Funny Hinge Answers for Girls

16 Funny Hinge Answers For Girls (That Get Him To Reply)

Nobody likes to be left on “read“. Especially in the dating world. If you’re trying to put yourself out there and make a good first impression, what better way to do so than to make him laugh?

Unlike other dating apps that require raw creativity, Hinge makes things interesting (and much easier) by offering features like profile questions. These pre-made questions allow both men and women to reveal their funny side.

Different questions like ‘worst roommate story,’ ‘go-to karaoke song,’ and ‘most embarrassing song on Spotify’ help you channel your inner comedian.

Funny Hinge Answers for Girls

How to Create the Best Hinge Profile to Stand Out:

In order to stand out from the other millions of users on Hinge, you’ll want to carefully answer your prompts in order to spark interest and gain responses. Other dating apps such as Tinder, or Bumble, require you to match with the other person before any conversations can be exchanged.

On Hinge, it’s different. Each user has a profile full of their photos, demographics, and prompts that showcase who they are in a snapshot.

If someone relates to or enjoys part of your profile – whether that be the picture of you with your dog, or your prompt answer regarding your unpopular opinion – they can respond directly to that specific aspect. No match is required.

For this reason alone, taking the time to carefully craft your profile is essential if you want to take your online dating to the next level. Need some help? Check out these dating bio services I offer!

A Few Tips For An Eye-Catching Profile Can Include:

  • Choosing Good Photos:
    • High resolution. Your images should be at least 800×800
    • 6 pictures or videos are required
    • Choose photos and video clips of you doing fun activities – enjoying a day at the beach, playing sports, or singing along with your guitar
  • Pick 3 Prompts:
    • This means choosing ones to tell more about yourself or make your potential mate laugh. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about this later on.
  • Choosing Your Prompt Questions Carefully:
    • Most potential matches enjoy learning about hobbies, TV shows, or favorite travel spots.
    • If you use humor too much, it may come across that you’re unable to be serious.
  • Leave Room To Be Desired:
    • Keep it simple
    • Creating your profile means showing yourself off to others, without giving away all the information. Leave some room for potential matches to ask questions and gain new insight.
  • Avoid Cookie-Cutter Answers:
    • Harness your creativity – or at least your google skills.
    • Try not to answer questions with basic, generic answers. This just spells boring.

How do Hinge Prompts Work?

If you are new to Hinge, understanding prompts is the first step to creating a profile that leaves others wanting more. Prompts are little tidbits of a question that offer interesting ways to start a conversation.

By posing creative questions, users can answer in order to reveal something about themselves. These questions could be as basic as your favorite song and life experiences, or as deep as your sex life or past relationships.  It’s completely up to you.

Since you can write funny answers to these prompts, you can experiment with different playful and random thoughts. Sometimes, the weirder your answer may seem, the more responses it will bring.

Don’t worry about whether or not someone else may find it hilarious. If it’s funny to you, post it. Unlike Tinder, Hinge is designed for dating and relationships. In the end, you want someone with the same type of humor as you. When you post something funny to you, you’re weeding out anyone that may not laugh at the same dark jokes or find children tripping as funny as you do.

With Hinge prompts, both women and men can share their views and opinions in a fun manner to avoid offending anyone. If you don’t like writing bios or giving out too much information you’ll love the 150-character cap. This way, prompts are a quick and easy way to give a glimpse of your personality without going on a rant.

Why Good Hinge Prompt Answers are Important

Just as funny and interesting prompts can help you connect with more like-minded people, bad prompts can make you miss out on some amazing people on the online dating platform. That’s why ignoring prompts can take even the best profile pictures down a notch. People love information. They want to know a few things about you first before deciding to invest their time and energy into messaging you. Just a few glamor shots aren’t going to cut it if you want to stand out.

A life goal of mine

To read 1000 books! I’m already 20% there 🙂

I take pride in

Going back to school to get my master’s degree. Majored in Political Science.

My most embarrassing song on Spotify

Barbie girl (best 90s dance song)

Funny and Clever Hinge Answers for Girls

Humor is sexy. Both men and women enjoy someone that can trigger that flood of endorphins every once in a while. When we feel those joyful hormones every time we talk to, or are around someone, eventually our brains begin to associate them with happiness. Humor is an easy way to instantly make yourself more attractive.

While answering a prompt is simple, adding humor is the best way to flaunt your likes and preferences, in a non-boring way. Many times, all you need is a funny answer to connect with the right person.

