The 5 Best Hinge Openers (Guaranteed To Get Replies)

It is no secret; your opening line can make or break a conversation. This is especially when using dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and whatnot. The stakes are high; someone’s just matched with you; what do you do now?

Do you start with a cringe-worthy opener, or do you drop an awkward greeting? Maybe this is a good time to shoot a cliché pickup line? Here’s a pro tip; don’t do any of those. Remember, you don’t want to come off too desperate, but you don’t want to sound too bland.  

Here’s the thing, dating app openers can be a nightmare. However, it doesn’t have to be that challenging either. We’ve compiled the best hinge pickup lines. These openers make it much easier to grab your match’s attention and get their interest. 

The Top Strategies to Attract Potential Dates

Before curating a list of the best Hinge openers, it’s always a good idea to optimize your profile for viewers. To ensure that – and much more positive response – we’ve rounded up a couple of strategies down below.


In fact, the app itself helps you through its innovative ‘Standouts’ feature to help users connect with each other via an incredible premade list of personalized prompts and photos. Not to mention, your ‘Standouts’ algorithm includes potentially compatible people. Here are two approaches perfect for improving your Hinge dating strategy:

1.       Craft a Killer First Message

Hinge lets you send a message as soon as you like the person’s profile. While you can send a simple ‘hey’ to the person, it surely won’t entice them to answer back. Moreover, here’s a bonus tip: avoid the compliment route as a conversation starter.

Instead, craft the perfect first message that comprises:

  • Shows that you’re interested in learning more about the person you’re texting   
  • Shares engaging information about yourself without sounding boastful
  • Ends with a question prompting the person to reply

A couple of fantastic examples are if the person in the profile seems to be having a fun night out with their friends you can start by saying, ‘Is that xyz bar? I often go there to grab a drink. What types of drinks do you fancy?’ Or reply Hinges ‘don’t hate me if I’ questions with a positive twist.

2.       Nail Your Hinge Profile

The thing about dating apps is that you have to write an interesting bio alongside your best photos and videos. The difference? Hinge bios need to compel viewers to comment and like.

For starters, select a couple of your favorite pictures. But remember; you have to choose ones that inspire messages. In order to start a conversation on Hinge, you can benefit from the app’s own studies. Here their extensive research showed that:  

  • Photos featuring physical activities and sports were excellent prompts. From discussing your favorite team or players, sport fanatics can connect with each other via this app.       
  • Pictures of users enjoying a night outperformed comparatively better. That being said, avoid photos featuring members of the opposite sex and ensure the activity is something the viewer would like to be a part of. Instead of boasting a picture of the ‘boy’s nights out’ enjoying drinking excessively, post yourself hiking or at art gallery.   
  • Posting a selfie downgrades your chance of a rose or like by 40%. Moreover, those featuring their bathroom in the background reach a staggering 90% down vote.

Avoid all of this and instead spike the viewer’s interest in your Hinge profile by:

  • Including attractive traits like a stable career, strong family bonds, interesting hobbies, and so on.
  • Add a small description of who your partner would be like. Crafting positive and engaging content allows viewers to instantly connect with you. Here you can answer a Hinge prompt like, ‘my ideal first date would be on the beach watching the picturesque view of the sun setting.’ Or I’m weirdly attracted to, ‘People with androgynous names and curly hair.’ A hyper-specific answer is likely to filter like-minded people.

Here are some of the best Hinge profile examples to follow. 

Tips to Remember When Crafting Your Hinge Openers

Hinge has conducted in-depth research, analyzing data received from their consumers to help them answer the dreadful question, ‘what are the best hinge openers?’ Their study boasted results that:

  • Men are 98% comparatively more likely than women to respond to invitational and assertive messages. Thus, asking them out for a drink or for food.    
  • On the flip side, food-related opening lines are 40% more likely to get a reply.
  •  Moreover, research shows that if you don’t reply to your potential date within six hours, their response rate drops. While the girls’ response rate can go down 5%, a guy’s goes down by 25%.  Which means men’s attention span is shorter.
  • Moreover, depending on their age, Hinge suggests you switch up conversation starters. Those between 18 and 23 prefer surprising openers, ‘you’re having your portrait painted — what’s your backdrop?’ 24-to-28-year-olds prefer questions based on lifestyle like, ‘Better adventure: Rock climbing or canyoneering? Those aged 29 to 34 prefer personal questions such as, ‘two truths and a lie; ready, set go.’ The 35+ aged crowd are more likely to reply to pop-culture references like, ’Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?’

The 5 Best Hinge Openers

Hinge’s spokesperson tells their viewers to avoid starting with a bland ‘hey.’ Instead, make sure your first message is casual, unique, and fun. Open-ended questions are especially useful for starting a conversation. Here we’ve rounded up a couple of the best hinge openers:

1.       Ask a Food Related Question

The perfect icebreaker is a food-related question. If your potential date has a certain type of food-related picture on their profile, you can reply to it with something like: ‘You like Mexican food? Me too! What’s your favorite dish?’ or something like ‘Steaks are an absolute treat, where’s your favorite place to grab a bite from?     

