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The 21 Best Hinge Profile Prompts For More Likes & Matches

The online dating world is expansive and enormous. While it makes meeting your dream partner much more likely than ever before, it also means connecting with potentially compatible partners takes work and skill. 

Here’s a secret; it’s not that challenging to stand out, you just need to know what you’re doing. While Tinder, Grindr, and so on require crafting your own conversation starters, Hinge makes it easier via built-in prompt questions.

However, you’ll have to come up with killer and engaging replies to those questions in order to attract matches. Luckily, we’ve rounded a few of the best prompt answers to Hinge questions down below

What are the best Hinge Prompts to Use?

Hinge provides a wide selection of interesting and unique prompts to answer. The key is to choose interesting prompts that highlight your unique traits and personality to potential matches. Some of the best prompts include Growing up, I wanted to Be, My Zombie Apocalypse Plan, Fun Fact about Me,  I Know The Best Spot In Town For…, and Facts About Me That Surprise People, to name a few.

What is Hinge?

What is Hinge?


Hinge refers to an innovative online dating app focused on helping users form deep connections and lasting relationships rather than a simple hookup (no offense, Tinder). Moreover, your matches may be people your friends already know with their local algorithm.

Somewhat similar to Tinder, Hinge allows users to curate their profiles in order to best reflect their personality. However, Hinge offers its consumers a list of selected potential matches majorly on the basis of similar interests and your Facebook friend network. 

Not only this, Hinge gives users their algorithm’s top pick, also called their “most compatible” match once per day. This person is chosen based on similar background information and random prompts they’ve chosen to add to their profile. It’s 2022.. artificial intelligence is the new cupid.

How Do Hinge Prompts Work?

The purpose of the Hinge Prompt is to avoid the app being flooded with boring, uncreative profiles and spice them up with ready-to-go, fun, and intriguing questions.

Instead of having a typical bio with your name, age, and location, Hinge provides interview-type questions to allow users to be witty and showcase their sense of humor.

With the help of the point prompts, the app encourages consumers to talk about themselves in a way they may not have before. The best part? You get to choose questions by yourself, as well as answer them on your basis.

From these prompts, you’ll find some that are hard, while others are super easy and insightful. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to offer valuable information about your character, lifestyle, and personality. Your own uniqueness will make you shine.

On top of this, you’re required to answer 3 Hinge prompt questions at a time. However, you can easily change or edit these later on as you think of more clever answers. Keep in mind you only have 150 characters, so you have to make it count!

Is your profile not getting likes, even after answering prompts? Let us help you.

Why Use Hinge’s Profile Prompts?

In order to help single people connect with potential partners, Hinge combines its state-of-the-art features with Facebook networking. The best part of using the app is its creative openers.

Instead of spending a good chunk of your day trying to craft the perfect and engaging bio, users can benefit from Hinge’s Prompts to put together a compelling dating profile that puts their info and personality on full display. In fact, a substantial number of users leave their profiles blank due to a lack of creativity, or help. Who wants to swipe right on a profile that is as dead as the trend of low-cut jeans?

On the other hand, Hinge ensures everyone adds something about themselves by offering a minimum of three prompts. If you really struggle with thinking of a clever answer, Hinge has prompts that don’t require too much brain power. 

However, in order to elicit a reply or like, it’s recommended you choose a prompt that’s not frequently used, or add a photo prompt. Both of these options increase your chances of more responses.

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Hinge Profile Prompts

The Basic Do's and Don'ts of Hinge Profile Prompts


The Hinge app allows users to choose from more than 80 excellent prompts. Some describe a feeling, while others are more basic. Flirting and drawing in your potential match requires an emotional response, even if it’s minimal. It leaves the other person wanting more. This is why it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Hinge prompts.

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when answering Hinge profile prompts:

The Dos:

  • Keep your answers short. You want your responses to be straight to the point so you don’t lose your match halfway through.
  • Be authentic. Most people can see right through a fake. If your responses sound cliché, you’ll come off as boring and bland.
  • Showcase your humor but keep a delicate balance. A cool ‘knock-knock’ joke is fine but avoid making any sexual remarks. This goes for religious and political jabs, as well.
  • Stay mysterious enough that others are curious about your response.
  • Keep your answers positive and lighthearted. Coming across as negative or pessimistic isn’t a good look for anybody.

