Airbnb about me examples: An Asian lady in a turquoise dress holds up a cutout of a house while giving a thumbs-up gesture.

Airbnb About Me Examples: Creating a Stellar Host Profile

Your Airbnb Me profile, especially the ‘Describe Yourself’ section, serves as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to guests your attentiveness, credibility, reliability, and friendliness.

Continue reading to discover what to include in your Airbnb bio description, draw inspiration from Airbnb About Me examples, learn the appropriate writing style, and use your Airbnb profile to establish trust with potential guests.

Crafting Your Airbnb ‘About Me’ Profile Section

Your Airbnb ‘About Me’ section is your canvas to not only showcase your personality but also establish trust with potential guests. Here, you can provide insights into your hometown and current residence, divulge details about your occupation, hobbies, and family life, and shed light on what motivated you to list your vacation rental property on Airbnb, as well as what you find most fulfilling about hosting guests. Additionally, mention the languages you speak and outline your hosting approach.

If you’re stuck with what to include in your “About Me” profile description, use the following questions as prompts:

  • What’s your name? Although it may seem obvious, a proper introduction sets the stage for a positive first impression.
  • Where are you from? If you grew up in the same area as your rental property, it can show guests that you are very familiar with the region. In the example below, the host mentions their hometown in Italy, bolstering their profile’s credibility. However, there’s room to enhance this introduction with more friendly and detailed content.
The Airbnb 'About Me' example from Sabrina Angela in Italy reveals the lack of bio details in her profile.


  • What is your occupation? Sharing your occupation can spark interesting conversations with guests and offer them some background context.
  • How long have you owned your vacation rental property? Guests often have more trust in well-established businesses, so mentioning how long you’ve owned your vacation rental property can enhance your credibility.
  • Why did you decide to join Airbnb and rent out your property? Explain your motivation for joining Airbnb and renting out your space. Whether it’s a second home, a passion for creating memorable holiday experiences, identifying a market gap, or integrating accommodation into another local business you own, this insight adds depth to your profile.

In the example below, the host shares their reason for becoming an Airbnb host, offering valuable context to their listing. Nonetheless, they have the opportunity to enrich their profile description by incorporating additional information about their family, residence, and possibly some hobbies as well.

Airbnb 'About Me' example from superhost John includes 91 reviews and verification and a brief Airbnb bio description about himself.


  • What do you enjoy about being an Airbnb rental host? Share what you find fulfilling about being an Airbnb rental host. Let guests know why you’re passionate about offering top-notch accommodation.
  • Do you live locally? Inform guests if you live nearby. This gives guests an idea of whether you’ll be on hand to address any potential issues and how well you know the local area.
  • What are your hobbies? If your hobbies are location-specific, such as surfing or hiking, don’t hesitate to mention them in your description. This paints a vivid picture of the activities guests can enjoy during their stay in your short-term rental property. In the example below, the host describes their hobbies, adding context to their enthusiasm for renting properties on Airbnb.
Airbnb host description examples: Superhost Ralph, with 1242 reviews, provides a compelling Airbnb bio to his guests.


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  • What is your family like? Are you married? Do you have children? These personal details can spark engaging conversations. In the example below, the host exudes a welcoming, family-oriented vibe, even going so far as to introduce their beloved pets!
Superhost, Nic, has an Airbnb profile that is verified and an engaging host profile description.


  • Do you speak any other languages? If you regularly host international guests, it’s a good idea to mention any additional languages you are familiar with, if applicable.
  • What is your hosting style? Define your hosting style in your description. Are you the kind of host who gives guests space and independence, or are you exceptionally attentive, offering breakfast or guided tours of the area? Clarifying your hosting approach provides potential guests with a clearer picture of what to expect during their stay.

Why You Should Perfect Your Airbnb Profile Description

Tiles that spell the word 'trust' are laid out on a wooden table.


Ensuring your Airbnb host profile is meticulously filled out serves multiple crucial purposes:

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To Target Your Ideal Guests

Invest time and thought into your Airbnb ‘About Me’ profile to introduce yourself and establish a connection with your desired guests. Tailor your persona to resonate with your target audience, whether that’s families seeking a memorable holiday, young couples looking for a relaxed getaway, or any other demographic.

To Build Trust with Potential Guests

A complete Airbnb host profile and description go a long way in earning the trust of potential guests. Sharing personal insights, such as “I live on a farm just 20 minutes away with my lovely wife and young children,” instills confidence and is better than impersonal or incomplete profiles. Always respect your guests’ privacy during their stay.

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Superhost Marko includes a great Airbnb profile picture and bio for his host profile.


In the Airbnb ‘About Me’ example above, the host excels in building trust with potential guests by sharing personal details about his family, occupation, and why he lists his property on Airbnb. His warm and inviting Airbnb profile picture featuring his loving family adds to the appeal.

