What to Write in Your Airbnb ‘Describe Yourself’ Field?

What to Write in Your Airbnb ‘Describe Yourself’ Field? (Helpful Examples)

Your Airbnb profile, and in particular the ‘Describe Yourself’ field, is a great place to show guests that you are attentive, credibly, reliable and friendly. Read on to find out what to write in your profile description, what style of writing you should use, and how to use your Airbnb profile to build trust.

What to Write in Airbnb Your ‘Describe Yourself’ Field?

In your Airbnb ‘Describe Yourself’ field, write about where you are from and where you live now, your occupation, hobbies, and family life. Include some information about why you chose to rent out your vacation property on Airbnb, and why you love providing accommodation and experiences for people. You can also include details of any languages you speak, in addition to describing your hosting style.

How to Write Your Airbnb Profile ‘About Me’

Your profile ‘About Myself’ section is the place to let your personality shine and build trust with your potential guests. If you’re stuck with what to include in your “About Me” profile description, use the following questions as prompts:

  • What is your name? Sounds obvious, but properly introducing yourself creates a good first impression!
  • Where are you from? If you grew up in the area that your rental property is in then this will show guests that you are very familiar with the area. In the example below, the host has mentioned where they are from in Italy to give their profile credibility. However, they could have included a friendly introduction, and many more details!


  • What is your occupation? This may provide an interesting talking point for guests, and gives them a bit of background information.
  • How long have you owned your vacation rental property? Guests tend to trust long-standing businesses more than newbies.
  • Why did you decide to join Airbnb and rent out your property? Perhaps the rental property is a second home, or you are passionate about providing a holiday experience? Perhaps you spotted a gap in the market, or provide accommodation as part of another business you own in the local area?

In the example below, the host gives a reason why they became an Airbnb host, which gives context to his listing. However, they could have included some details about their family, where they live and perhaps some hobbies too!


  • What do you enjoy about being an Airbnb rental host? Tell guests why you do what you do, and show them that you care about the standard of accommodation you provide.
  • Do you live locally? This gives guests an idea of whether you’ll be on hand to sort out any potential issues, and how well you know the local area.
  • What are your hobbies? If your hobbies are location-specific, for example, surfing or hiking, mention them in your description. This paints a picture of what activities your guests could participate in while they stay in your short-term rental property. In the example below, the host describes their hobbies, which gives context for why they enjoy renting out properties on Airbnb.

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  • What is your family like? Are you married? Do you have children? This may provide an interesting talking point for a conversation. In the example below, the host comes across as very friendly and family-oriented, stating details about her family, including all the pets!


  • Do you speak any other languages? If you host international guests regularly then it might be a good idea to list any other languages you are familiar with, if there are any.
  • What is your hosting style? You can describe what kind of host you are in your description: are you a ‘leave them to it’ kind of host? Are you extremely attentive, providing breakfast or tours of the area?

Why Should I Complete the Airbnb Profile Section?


You should complete the Airbnb host profile section in order to target your ideal guests, build trust with these guests, create a good first impression and appear friendly and professional.

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To Target Your Ideal Guests

The first reason why you should put some time and thought into your Airbnb “About Me” profile section is in order to introduce yourself and build rapport with your ideal guests. If your Airbnb hosts mainly families, you’ll want to come across as a family-oriented host who provides an interesting holiday experience for all ages. If your Airbnb rental property typically hosts young couples or groups, you’ll want to come across as a fun-loving and easy-going host.

To Build Trust with Potential Guests

Having a completed Airbnb host profile and description will help you to gain the trust of those who view your listing. Saying something unique to yourself such as, ‘I live with my beautiful wife and young children on our farm 20 minutes away”, will put potential guests at ease. This is generally preferred over impersonal or absent descriptions. However, be sure to also give your guests space during their stay.

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In the example above, the Airbnb host has done a great job of building trust with potential guests by describing his family, occupation, and why he lists to rent out his property on Airbnb.