In this guide, we are going to offer an overview of some of the best and most funny Hinge answers for women. This way, you can confidently attract attention from prospective matches. You can also know more about Hinge conversation starters and ideas to create a successful Hinge bio from my blog. And if you’re not getting replies, I can help you out.

Let’s dive into some interesting examples to help females come up with interesting and funny Hinge answers.

Example #1: Most Embarrassing Song On Spotify

Let’s admit it. We all love that one song that expresses our deepest desires or even fears. Don’t be shy to profess your love for Justin Beiber or admit that you belt out The Greatest Showman when you’re alone in the car. Break the ice with your favorite song, and who knows, your musical soulmate could be just around the corner.

Here are a few examples:

‘Yes, I have songs from the Glee soundtrack on my Spotify.. So what?!’

‘I would say, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. I know what you’re thinking… but it’s a banger.’

‘Anything Taylor Swift. Yes, I’m a Swiftie at heart.’

Example #2: I’ll know I’ve Found the One When

Most women take this question too seriously. If you want to attract some male attention, don’t make it too complicated.  When you make it humorous, you’re showing that you aren’t laser-focused on getting married and having babies right away. Even if you are, that doesn’t need to be front-page news.

Think of something like:

‘I’ll know I found the one when we hate each other, but we know our dog wants to see us together.’

‘I’ll know I found the one when I’m not afraid to show him my beanie baby collection.’

Now that’s a nice way to get some attention from a pleasant and decent man.

Example #3: Let’s Debate This Topic

Men love debating, but usually when it’s about something as ridiculously funny as to why you can eat French fries with coffee. Keep it light so as to avoid any controversial or sensitive topics that may be a turnoff. You’re there to mingle, not put anyone down.

Here are some examples of answering this one:

‘Let’s debate this topic: is reality TV rigged?’

‘Let’s debate this topic: What would life be without Netflix?’

‘Let’s debate this topic: Are smartphones for dumb people?’

You can also go completely crazy and write something like:

‘Why can’t I find any decent boys on Hinge?’

Example #4: I Want Someone Who

Again, this prompt is a great one for girls because it allows you to describe your dream date. While this is perfect for you to find someone willing to binge-watch all the Harry Potter movies with you on a rainy day, don’t scare a potential boyfriend with a whole list of expectations and preferences. Simply say something that depicts what you are looking for in a man, in a fun way:

For example, you can write responses such as:

‘Who would never say no to ice cream’

‘Who can watch a Jim Carrey movie with me without judging me’

‘Who will do the laundry on a Sunday’

Example #5: Typical Sunday

We all love Sundays, but for different reasons. Some of us love the time we can spend sleeping in or relaxing, while others love the time to get things done and prepare for the week ahead. Some of us are hungover. Don’t hesitate to show off your witty side and reveal what your typical Sunday looks like. Here are some examples of giving a glimpse of your regular Sunday routine.

‘Typical Sunday: tantrums, cravings, mood swings.’

‘Typical Sunday: morning coffee, weekend plans, feeling alone with my dog.’

‘Typical Sunday: cursing why Sunday reminds me of Monday only.’

Example #6: Weirdest gift I Have Received

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? However, some of these become memorable because of the person who presented these gifts or something that was hilariously funny about these presents. Or, perhaps they were gifted something from a relative with absolutely zero taste in gift-giving etiquette. Whatever the case, most of us have a funny story about a time someone gave us a gift without thinking twice about it:

For example:

‘A doll that reminded me of Annabelle.’

‘A gramophone that never worked! What a way to remind me that I’m an old soul.’

‘A book about elephants. Looks like I need to lose some weight.’

Example #7: A Shower Thought I Had Recently

This prompt is an easy gateway to a lighthearted answer. We all have shower thoughts, so it can be fun to share them with the world. When you choose this question, come up with interesting and funny answers such as:

Will I end up in the same shower forever?’

‘Whose toothbrush have I been using all this time?’

‘Why do I love a hot shower so much?’

Example #8: We’ll Get Along If

As with the “I know I’ve found the one when…” prompt, don’t be too complicated. This question is best answered with a simple – but funny reply. You don’t have to be fake about it, though. There’s something in all of us that sparks joy when we find out others do it too. Just take a second to think.

Here is a nice way to answer this one:

‘We’ll get along if your perfect date is to visit a craft brewery and make fun of all the IPA drinkers.’ 

‘We’ll get along if you’re willing to give me the window seat on an airplane.’

‘We’ll get along if you believe shower beers are severely underrated.’

