9 Funny Hinge Answers For Girls (That Get Him To Reply)

Are you single but ready to mingle? Welcome to the world of dating apps. Hinge is a powerful platform that offers easy and fun features to ease networking and socializing online.

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge makes things interesting by offering features like profile questions for allowing both men and women to reveal their funny side.

Different questions like ‘worst roommate story,’ ‘go-to karaoke song,’ and ‘most embarrassing song on Spotify’ help you unleash your creativity.

Funny Hinge Answers for Girls

What you Should Know about Hinge Prompts

If you are new to Hinge, understanding prompts is the first step to create an impressive Hinge profile. Prompts offer interesting ways to start a conversation by posing questions to users so they can answer to reveal something about themselves. These questions could be about your sex life, your past relationships, your favorite songs, or life experiences.

Since you can write funny answers to these prompts, you can experiment with different playful and random thoughts. Both women and men can share their views and opinions in a fun manner to avoid snubbing anyone. If you don’t like writing bios or giving out too much information, prompts are a quick and easy way to give a glimpse of your personality without giving away too much.

Why Good Hinge Prompt Answers are Important

Just as funny and interesting prompts can help you connect with more like-minded people, bad prompts can make you miss out on some amazing people on the online dating platform. That’s why ignoring prompts can offset your profile photos.

Hinge I’ll know I’ve Found the One When


Funny and Clever Hinge Answers for Girls

While answering a prompt is simple, adding humor is the best way to flaunt your likes and preferences. Many times, all you need is a funny answer to connect with the right person.

In this guide, we are going to offer an overview of some of the best and funny Hinge answers to let women attract attention from prospective matches. You can also know more about Hinge conversation starters and ideas to create a successful Hinge bio from my blog.

Let’s delve into some interesting examples to help females come up with interesting and funny Hinge answers.

Example #1: Most Embarrassing Song On Spotify

Let’s admit it. We all love that one song that expresses our deepest desires or even fears. Don’t be shy to profess your love for Justin Beiber or the legendary King of Pop. Break the ice with your favorite song, and who knows, your musical soul mate is just around the corner.

Here are a few examples.


r/Tinder - 3 4G 23:52 57% Tooke Chat Profile None, they're all pure gold Clearly you don't have any Newton Faulkner in that case Today, 9:49 am I can't tell if you're implying that he's good or not? No way is he good Fool of a tooke! Send a message Send


hinge screenshots


Example #2: I’ll know I’ve Found the One When

Most women take this question too seriously. But if you want to attract some male attention, don’t make it too complicated. Think of something like

‘I’ll know I found the one when we hate each other, but we know our dog wants to see us together.’

‘I’ll know I found the one when I’m not afraid to show him my shoe collection.’

You can also share a light-hearted response such as this one in the picture below.


Now that’s a nice way to get some attention from a pleasant and decent man.

Example #3: Let’s Debate This Topic

Men love debating, but usually when it’s about something as ridiculously funny as to why you can eat French fries with coffee. Here are some examples of answering this one:

‘Let’s debate this topic: why reality TV sux?’

‘Let’s debate this topic: What would life be without Netflix?’

‘Let’s debate this topic: Are smartphones for dumb people?’

You can also go completely crazy and write something like:

‘Why I can’t find any decent boys on Hinge?’

Example #4: I Want Someone Who

Again, this prompt is a great one for girls because it allows you to describe your dream date. Don’t scare a potential boyfriend with a whole list of expectations and preferences. Simply say something that depicts what you are looking for in a man.

For example, you can write responses such as:

‘Who would never say no to ice cream?’

‘Who can watch a Jim Carrey movie with me without judging me?’

‘Who will do the laundry on Sunday?’

Here is another fun way to describe someone you would love to be your dream dinner guest.

Hinge I Want Someone Who


Example #5: Typical Sunday

We all love Sundays, but for different reasons. Don’t hesitate to show off your witty side and reveal how your typical Sunday looks like. Here are some examples of giving a glimpse of your regular Sunday routine.

‘Typical Sunday: tantrums, cravings, mood swings.’

‘Typical Sunday: morning coffee, weekend plans, feeling alone with my dog.’

‘Typical Sunday: cursing why Sunday reminds me of Monday only.’

Example #6: Weirdest gift I Have Received

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? However, some of these become memorable because of the person who presented these gifts or something that was hilariously funny about these presents.

For example:

‘A doll that reminded me of Annabelle.’

‘A gramophone that never worked! What a way to remind me that I’m an old soul.’

‘A book about elephants. Looks like I need to lose some weight.’

Example #7: A Shower Thought I Had Recently

When you choose this question, come up with interesting and funny answers such as:

Will I end up in the same shower forever?’

‘Whose toothbrush have I been using all this time?’

‘Why do I love a hot shower so much?’

Example #8: We’ll Get Along If

Don’t be too complicated. An honest and simple answer will be the best response to this prompt.

Here is a nice way to answer this one:

We’ll Get Along If Hinge


We’ll Get Along If Hinge


We’ll Get Along If Hinge


Example #9: Dating Me is Like

Let’s give an idea of how it will be like to date you before the first date. Here are some creative and funny ways to describe the experience.

‘Discovering an old song on the radio.’

‘Getting high without being drunk.’

‘Going places without leaving your home.’

Dating Me is Like Hinge


How to Avoid Giving the Wrong Hinge Answers

While the idea is to be funny, don’t write answers that will make the other person cringe. The key is to avoid being generic or using cliché answers for prompts. You are likely to get better responses from original, unique, and humorous responses.

Don’t copy answers from other users or repeat the same answers for most of your questions. You won’t get any good matches if your prompts don’t have original and unique answers.

Avoid being self-deprecating. It’s ok to be funny, but don’t project yourself as someone who enjoys ridiculing herself. Your Hinge bio will reveal a bit about your personality, so make sure you come up with the best Hinge prompts that match your Hinge Profile.

Check out the top Hinge do’s and don’ts here. 

Get Professional Help from a Seasoned Dating Profile Ghostwriter

If you want to know how to make a good Hinge profile and need to write interesting hinge prompt answers that serve as excellent conversation starters, get in touch with me. My years of experience as a dating profile writer allow me to delve into your interests and personality to come up with the best and funny Hinge answers.

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