Best Hinge Profile Examples (11 Tips for Dating Success)

Dating is tough, especially when using a dating app – so many are available, but only a few offer meaningful results. One of the apps that impresses us the most and gains many positive reviews is Hinge.

But how do you stand out for getting the best matches? Take a look at our Hinge profile tips and examples to show you what it takes to find your best match.

Best Hinge Profile Examples

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge follows a unique approach. It doesn’t focus on sending requests or starting conversations, instead, it lets you upload six photos and answer three prompts (for example, facts about me that surprise people, or my most irrational fear) to give others a sneak peek of your personality. Answering the questions simply and honestly, as well as including photos that give them an insight into your life, making them want to ask questions, creates the best profile.

There are plenty of good Hinge prompts to choose from, so make sure to can choose the best hinge conversation starters. Let’s take a look at some of the best Hinge profile tips and examples, and prompt answers,

Let’s go over some simple ways to find success on Hinge and meet your special someone.

Tip #1: Post an Impressive Primary Photo

If you are wondering how to choose your primary photo, select a picture in which you are making eye contact with the camera. A beautiful background can add more appeal to your photo. You can also hold your dog or pet cat to show off your love for animals. Don’t cover your face by wearing a hat or sunglasses. Anything that hides your eyes or your smile is a big no-no. Avoid using filters or altering your natural features.

Tip #2: Choose High-Resolution Pictures

When you are selecting other pictures for your Hinge photos, remember to choose only high-resolution pictures taken from a professional camera. The minimum recommended range of pixels for Hinge photos is 640×640, but you should aim for a resolution of at least 800×800.

Nobody is likely to connect with you if you post random images or stock photos. Post pictures that reveal your lifestyle or professional life. For instance, if you love the beach, you can post a picture in a bikini or beach shorts.

People on dating apps prefer picking potential dates with simple, clear, and natural pictures. Don’t be too dramatic by wearing pompous accessories or theatrical clothes unless you are a celebrity.

Tip #3: Choose Positive Prompts

Many times, a poor selection of prompts ruins a great Hinge profile. That’s why you must focus on the best prompts that give some unique info about your taste, lifestyle, and preferences.

Here are some popular prompts you can find on the best Hinge profiles:

My simple pleasures

Typical Sunday

This year, I really want to

I know the best spot in town for…

I geek out on…

Two truths & a lie

Believe it or not, I…

Best travel story

I’m a regular at

You can also choose some other cool prompts, including:

I got detention for

How my mother would describe me

A random fact I love is

Teach me something about

These are simple but effective ways to let others know about your likes, preferences, ambitions, travel stories, and sense of humor. For example, you can be funny when answering prompts like I got detention for’ and ‘How my mother would describe me,’ while telling something interesting about yourself.

Prompts like ‘My simple pleasures’ and ‘I know the best spot in town for’ let you reveal your favorite activities and past times.

Find out more about how to choose the best Hinge prompts here.

Tip #4: Give Good Responses

Think of unique ways to express yourself when answering prompts. For example:

The key to my heart:

Putting the toilet seat down

I’m looking for:

My car keys. But I wouldn’t mind a meeting nice lady in meantime.


I’ll fall for you: 

If you push me

Ideal first date:

Drinks and karaoke followed by tag on the beach. You’re it.

Tip #5: Don’t Be Offensive

Avoid boring, negative, or offensive answers that leave a bad impression on your personality.

Hinge provides over 80+ different prompts so you can choose the best ones to express your personality. You don’t want to scare your potential matches with negative or suicidal thoughts. If you don’t have anything humorous to say, be simple with your answers.

However, don’t be generic. Most people on dating apps are looking for original and unique answers. If your prompt responses don’t reveal your thoughts or preferences, you won’t have much luck on the platform.

When you start off strong, you have a great chance of connecting with the best matches within the first few hours. That’s why choosing the best photos and prompts to get the best matches is crucial for both men and women. The list of prompts updates over time so keep checking for new and interesting prompts.

Learn the top Hinge do’s and don’ts to double your matches here. 