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To Create a Good First Impression

Taking the time to craft your ‘Describe Yourself’ field and other profile sections leaves a positive first impression. It showcases your attention to detail and underscores your commitment to delivering top-notch accommodations.

To Appear Professional

Balancing friendliness with professionalism is crucial. A well-filled profile demonstrates your dedication to maintaining a strong brand image, reassuring potential guests of your reliability and competence.

Creating an Outstanding Airbnb Profile

We recommend that you include these seven elements for an impactful Airbnb profile: a captivating profile picture, a well-crafted profile description, verification, references, fantastic guest reviews, regular profile updates, and an added touch of bonus information for those who’ve read this far!

How to Choose an Airbnb Profile Picture

Your potential guests will appreciate seeing a photo of the person who will host them, which is why you should invest some thought and time in selecting a great profile photo!

Follow these tips for a great profile photo:

  • Opt for a Plain Background: A plain backdrop ensures your face takes center stage.
  • Make sure the photo is good quality
  • Prioritize Image Quality: Make certain your photo is of high quality, free from blurriness or pixelation.
  • Visible Face: Ensure your face is fully visible and not obscured by clothing or objects.
  • Natural Expression: Avoid unconventional facial expressions and opt for a warm and approachable demeanor.
  • Appropriate Attire: Dress in a manner that conveys trustworthiness and professionalism.
  • Eye Contact: Establish a connection by making eye contact with the camera.
  • Ideal Lighting: Seek balanced lighting that isn’t overly dim or glaringly bright.
  • Don a Smile: Lastly, don’t forget to flash a friendly smile!
A close-up of an Airbnb profile picture from host Bradley, who is verified and has received 22 reviews.


Choosing a good Airbnb profile picture is the first step to attracting your ideal guests for your short-term rental property.

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Crafting an Airbnb Profile Description That Dazzles

Your Airbnb “About Me” section is your chance to introduce yourself and forge connections with potential guests. It holds a pivotal role in building trust and revealing your unique personality.

So, how should you approach introducing yourself on Airbnb? Firstly, adopt a friendly tone and ensure your description flows smoothly for effortless reading. Secondly, maintain an informal style and employ creative adjectives to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Lastly, avoid including personal contact details. Guests should communicate with you through the Airbnb platform to ensure your privacy is respected.

Superhost Helen, with a great Airbnb bio example and 851 reviews for her Airbnb host profile.


In the Airbnb ‘About Me’ example above, the host provides insights into their motivations for hosting on Airbnb and their vacation rental business. Their friendly and light-hearted language reveals their welcoming personality.

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Airbnb Account Verification: How to Get Your Airbnb Profile Verified

A vector illustration of a woman in an orange shirt pointing at a smartphone with her profile verified.


Getting your Airbnb profile and identity verified is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness to potential guests.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to verifying your identity:

  1. Take a photo of your ID. This could be your driving license, passport, or national identity card.
  2. Take a photo of yourself using your computer’s camera.
  3. Upload an existing photo of your ID.
  4. Enter your legal first and last name.
  5. Provide your legal address.

You can further verify your account by connecting your social media profiles, such as Google and Facebook, and ensuring all necessary information, like your phone number and email address, is complete.

Identity verification is a straightforward and cost-free method to bolster your profile’s credibility, potentially leading to increased occupancy rates.

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Should You Include Airbnb References on Your Profile?

An effective strategy to enhance your profile’s appeal to potential guests is by incorporating Airbnb references from family, friends, or past guests. Reach out via email or social media requests to individuals who can vouch for you and your business, bolstering your credibility and likelihood of getting bookings.

Securing Glowing Guest Reviews for Your Airbnb Profile

One of the most powerful ways to boost the popularity of your Airbnb listing and profile is by accumulating outstanding guest reviews for your vacation rental property. The key is to provide an exceptional experience that naturally encourages guests to sing your praises. Of course, a gentle reminder to guests to leave reviews can also be beneficial.

A guest review from Perri in May 2022 is displayed on a host's Airbnb profile with 275 reviews.


In the Airbnb host profile example above, a substantial number of outstanding reviews with an impressive average score of 4.99/5.00 enhances their credibility and exclusivity, likely leading to a higher occupancy rate.

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Should You Regularly Update Your Airbnb Profile?

Absolutely! Maintaining an up-to-date Airbnb profile is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Guest Expectations: Keeping your profile current helps manage guest expectations.
  2. Truthfulness: It ensures you’re presenting accurate information to your guests.
  3. Consistency: It prevents any discrepancies between your Airbnb profile and other online profiles that might raise concerns.
  4. Search Algorithm Performance: An updated profile is more likely to perform well in Airbnb’s search algorithm.

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Investing time and effort into your Airbnb profile is essential to convey professionalism, and friendliness, and to establish trust with your guests.

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If you need assistance crafting compelling copy for your short-term rental property, feel free to get in touch for additional information regarding my Airbnb copywriting and vacation rental copywriting services.

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