guests should follow?

Try to answer as many questions as you can in your description and tempt your potential guests to book your rental.

For example:

Enjoy beautiful mountain views from the lush garden and the pool.

Have fun with your furry friends and kids in the beautiful garden.

The master bedroom features a king-sized bed, a spacious bathroom, and a walk-in closet.

Flaunt your USP’s

Every house or apartment has something unique. Hosts have to find it and flaunt it in their description. Whether it is the beautiful sunset views from your roof terrace or the proximity to famous landmarks, don’t forget to mention it in your description.

Let’s take a look at these examples:

Beautiful City Center Loft on a Traffic-Free Street

Explore the historic streets while the city sleeps and head back to enjoy a hot steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee in the urban style kitchen.

Notice how this description appeals to a tourist or a backpacker who would want to enjoy hi-tech appliances in a contemporary kitchen.

If you are targeting business travelers, your description can be something like.

Speedy Wi-Fi connectivity with comfortable office desk/chair in the bedroom to help you work peacefully

When targeting families through your description, then mention amenities such as:

The spacious backyard is the perfect way to entertain kids and bond with friends and families.

Describe your Home with Pictures

Capturing your home’s interior and exterior will give a clearer picture of the amenities and features you provide to guests. Use a professional camera to take pictures that highlight the décor of your living room, the amenities of your kitchen and bedrooms, and give an overview of your outdoor space. Optimized captions complement these photos and help you add more details without writing blocks of text and endless bullets.

For example:

Luxurious bedrooms featuring double beds and single beds for accommodating your family or guests

Tastefully decorated and recently furnished basement apartment features impressive woodwork.

Luxury condo in Memphis with elegant décor and a beautiful garden

Whimsical Stone House with Scenic Ocean Views

Beautifully decorated home with original stained-glass windows and a sweeping staircase

Airbnb photos can also give a glimpse of your neighborhood and security features such as a fence or security alarms. Hosts can also add pictures of a welcome hamper or a complimentary fruit basket for attracting guests.

Beat the Competition

The purpose of your Airbnb description is more than highlighting the features, amenities, and USP’s of your home. Your description should give your rental an edge over others to get bookings throughout the year. For that, you will have to offer extra benefits to attract more guests.

For instance,

  • Serve as a local guide for your guests during specified hours
  • Offer a free beach cruise as a complimentary gift
  • Provide phone and laptop chargers available
  • Offer a free SIM or a transportation card
  • Give free toiletries
  • Stock your kitchen fridge with essential items
  • Offer airport pickup facility

These benefits add great value to your Airbnb description because some guests will ultimately choose free amenities over beautiful décor, especially business travelers and large families.

Call to action

Regardless of how optimized and convincing your Airbnb description is, your chances of getting more bookings will slim down if there is no call to action. Even if guests read your full description and check out all the photos, they may want to see other options if you don’t add an appropriate CTA. For example:

I can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s connect today!

My calendar is filling up fast, so hurry!

I love hosting travelers and tourists from around the globe. Confirm your booking today!

Email me today to book your reservation before the load season.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to write Airbnb descriptions for your home and push your Airbnb listing up so you can increase your chances of receiving more bookings. I’ve stayed at dozens of Airbnb rentals worldwide, and I know how the best listings on Airbnb look like. Get in touch with me if you need help with writing your first or next Airbnb description.

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