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To Create a Good First Impression

Completing your Airbnb profile section also helps to create a great first impression. Putting some thought into your ‘Describe Yourself’ field and the rest of your profile shows that you have not only great attention to detail, but also care about the standard of accommodation that you provide.

To Appear Professional

While coming across as friendly and personable is important, so is being professional. Completing your description shows that you care about maintaining a good brand image, and will ensure that potential guests see you as a welcoming and attentive host.

What Should I Include in My Airbnb Profile?

We recommend that you include these seven things for an impactful Airbnb profile: a great profile photo, a profile description, verification, references, fantastic guest reviews, regular updates, and some bonus information for those who’ve read that far!

How to Choose an Airbnb Profile Photo

Your potential guests will enjoy seeing a photo of the person who is hosting them, which is why you should put some thought and time into choosing a great profile photo!

Follow these tips for a great photo:

  • Use a plain background so that your face/faces stand out
  • Make sure the photo is decent quality
  • Make sure your face is visible in the photo and not covered by clothing or objects
  • Avoid weird facial expressions
  • Wear appropriate clothing to come across as trustworthy
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Make sure the lighting isn’t too dark or too bright
  • Smile!

How to Choose an Airbnb Profile Photo


Choosing a good profile photo is the first step to attracting your ideal guests for your short-term rental property.

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How to Write an Airbnb Profile Description that Stands Out

Your Airbnb profile ‘Describe Yourself’ section is a chance for you to introduce yourself and develop a connection with potential guests. It helps to establish trust and show them your personality.

So, how do you introduce yourself on Airbnb? First, use a friendly tone, and make sure the description scans well so that it is easy to read. Next, keep it informal, and use creative adjectives to help you stand out from the rest.

Finally, don’t include your contact details, as guests will need to message you directly through the Airbnb platform if they have any questions and you may want to keep this information private.


In the example above, the host explains a bit about their reasons for hosting on Airbnb and their vacation rental business. They come across as friendly, with light-hearted language that showcases their personality!

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How to Get Verification for Your Airbnb Profile

How to Get Verification for Your Airbnb Profile


Getting your Airbnb profile and identity verified is a great way to show potential guests that you are reputable and trustworthy.

Follow these steps to verify your identity:

  1. Take a photo of your ID. This could be your driving license, passport, or national identity card.
  2. Take a photo of yourself using the camera on your computer.
  3. Upload an existing photo of your ID.
  4. Add your legal first and last name.
  5. Add your legal address.

You can further verify your account by linking your social media accounts, for example, Google and Facebook, and completing any missing information, for example, your phone number and email address.

Verifying your identity is a free and easy way to make your profile appear more credible, and increase your occupancy rate as a result.

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Should I Include References on My Airbnb Profile?

Another proven way to make your account more appealing to guests is to include references from your family, friends or past guests. Drop an email or Facebook request to people who can vouch for you and your business in order to increase your credibility and the likelihood of bookings.

Getting Great Reviews for Your Airbnb Profile

One of the best ways you can increase the popularity of your Airbnb listing and Airbnb profile is to secure great reviews for your vacation rental property. The best way to do that is to provide an outstanding experience to guests who will naturally want to rave about their stay! Of course, prompting your guests with a reminder to review doesn’t hurt.


The example above has a large number of fantastic reviews for potential guests to scroll through, and a great average score of 4.99/5.00. This establishes their credibility and makes them appear more exclusive, likely resulting in an increased occupancy rate!

Should I Regularly Update My Airbnb Profile?

Yes! It is important to keep your Airbnb profile up-to-date for the following reasons:

  • To manage the expectations of your guests
  • To ensure you are being truthful with your guests
  • To ensure you don’t raise red flags because of discrepancies between your Airbnb profile and other profiles
  • To ensure you perform well in Airbnb’s search algorithm

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It is important to put some time and effort into your Airbnb profile in order to appear professional yet friendly and to build trust with your guests.

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