2.       Ask an Outside-the-Box Question

Instead of opting for a safe and generic question, opt for an original one. A unique hinge opener such as, ‘You’re having your portrait painted- what’s your backdrop’ is sure to grab your potential date’s attention.   

Your match may answer with something conventional like a ‘brick wall?’ Or they’ll reply with something crazy like “an alien spaceship’. Either way, it’s a fun way to start talking to someone.   

3.       Geek Out Over Movies

What better way to connect with a person than over favorite movies or characters? Maybe they love Disney movies, or maybe they are obsessed with your favorite series.

So, shoot them a text, for instance, ‘Lord of the Rings? Which part is your favorite?’ Or ‘You’ve read Percy Jackson? You probably hate the movie then, right?’  

4.       Chat on About Similar Athletic Interests

Maybe your potential partner is posing on a sports field, or maybe they’ve added their favorite team in their profile. Either way, this is the perfect chance for you to reach out.

Reply with either saying, ‘You’re a dancer? What styles do you enjoy the most?’ Or maybe they’re a football fanatic, in which case you can say, ‘Seattle Seahawks? Same here! Did you watch the match last week?’

5.       Ask a Personal But Not Too Personal Question

Hinge offers questions like ‘how did your parents meet?’ Meaning it’s the perfect opening for you to send a reply to the profile owner.

Maybe their parents met at a party, or maybe they started talking online. Either way, it’s a great way to continue conversing with them.   

Not getting replies? Learn why guys match but not message here. 

Bonus Tip: Never Start with a Hey!

Some extensive research was conducted by Hinge copywriters and data analysts. Here they composed more than 100 unique message openers for 22% of all users. These messages contained different subjects and were of varying lengths.    

Recipients received several selections, which they could use on their matches. After about a month and eight million impressions, they received valuable results. These showed that users opting for personalized openers were better at conversing than those sending ‘Hey.’      

Thus, try to craft unique openers without being cringe-worthy or gross, and you can count on catching people’s attention.

Your opening line is all about getting to know the other person without being too offensive or intrusive. Leave details like religion and politics because you can discuss other details.

Another tip is to ask questions. When you ask an interesting question instead of making a statement, you have something to keep the conversation flowing. Statements like ‘You look gorgeous’ or ‘You have nice abs’ will only result in one-word responses.

But avoid asking too many questions because that can push the other person away.

Here is a bonus list that features some creative Hinge openers to spark a connection right away.

  • You’re not someone who cries during the movies?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing about your childhood?
  • What’s your favorite drink?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect date?
  • I see you’re from Memphis. What was it like growing up there?

Your success depends a lot on how much attention you pay to the other person’s profile and pictures. For example:

  • You have such a cute dog. Will you bring him along on our first date?
  • Your bio cracked me up. Honestly, I haven’t laughed this much for a long time.

You can also show off your abilities by impressing your match with your intellect. Make an astute observation and ask a question that turns into an exciting conversation.

  • Is that a quote from [author]?
  • I see a [brand name] sofa in the background. I love their furniture because it’s so durable.

Again, it’s about engaging the user directly. Make jokes, ask questions, or be as interesting as possible to warrant a response from your match.

Hinge Conversation Examples

Now, that you’ve learned some great openers to use, let’s examine some actual Hinge conversations and how they could be improved. 

Example 1:

r/hingeapp - Did I miss the opportunity to ask her out

r/hingeapp - Did I miss the opportunity to ask her out


First off, the user shouldn’t reply back with Hey! Although they are having a decent conversation, it could be so much better if the user made more statements instead of asking so many yes/no questions.

For example, when she replied with “I do like a good Spiderman comic” the user ignores her answer and asks a yes/no question, “Do you like to collect old comics?

Instead, he should have continued with the topic by asking her favorite thing about Spiderman or making a statement. It could be anything like:

“I think Asterix could beat Spiderman in a fight. What do you think?”

This introduces some humor and makes the conversation more playful.

Example 2:

Hinge is just like Tinder, where both the guy and the girl can message each other first. But here’s another unique feature. Users can pick something to comment or answer for initiating a conversation with a match.

For example:

r/hingeapp - What a GREAT opening line, my guy


If you comment on a picture, you are likely to get the best results. But avoid making cheesy comments because that won’t get you anywhere.

In the above example, the user could reply back with something playful like:

“I think I have a good chance. My mom says I’m the hardest working son/daughter ever.”

Final Takeaway

The dating world can be a scary place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect one for you here. With the help of Hinge and its multiple hundred fantastic one-liners, you can grab your ideal partner’s attention instantly. Ready to meet the partner of your dreams? Check out my dating app profile services and get your hands on a spellbinding bio that’s sure to catch others’ attention!

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