The Don’ts:

    • Copy/paste Hinge prompts responses. If you’re unoriginal, you’ll just blend in with the rest of the crowd. It’s likely she’ll see your response again on someone else’s profile, showing you lack creativity.
    • Bland and boring replies aren’t going to attract potential dates. Always post unique and engaging replies. This can be done with humor, an open-ended question, or an unpopular opinion.
    • Avoid being offensive or rude. This one should go without saying, but…
    • Don’t respond with one-word answers. This makes you look like you’re not making an effort. Even if you truly are, one-word answers show the other person you lack the ability to think outside the box. Instead, show that you’re interested in learning more about the other person by asking engaging unique questions that potential matches can reply to.
    • Don’t overdo it. You only get 150 words in a Hinge prompt response so try to avoid word stuffing and adding in too much irrelevant information.
    • Don’t respond with answers that relate back to an ex. Even if the reason you’re on Hinge in the first place is because of them, bringing up a past relationship right away is a red flag.

Check out my detailed post of the top Hinge do’s and don’ts here.

Best Hinge Profile Prompts and How to Answer to Them

Best Hinge Profile Prompts and How to Answer to Them


To spice up your profile, you need to choose the best Hinge profile prompts. Moreover, you need to know how to respond to them in a way that elicits responses from matches. Here’s how you can ensure that:

1. I Get Along With People Who

Your Hinge answer allows you to filter out the people you’re compatible with.  Moreover, you can lower your chances of connecting with someone that leaves you with an awful first-day story.

Write something fun and interesting—for instance, ‘I get along with people who put pineapple on pizza,’ Or ‘I get along with someone who doesn’t use plastic water bottles.’ Even though they’re humorous, they still show what things are important to you.

2. Dating me Looks Like

This is the perfect chance for you to show off your crazy side, compelling viewers to reply to your profile. You can also use this prompt to showcase the benefits of dating you.

Here, you can use a photo prompt. For instance, display a picture of you in your favorite place to attract potential dates to contact you. It could be a picture of you enjoying a tantalizing burger in your favorite restaurant, or a picture of you on the field, playing your favorite sport.

You can even add an engaging bio like, ‘dating me includes feasting on leftovers at 3 am.’  

3. My Most Irrational Fear

Refrain from writing something too vulnerable like, ‘I’m afraid one day I’ll wake up, and somebody else will have taken my place, and all my friends will hate me.’ Sure, it’s relatable, but it comes off too strong, and you’ll probably scare potential matches away.

Instead, opt for something sillier to grab the person’s attention. You can try something vague like ‘cats.’ Or you can opt for a funnier response like, ‘Going to a party only to find out my shirt matches someone else’s.’   

4. Growing up, I wanted to Be

Be serious, be funny, but don’t sound creepy.  A good example is ‘I wanted to be Kermit, the frog, but life took me down a different path.’

Or you can captivate matches with the help of ‘Gen-Z humor’ and reply by saying, ‘I wanted to be smarter.’ Or something simple like, ‘I wanted to be either an astronaut or an ice cream seller.’

5. Go-to Dish to Cook

Here, you can boast about your cooking skills or lack thereof. There’s no harm in making a little fun of yourself.  Your answer may be, ‘I’m a pro at cooking instant noodles,’ or ‘I’m a chef; therefore, all meals are my ‘go-to meals.’ 

6. Topics to Debate

An excellent way to have fun-filled and intense conversations is by writing a list of topics you enjoy talking about. 

From funny topics like ‘Are cats objectively better than dogs,’ to more serious ones like ‘Are psychological disorders often demonized,’ there’s a wide variety of topics you can discuss here.  Plus, this increases the chances of meeting someone who shares the same views as you.  

A few other examples include:

  • Are men more sensitive than women?
  • Is the customer always right?
  • If you could live forever, would you?
  • Are square pizza slices better than triangle?
  • Are college degrees overrated?
  • Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?