Example #9: Dating Me is Like

Giving others an idea of what it will be like to date you before the first date can either be fun or frightening. Try to aim for the first option. You can use a prompt answer or you can post a funny picture of yourself. Some users share photos of them out in public being wild, or having a good time.

Here are some creative and funny ways to describe the experience.

‘Discovering an old song on the radio.’

‘Getting high without being drunk.’

‘Going places without leaving your home.’

Example #10: Green Flags I Look For

Everyone talks about red flags – but what about green flags? This prompt can help you show off what things are ultra-attractive, without coming off as needy or too serious. A cut-to-the-chase response that is humorous is your best option when answering this prompt. Don’t use it as a way to come across as “picky”.

For example:

Someone who can make a perfect mojito.

Someone who loves their dog more than me.

Someone who brings me chocolate unannounced.

Example #11: I Get Along Best With People Who…

Finding someone to date can be easy (well, easy-ish). Finding someone you genuinely get along with even after months have passed can be tough. Is there something you really love that can become a point of connection? Use your creativity with this one. The more specific and random, the better.


Someone who is down to get Chipotle every day of the week.

Someone that doesn’t talk during movies.

Someone that knows when to be quiet.

Example #12: I’m a Regular At…

Is there somewhere you go often? Chances are, if you’re spending multiple days a week here – it’s a big part of your life. You can use this prompt with a little twist of humor to lighten up the fact you spend $60 a week on medium caramel frappuccinos.

You could answer this by saying:

  • The bar
  • The emergency room
  • Target
  • Hobby Lobby

Example #13: Don’t Hate Me If…

Depending on what you say, this prompt can really get responses from men flowing. What’s something men are wild about – that you can’t stand? It doesn’t even have to be as far as hating it, but even if you dislike something the opposite sex loves, it can be a funny way to find a topic you strongly disagree on.

Here are a few ways to answer this:

I think Joe Rogan’s podcast is overrated.

I firmly believe men gossip more than women.

I don’t know how to parallel park.

I find Packer fans annoying.

Example #14: Together We Could…

Help potential matches picture a life with you without having to actually say that! What are a few things you’d want to do with a partner that simply isn’t as much fun doing alone? Think of the last time you thought to yourself “man this would be so much better with someone else!” This answer could also be something completely made up – the more “out there” the better.

You could answer this by saying:

Find the cure for hangovers.

Drive to Taco Bell at 3 in the morning for a crunch wrap supreme.

Take our dogs to the dog park and see if they hit it off as well as we do.

Spend the night eating chinese food and going down every conspiracy theory rabbit hole known to man.

Example #15: Facts About Me That Surprise People…

Is there something about you that others find odd, or hard to believe? Usually, things like this are funny in nature, such as having an extra toe, or that you love the smell of gasoline. Nevertheless, use this prompt to reveal something unique about yourself. Keep it simple so you can pique their interest and have them in your inbox asking for more details.

For example:

I’m double-jointed.. In three places!

I was dropped on my head as a baby. It has explained a lot.

I’ve been to many nude beaches.

Example #16: On My Bucket List…

This prompt can show your potential matches what ultimately you want to experience before you die. When using this prompt you can still add a funny tone to it by making it a bit more crazy or unusual than other users’ responses. Is there anything you’ve always wished you could do that you’ve never really shared with anyone else before? This is your time to shine.

Like these examples:

Take a selfie with America’s first lady.

Go to a zoo dressed in a gorilla suit.

Dress up as the Grim Reaper and visit a retirement community.

Go to a rave and steal people’s glow sticks.

How to Avoid Giving the Wrong Hinge Answers

While the idea is to be funny, don’t write answers that will make the other person cringe. There is a fine line between humor and “the ick”.  The key is to avoid being generic or using cliché answers for prompts. You are likely to get better responses from original, unique, out-there responses.

Avoid being self-deprecating. It’s ok to be funny, but don’t project yourself as someone who enjoys ridiculing herself. Your Hinge bio will reveal a bit about your personality, so make sure you come up with the best Hinge prompts that match your Hinge Profile.

Check out the top Hinge do’s and don’ts here.

Get Professional Help from a Seasoned Dating Profile Ghostwriter

If you want to know how to make a good Hinge profile and need to write interesting hinge prompt answers that serve as excellent conversation starters, get in touch with me. My years of experience as a dating profile writer allow me to delve into your interests and personality to come up with the best and funny Hinge answers.

You can explore my blog to find out many Hinge profile examples so you can get an idea of how I can help you create an impressive Hinge bio. Get in touch with me today to increase the chances of finding your soulmate on dating apps like Hinge.

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