Tip #6: Show off your Funny Side

We all love sharing a laugh. Hinge lets you reveal your funny side with some creative and humorous prompts. The key is to be original and not copy answers from other users. Avoid making any comments that hurt the racial, socio-economic, or political views of others. Hinge is not a place to hold a political debate.

Remember to have fun and keep things positive. The purpose of the app is to connect with like-minded people and avoid getting into an ugly argument. The 150-character limit gives you enough space to unleash your creativity.

Tip #7: Keep it Nice and Simple

Hinge etiquette requires you to avoid posting pictures that show how much you love partying and drinking. Likewise, don’t expect others to be impressed with your hangover stories or your love for nightclubs in your prompts.

Keep it nice and simple. Choose prompts that allow you to give sensible answers.

Here are some examples:

The award I should be nominated for

Brag something about you are proud of to describe yourself. It could be the most happening football player award or the most desirable twenty-year-old in your area. Just don’t be too cheesy.

Worst fad I participated in

This one can be tricky. If you pick the right fad, you can get some loving and attention. However, if you end up choosing something that doesn’t go well with your potential matches, you can miss out on some interesting Hinge profiles.

Next Vacation Spot        

Try to pick unique, interesting places that you would love to visit. Be honest and name the best place you can currently afford. Who knows, your love interest will also accompany you 🙂

My Happy Place

Choose a good one, somewhere you would want your girlfriend or boyfriend to visit.

This Year I really Want to

Say it all! This prompt gives you the perfect way to fish for sympathy or compliments.

If you’re still having trouble getting dates, check out my post on how to ask girls out on Hinge here. 

Tip #8: Use A Prompt To Talk About What You Are Looking For

As we mentioned above, your prompts are a great way to engage people, in an attempt to start conversations. Making one of these prompts about the person reading it is a great way to stand out and get their attention.

Research into dating profiles has shown that the most effective profiles are split between talking about yourself and talking about your potential match. 30% of your dating profile should reflect the kind of person you’re searching for, while 70% of it should give information about you. This is the most likely combination to grab the attention of others.

When writing about the type of person you are looking for, it is important to keep your response upbeat, as we have already mentioned. This means that you do not want to say things like:

“I want someone who…does not chew with their mouth open”

– as this is negative and can put a person off as it may come across as if you are a negative person.

Specifying what you don’t want might have the opposite impact because you risk coming out as choosy and critical. Or even worse, resentful about your previous relationship’s failure – which is never a good thing when you are looking to start a new one.

Instead, focus on things like hobbies and interests that you would love to have in common with someone, or attributes you love in a person (although try to make this more about personality than the physical appearance). By mentioning hobbies, you can allow them to see how spending time with you might look, as well as give them further insight into the type of person that you are. For example, you might use the prompt “We’ll get along if” to say something like:

“you love a cozy night in with a movie and popcorn”


“you want to visit new countries with me”.

Tip #9: Rethink Your Preference Settings

When you are starting out with your Hinge profile, you can choose your preferences which will filter down the people that you will match with. These should be your dealbreakers – and should encompass the range of people you would look at dating. If you put something as a dealbreaker, you will not see any profiles that do not fit the criteria you have selected. Therefore, it is important to think about these carefully, so you are not missing out on the perfect singleton because they are 5ft 11 and you have requested they be over 6ft – is it really that important? Or if they are 29 instead of 30. Therefore, perhaps set your preferences more generously to help find the perfect match.

Tip #10: Add Photo Prompts

The word count for Hinge prompts is limited, so any extra information you can pack in is great to let a person know some more detail about you. With the Hinge profile, as well as adding information with prompts, the platform also allows you to add prompts (captions) next to each of your photos, allowing you to explain what the photos are, or add some additional information about yourself.

These photo captions are not essential but adding them can increase interest in your profile. The caption can include information or context on the photo itself, or a statement saying that you like what you are doing in the picture e.g., being outdoors or going out for nice dinners. Just some of the photo prompts you can choose from include:

  • MondaysAmIRight
  • How I fight the Sunday scaries
  • It’s all about the simple things
  • Life Outtake
  • Me during Fashion Week
  • I fight the Sunday scaries
  • Me in the Wild

Therefore, think of photo prompts or captions similar to hashtags that you can add to your photos to make them stand out a bit more.