Avoid sensitive topics that are likely to evoke passionate responses. Topics on human rights, political views, global worldviews, and religion can do more harm than good.

Learn the best Hinge profile examples for dating success here. 

7. My Zombie Apocalypse Plan

You can show your humorous side by simply writing your plan for a zombie apocalypse in a straightforward sentence. This profile prompt can be a great way to make someone laugh and probably enjoy the company of having a date soon. This prompt shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and can most likely hold your own in a conversation.

You can write something like, “My zombie apocalypse plan is to keep on with the same routine every day since zombies love brains and I don’t have any….”

If you think it won’t work, you can try something like, “My zombie apocalypse plan is to…… wait, isn’t it going on already?” Or, you can try something like, “My zombie apocalypse plan is to make sure I don’t ever get to meet patient zero.”

8. Fun Fact about Me

It is the best way of letting the other person know about you. Do you want it to be something humorous, a mix of romance, or something casual? You can make your match laugh and show interest at the same time. For instance, you can use something like “Fun fact about me…. I can make 15 pancakes in 20 minutes and eat them all in slightly less.”

On the other hand, you can add something interesting through this profile prompt, such as “Fun fact about me…. If I had a superpower, it would be teleportation.”

9. One thing I Cannot Live Without

Try to be cheeky and funny because this can win you some matches in no time. While there can be many things, you can state something obvious, like “One thing I cannot live without is coffee.” This is relatable and can lead to a coffee date in the future.

Similarly, you can write about something you enjoy, like “One thing I cannot live without is Netflix.” This may inspire a potential match to ask about your current binge-worthy shows or recommendations.

And if you don’t have any ideas – don’t worry. Try generating the text you need using an AI app for writing essay. The process is simple and fast, so you won’t waste time on unnecessary thoughts.

10. Swipe Right If

Telling the other person why they should swipe right gives them the idea of what kind of a person you are. However, it’s your call how you want to approach this profile prompt. Make sure to be as clear as possible, such as “Swipe right if you are looking for a casual date.”

Conversely, you can show your sense of humor and fun side through this profile prompt. For instance, you can say, “Swipe right if you want to know how crazy I get at concerts” or “Swipe right if you want to be the Jack to my Ross (let’s hope for a happy ending).”

11. If You Saw the Targeted Ads I Get, You’d think I’m

The idea is to share personal info in a subtle manner that intrigues the interest of the other person. They may wish to talk to you and learn more about you if you can add some similar interesting prompts like this in your profile.

But avoid trying to write something that sounds unattractive or unpleasant to read, such as “If you saw the targeted ads I get, you’d think I’m a psycho.” Something like this can set the mood off without anyone realizing it.

Below are some examples of what you can write:

  • “If you saw the targeted ads I get, you’d think I’m a maid.”
  • “If you saw the targeted ads I get, you’d think I’m not from Earth.”
  • “If you saw the targeted ads I get, you’d think I’m a professional in cooking instant noodles.”

12. Green Flags I Look For Are…

This profile prompt can show others what things matter most to you, filtering out those who may not meet those expectations. A few ways you could answer this may be:

  • How you treat the server at a restaurant
  • Having a healthy relationship with your parents
  • A girl that can cook – or at least tries!
  • Someone who spoils their pets the way I spoil mine

This way, if a potential match does possess these traits, they are likely to let you know.

13. I Won’t Shut Up About:

This can be a fun way to talk about passions, hobbies, or topics you find interesting. Let’s say you’re a huge Star Wars fan. Instead of stating that right off the bat, you can answer this prompt by saying:

The Return Of The Jedi’s Ending… So Disappointing!

You may just find that other matches feel the same way. They’re likely to engage with your prompt if it evokes a similar feeling or if they find you share a mutual interest.

Other examples can include:

  • Pumpkin spice lattes
  • Mustaches
  • The Twilight Series… Team Jacob
  • The injustice that is vegan bacon

14. I Know The Best Spot In Town For…

This prompt is a win-win: you get to express your interests while cracking the door for a potential date in the future.

Do you love Mexican food? Or, maybe you know the best spot for scenic views – no matter the answer you’re likely to find someone who’s willing to let you lead them there.

