What is a good booking rate on Airbnb

What is a Good Booking Rate on Airbnb? (& How to Increase Yours)

The booking rate is a value that shows the percentage of people who viewed your Airbnb listing and booked the listing. In other words, it’s the ratio of the number of your Airbnb listing bookings to the number of clients who view your rental property in percentage form.

This ratio implies that the higher the number of bookings on your rental property, the higher your booking rate.


Merely listing your short-term rental property on Airbnb is a thing; getting bookings on the listing is another. Therefore the question ‘how do I get my listing booked on Airbnb?’

This guide will discuss booking rate, occupancy rate, and how you can improve your Airbnb booking rate.

What is a good Booking Rate on Airbnb?


According to vacation rental owners online, especially on Reddit, a good booking rate ranges between one to three percent. Therefore, having a booking rate within this range is a good booking rate.

My opinion is that if you have any Airbnb listing with a booking rate that ranges between two to three percent, it’s healthy enough.

You can calculate your booking rate within 30 days (a month) for a particular listing. This calculation can be done by dividing the number of bookings by the number of views. Then multiply it by 100.

For example, if you have nine bookings with 360 views on your listing in a month, your booking rate is 2.5%.

What is Airbnb Conversion Rate?

Airbnb conversion rate is the average number of new visitors who viewed your listing during search and booked a stay. It’s a metric system of marketing represented that can be represented as a percentage.

Overall conversion rate is an essential factor for you to check as an Airbnb host. It gives information on how well your listing is ranking on Airbnb. Converting listing views to bookings has three stages you must consider. The stages include:

Listing First page Impression

You can increase the conversion rate of your Airbnb listing by ensuring your listing is on Airbnb’s first page of Airbnb during searches. Guests view listings in search before they can be prompted to book your rental property. Therefore, it’s vital your listing appears on the first page to aid visibility, as most guests only check the first page.

Like Google, Airbnb has an analytic algorithm to rank listings. The algorithm uses factors such as good Airbnb review rating, optimized listing, instant booking, etc. to determine whether a listing will rank higher during any search. Therefore, the visibility of your listing on the first page is a step toward getting more bookings on Airbnb.

Search-to-listing Conversion

Now that your listing is on the first page, how do you get more clicks from your listing views?

The appearance of your listing on the first page will increase the number of clicks on your listing. The guest will click through to view the full listing description and details at this stage. Therefore to encourage the client to book your listing, you must write a good Airbnb description for your listing.

Listing-to-booking Conversion

Congratulation! Now you are on Airbnb’s first page, and potential guests check your listing description for a potential stay.

In this stage, the guest books a stay. To convert your views into bookings, you must sell to guests why they should choose your property.

Tip: Ensure you have a verified Airbnb account and add supplementary photos of your property with good guest reviews and ratings. These features help to convince clients to book a stay.

Learn how to attract more guests on Airbnb.

How is Airbnb Occupancy Rate Calculated?

Airbnb occupancy rate shows the percentage of the number of days (nights) your rental property is booked (occupied). The number of days it’s made available for booking is compared to the booked day to obtain the occupancy rate.

Occupancy rate is one of the most important metric factors Airbnb hosts must consider to determine listings’ success. You don’t want your rental property to be empty every night, therefore, calculate your occupancy rate and improve it.

Mathematically, the occupancy rate is the ratio of the number of days (night) you are booked to the number of days your listing is available.

Occupancy Rate = Number of Booked days (Nights) / Number of Available days (Nights)

The number of booked days: the number of days your rental property was booked over the specified period. It’s straightforward to determine

The number of Available days: The number of days your rental property was made available for bookings within the specified period. This element involves both the days it was booked and the days it wasn’t booked, but it’s available for bookings.

Therefore, Number of Available nights = Booked days + Unbooked days

You can calculate the occupancy rate for a particular listing over a particular time. You can do this by dividing the number of booked days by the number of days your rental property was available for booking.

For example, the property’s occupancy rate booked 12 times in a month (30 days) is 0.4 (or 40%).

Note: Occupancy rate can be expressed as a percentage by multiplying the ratio by 100.

What is a good Occupancy Rate?

If you think of the best occupancy rate, 100% could be the logical answer. Of course, as an Airbnb host, you would want your rental property to be booked every day.

You shouldn’t expect a 100 percent occupancy rate as an Airbnb host because you might not be booked every day. Also, with 100 Percent occupancy, there’s no guarantee you will make a higher profit.

Therefore, an ideal and good occupancy rate allows you to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Any occupancy rate that gives you a higher profit on your listing is good.

Note: Occupancy rate for each of your Airbnb listings will differ as occupancy rate depends on:

  1. Season of the year: If your rental property is located where there is seasonal migration such as tourist centers, beaches, and lakes. Your occupancy rate will likely increase during seasons favorable for people to visit those places
  2. Your Airbnb listing rank during any related Airbnb search: The position of your listing during any rank is directly related to your listing visibility and occupancy rate. Visibility on the first page gives visitors some trust in your rental property

How do I promote my Airbnb listing?

If you want to promote your listing on Airbnb, here’s how to rank higher on Airbnb.

As a rental property owner, you want your rental property to get more bookings from all possible platforms. Therefore, to promote your listing on Airbnb and other platforms, there are several creative ways you can reach guests. Here are some of the factors you should consider in promoting your Airbnb listing.

Create excellent Content for your Listing on Social Media


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter can help promote your listing swiftly. You can promote your listing on this platform by creating engaging content about your listing.

Ensure you combine photos of your rental property with irresistible photo captions and photos of your environment to create a guidebook.

Also, use a compelling Call to Action (CTA) statement to drive potential guests to book your rental property. A CTA is a piece of image or text that allows potential guests to take action immediately. It aids in the instant booking of the rental property.

Use Essential keywords in your Listing Title and Description

Although Airbnb has removed the keyword search feature from its platform, keywords are essential in other platforms such as Google and Bing. Therefore to ensure your Airbnb listing rank higher on these platforms, you must include necessary keywords in your listing title and description.

Google, Bings, and other search engines use keywords as criteria that enhance visibility on its first page.

Also, ensure you write a catchy title to compel your guests. The title must be precise, not more than 50 characters, provide guest needs, and highlight the best features of your rental property. In addition, avoid exaggerating adjectives in your listing title and description.

Work with a Blogger, Journalist, or Social Media Influencer

Engaging bloggers, lifestyle journalists, and social media influencers with tons of followers online is a marketing strategy to attract guests to your listing. Social media influencers and bloggers’ posts about your rental property help drive new visitors, thereby potential stay. They use their record of offering their followers the best to promote your listing.

A property review from a reputable journalist is worth more than gold to promote the credibility of your rental property. Potential guests read reviews from a reliable source to get persuaded to book a stay.

Join Vacation Rental Forum Online


Vacation rental forums allow you to interact with other rental property owners in various ways they promote their listing. This step helps you grow your business and gain information through words of mouth, effective ways your listing can get more bookings

Being active in the forum gives some advantages as fellow hosts will likely look out for you and refer you to some businesses. This way, you can build your brand with credibility.

Submit Photos of your Rental Property to Design Blogs

If your rental property has great designs, you can submit photos to interior design and real estate blogs. Interior designs and real-estate blogs often look for fresh content to promote their blogs and promote your listing.

Ensure the blog links back to your Airbnb listing or your official website when submitting your rental property photos. The link will help viewers, and potential guests book a stay and earn your listing more ranking.



Your primary focus as an Airbnb host is to make profits on your listing with increased bookings. To achieve this focus, you should increase your booking and occupancy rates by following all tips in this guide.

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