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Airbnb Listing: How Instantly to Stand Out on Airbnb and Get More Bookings

As the vacation industry continues to become more competitive every year, convincing guests to make a stay at your Airbnb property is getting trickier. In some words, you have fewer chances of increasing your bookings unless your Airbnb listing does not stand out.

Although Airbnb hosting is now popular than ever, some Airbnb hosts may have a hard time than others. This guide will offer some helpful tips that you can follow to improve your visibility on Airbnb. From posting stunning pictures of your property to collecting positive reviews from previous clients, here is a rundown of how you can stand out on Airbnb.

Ideas for Making Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

Make sure your Home is Photogenic

Posting pictures of a cluttered, messy, and old property will do little good to increase your booking chances. In addition to posting an appropriate profile picture, you must add a handful of stunning pictures that show every corner of your property. Whether you want to flaunt your home’s luxurious lounge or a spacious balcony, don’t lose this opportunity to show what’s great and unique about your property.

There is no denying that Airbnb guests rely on the photos you add to showcase your property. But how do you take pleasing pictures when your home does not have anything worthwhile to show?

Investing in good furniture and home décor accessories is just half the job. Make sure your home is spotless when you are taking photos for your Airbnb listing. Here are a few tips.

  • Choose easy-to-clean neutral colors for your furniture, such as grey and metallic
  • Go for bold-colored area rugs, curtains, throw pillows, and wall art
  • Match your pillows or bedsheets with the color of the drapery in the room
  • Neutral or white walls make a good first impression
  • Used tiled floors or opt for hardwood flooring for your bathrooms
  • Take the photo from the doorway to make the room look bigger

Here are some more tips and ideas for taking pictures for your Airbnb listing.

Shoot in Natural Daylight

Adequate light plays a crucial role because it makes your photographs look professional and brings out your home’s true colors. Don’t forget to take shots in daylight, so your home looks bright and roomy.

Capture a Corner

Avoid shooting against a flat wall and capture a corner of the room for adding dimensionality to your photos. Such pictures offer a unique view of your home and give a fair idea of sizing.

Go for Panoramic Shots

Another great way to take attention-grabbing photos is to capture a room in a single photo. Using a wide-angle lens for taking panoramic shots is a great idea. Panoramic photos show that hosts are not trying to hide any part of their home.

Shoot from the Window

Giving a feel of the neighborhood will also add more appeal to your property. Take pictures of a beautiful lake near your home or a popular restaurant around the corner of your street.

Maximize Space and Occupancy

Many people who want to list their homes on Airbnb fail to utilize the space their house offers. That’s because they don’t use the right furniture or color schemes that make their living space appear bigger. For instance, a big dining table will make a medium-sized dining area appear smaller.

Whenever you are buying furniture, accessories, and artwork for your home, take care of the room’s dimensions and the items’ size.

Here are some useful ideas.

  • Diversify your bed arrangements: Change the position/direction of your beds to make your bedrooms look bigger
  • Add an extendable table: If placing a large dining table reduces your kitchen or dining space, choose an extendable table. However, make sure it is easy to open or close.
  • Modern Furniture: Frequent travelers usually prefer modern and contemporary furniture. Don’t choose antique or traditional furniture that consumes too much space if you are marketing your property to younger Airbnb guests.

Keep Your Property Clean

There is nothing that guests appreciate more than cleanliness. If you want to enjoy positive reviews on your listings, keeping your property spotless is a priority. Since cleaning fees are included in the accommodation package, sending a cleaner does not cost you anything. You can also communicate any cleaning instructions you may have before the guests arrive.

Exchange Personal and Friendly Notes

Adding a few personalized notes to make your guests feel comfortable is a nice way to break the ice. Use such notes to provide WiFi passwords or recommend the best restaurants or shopping places near your location. Many Airbnb hosts also offer a welcome basket of toiletry for the guests to use and keep.

Add more Luxury to your Rooms

Adding a touch of class and elegance to the rooms takes little effort. You don’t have to spend a fortune to place a couple of wine glasses next to a wine bottle in the lounge or a complimentary journal or books in the bedroom. Remember, the purpose of all accessories should be to make your guests’ experience more comfortable.

No Clutter

Less is more. Don’t stuff your space with too many accessories, furniture, or décor items. Your guests may be in town for business or pleasure and want a space to unwind after a busy day. Uncluttered places seem bigger, spacious, and more comfortable. The fewer things you add to your property, the more comfortable it becomes. However, don’t forget to equip the kitchen with all the essential gadgets or appliances and add nice seating and bedding options to make your guests comfortable.

Focus on Aesthetics

While it’s important to keep things simple and clutter-free, focus on adding an aesthetic appeal to your property. Invest in a designer piece such as a wall clock or a painting that you can hang in the living room. Buy luxurious lamps for your bedroom and improve your landscaping. Many Airbnb listing descriptions fail to impress potential guests because they fail to make their property look classy and elegant. Nobody wants to stay at a home that offers a motel-like experience.

Guests are always on the lookout for a reliable, pleasant, and affordable option that offers all essential amenities. Make sure you add customer reviews to your Airbnb listing that reveals how much guests liked the décor, furniture, or artwork in your home.

Rely on Keywords

A few things beyond your property can help your Airbnb listing stand out. Keywords are one of them. Regardless of how beautiful your property is, if you don’t use the right keywords to attract potential guests, you are sure to get lost in the crowd. Airbnb SEO can help optimize your Airbnb listing. For instance, mention the location or a special feature in your listing. For instance, add something like this to your description.

“Welcome to a beautiful apartment in the heart of New York City.”

“Enjoy breathtaking sunsets while sitting on the spacious balcony or rooftop.’

Final Thoughts

Follow this guide if you want your listing to stand out on Airbnb. If you want to find out more about how you can make your listing unique, get my bestselling book, The Airbnb Superhost Checklist. It will show you how to get more bookings and become a superhost on Airbnb.

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