Examples can look like:

  • Bar Bingo – the first round is on me!
  • All night salsa dancing
  • Live music
  • Karaoke – don’t worry, I can’t sing either!
  • Waterfront views with the best seafood you’ve ever had

15. Let’s Make Sure We’re On The Same Page About:

Is there something you’re unwilling to change about yourself? This doesn’t have to be something super serious, but making sure you’re on the same page about certain topics with a potential match helps you filter out those you’re likely not compatible with.

For example:

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page about traveling. Some people love to relax and sleep in, I love to plan adventures and get the most out of my time!

This is a seemingly small issue but it can actually become a pretty big source of conflict! Here are a few other examples:

  • What counts as a date. Are you someone that likes to stay in and have a movie night or do you like going out on the town?
  • The term ‘loving someone unconditionally’
  • Being financially responsible

16. The Way To Win Me Over Is…

When you use this prompt you’re telling others exactly what they need to do to win your heart. While some may reply with a goofy answer, like “buy me a burrito the size of my head” you may find you want to dig a little deeper in order to see how many people truly take this statement to heart.

You can answer this prompt by:

  • Bringing me iced coffee – even in the winter
  • Coming over to do my dishes for me
  • Treating my siblings like they’re your own
  • Putting your phone on silent mode when we go out
  • Not talking or asking questions during a movie

17. The Weirdest Gift I’ve Ever Given Or Received Was…

This can often lead to making a potential match laugh, which is always a positive impression! Tell a story about a time someone gave you a present you weren’t expecting, or how you failed miserably at buying your older sister a birthday gift.

  • A cheese and wine box… with all the wine drank
  • A restraining order for my ex
  • Diamond earrings… from my 7-year-old son
  • A bottle of tartar sauce

18. I Go Crazy For…

This fun prompt helps people get to know you better while getting a feel for something you simply can’t resist. We all have something we love, even if we may not be quite sure why. Here are a few examples:

  • The smell of gasoline
  • Black cherry White Claw
  • My mom’s homemade wild rice soup
  • A long drive in the country
  • The taste of ocean water

The weirder, the better – but don’t be over the top. The more unique your response, the more likely your match will want to know more.

19. I’m Convinced That…

What is a hill you’re willing to die on? Use your sense of humor to your advantage in this prompt.

  • You can never have too much dessert
  • Men need to cry sometimes, too
  • All domestic beer tastes the same
  • I am the best driver on the road
  • It’s never too late to start your bucket list
  • We live in a simulation

This could be a great time to bring up any wild conspiracy theories you truly believe – maybe you’ll find someone who does too!

20. The Worst Fad I Participated In:

Of course, you want to come across as the ‘cool guy’ but many people enjoy someone that can make fun of themself. Everyone has pictures they look back on and cringe over. This prompt shows off your ability to poke fun at yourself while reminiscing on the past.

For example:

  • Puka shell necklaces
  • Planking
  • Fidget spinners
  • Crocs with socks
  • Mood rings
  • Saggy pants
  • Lava lamps

21. Facts About Me That Surprise People:

Is there something unique about you that may draw someone’s attention? What is your ‘fun fact’ you always tell during icebreakers? If you have a surprising detail about your life or a weird hobby – this is your time to shine!

Let’s see a few examples in action:

  • I am double-jointed in my shoulder
  • I can do a backflip
  • I was in ballet until I was 10
  • I’m afraid of cats
  • I’ve been to every continent
  • I can wiggle my ears
  • I’ve never owned a dog – but I want one!

The Final Word

Hinge takes the pressure of writing a bio from scratch by offering users an incredible selection of more than 80 prompts. Above, we mentioned the best Hinge profile prompts to help you foster deep connections with potential life partners.

Some may be silly, while others may really give a potential match some useful information. Giving your profile a mix of both is key. If every prompt is too serious this may be a turn-off. However, if every prompt answer is a joke, you may come across as immature. Neither is ideal!

Why risk losing the chance to meet your soulmate when you can receive amazing profile prompt answers? My professional online dating profile services can help you to get more matches with a well-written and enthralling hinge bio.

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