The Secret To Writing Great Airbnb Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are extremely important to your success on Airbnb.

Guest reviews provide social proof for your listing and encourage other guests to book with you.

A good honest review provides feedback to guests and other hosts which is great for the Airbnb community.

It also reminds guests to return the favor which improves your overall rating and leads to more bookings.

Simply put, the more positive reviews that you can get for your space, the better.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to write great guest reviews:

Keep it simple and concise 

More isn’t always better. Although Airbnb provides 500 words of space for your review, don’t feel like you have to use it all.

It’s often better to use fewer words to express yourself than more. So, if you can say the same message in 50 words versus 100 words, stay with 50.

Be honest 

Be sure that your review is honest. It should accurately represent both yours and the guest’s experience.

Ask yourself, would you be open to hosting the guest again in the future?Was there anything damaged in the apartment?Did they follow the house rules?How was the communication?

I recommend thinking of at least a couple points that you can highlight in your review.

Make it unique 

Each guest is different and provides a unique hosting experience. For this reason, don’t copy and paste your reviews for each of your guests. This isn’t helping the community and isn’t providing helpful feedback to the guest.

Spend a few minutes thinking about the unique aspects that your guest provided during their stay and mention any positive aspects when writing the review. The more detailed you can be, the most you’re helping out the community.

Check out other reviews

If you really have no idea what to say, a good way to generate ideas is to see what other hosts have written about the guest. Obviously, don’t copy the reviews but you can use them as a guideline for writing yours.

Here’s an example of a good honest guest review I found:

“It was such a pleasure hosting Randy and Brenda! They are a very personable couple, they respected our space, and left it clean and tidy. They even emptied the trash, which was not expected. We would welcome them back anytime!”

I like this review since it’s concise and shows how the pair were great guests.

By following these tips, you’re doing your part in providing helpful honest feedback to your guests and the Airbnb community.

If you’re looking for more ways to get more guest reviews and increase your bookings, I can help.

Just hit me up and we can set up a short chat to find ways to optimize your listing.

Until next time…

Your friendly Airbnb copywriterAlex

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