Tip #11: Hire Experts To Perfect Your Profile

A fantastic dating profile and entertaining chats with matches are essential for success on Hinge. To make your Hinge profile (and your other online dating sites) look appealing, I can help. With years of dating profile experience and many happy clients, I can work with you to audit and improve your profile to ensure you increase your matches and your chance of success.

How To Make A Good Hinge Profile For Guys

When creating a profile that will attract the attention of the ladies, it is important to follow our top tips from above. There are also a number of other things that you can do to make your profile more attractive and increase your chances of a match. Let’s take a closer look:

Choose A Range Of Photographs

Hinge allows you to add 6 photos to your profile. When a person is looking at the photos on your page, they want to find out as much about you as possible. Close-up headshots give a clear look at your face and are a must, but they should not be the only type of picture on your profile. Women want to know what your entire body looks like so full body shots are essential – whether that be a nice full-length photo of you at a wedding, or having completed a hike. This will give women a better idea of what you look like, meaning they are more likely to want to date you.

Free photos of Outdoors


On top of this, women tend to look for men who have a caring side to them – as they want someone to look after them when they need it. Therefore, try adding in a photo that shows you care – it could be with your parents, with a pet, or with your kids if you have them. Captions are also key here to explain who else is in the photo with you – remember honesty is the best policy.

How To Make A Good Hinge Profile Guys


Show Your Sense of Humor

Women love to see a sense of humor, so it is important to show this off in your profile where you can. Try and include a funny answer to at least one of your prompt questions or photo captions. A great way to include this is to take a negative question and make it a positive with a funny spin. For example “I’m legitimately bad at leaving dishes in the sink #sneakybrag”. The hashtag adds an element of humor to this answer and is sure to gain the ladies’ attention.

How To Make A Good Hinge Profile For Women & Girls

Use Photos To Show More About Yourself

While a nice selfie of yourself is good for one of the photos on your profile, men don’t want to see 6 similar photos that show nothing about you but what you look like. Instead, use your photos to show off what you like doing, your lifestyle, and what you are interested in. This will give your potential matches some more information about you. Include a wide variety of photos to showcase your personality and lifestyle. Include photos of yourself doing interesting things, such as hiking, kayaking, traveling, traveling, etc.

How To Make A Good Hinge Profile Women/Girls


How To Make A Good Hinge Profile Women/Girls


Take the Lead

Once you have matched with people on Hinge, why take the traditional route and wait for the guy to message you? Take the lead and message them. Studies have shown that over half of men that use dating apps say that would like more messages as they don’t receive enough. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman so why not make the first move and connect with someone you are interested in?

Learn what to do if your Hinge conversations are going nowhere. 

Ask A Question or Conversation Starter In Your Profile

If you do want the man to start off the conversation, make it a little easier for them by including a question or conversation starter to help them think of how to engage you as this can be pretty intimidating. For example, if you have a photo of you traveling, why not include in the caption ‘Let me know where your number one travel destination is?’, as this will give them something to talk about when starting a conversation. It also means that matches are more likely to engage with your profile.

Get Professional Copywriting Services for your Hinge Profile

Hinge is not a regular dating app. Launched in 2012, the app revamped its brand in 2015. The purpose of Hinge is to put an end to mindless swiping and helping individuals connect with good prospects allowing them to find out more about a person, rather than simply judging them for their appearance.

After working successfully with numerous clients, I can help you write the best Hinge bio and prompts by following the best Hinge profile examples. My years of experience as a professional dating profile ghostwriter allow me to know what works for dating apps like Hinge and help you become lucky in love.

You can find more helpful tips on my blog about how to find the best Hinge openers and how to create the best Hinge profile. Contact me today to create a magnetic Hinge profile and find your potential dream match – I can’t wait to hear from you.

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