7 Best Hinge Profile Tips (To Stand Out And Attract Mates)

If it’s your first time venturing into the world of dating apps, you may not know much about Hinge. What’s interesting about this app is that it comes with a slogan that is quite unique. The app that is ‘Designed to be deleted’ allows you to reveal your personality without giving away too much information to spark interest.

Your dating profile is different from your social media profiles. Not only do you want your profile to give a glimpse of your personality, but you also want it to be more interesting. That’s one reason why men and women are always on the lookout for the best Hinge profile tips to attract more attention.

Best Hinge Profile Tips

Since Hinge is a relatively new dating app, most people still do not know how to make it more appealing. There is no swiping, and anyone can engage with you by going through the details you mention on the app.

How do I Make my Hinge Profile Stand out?

The format of Hinge is quite different than most dating apps. Thus, creating a unique Hinge profile is not as complicated as it may seem. The key is to focus on a few components of your profile, such as photos and prompts, to make it distinctive. Here is a general overview of how to make your Hinge profile stand out.

  • Choose high-resolution pictures for your profile
  • Pick the best prompts
  • Give funny answers to the prompt questions
  • Don’t be too cheesy
  • Be honest and genuine

Before we discuss more Hinge profile tips, let’s look at how the dating app works. 

How does Hinge Work?

The app’s goal is to match you, people your friends know and can vouch for so you can look for meaningful relationships instead of hookups on Hinge.

While this app’s basics are similar to Tinder, users can access a list of fellow users based on their criteria, which includes physical proximity, gender, and age. When you like someone, you can like that user, and if the same user wants you back, you can message each other. You can add personal information from Facebook and import pictures to get more eyeballs on your profile.


However, Hinge only provides a select list for men and for women, unlike Tinder.

Useful Hinge Profile Tips

Now that you know how this dating app works, here are some beneficial Hinge profile tips to help you make friends easily.

Tip 1: Select Good Photos

Your photos should be high-resolution images. Never post spotty, unclear, or grainy pictures. The app also allows users to upload short looping videos instead of a photo. Remember that Hinge profiles with videos enjoy slight preference in the display queue. A user has to upload at least six photos to create a profile.

On Hinge, the minimum recommended range of pixels for photos is 640 x 640. However, you should aim for at least 800 x 800.

The video format is the same as it is for other dating apps. A video clip should be of one second at least but less than thirty seconds. Users can choose videos from their Instagram, Facebook, or camera roll. Make sure your videos are engaging and funny. For example, post a clip that shows you playing beach ball with your friends.

Although Hinge is unlike Tinder and Facebook, photos still matter. That’s because attention-grabbing images can help break the ice and become a point of conversation. When you upload friendly and pleasant pictures, you allow other dates to like or comment on your photos.

Pictures that invite comments can help you connect with people. Some people also post pictures doing fun activities to reveal their friendly nature, which is always a good bet. Since Hinge requires you to upload six videos or photos for allowing you to like someone, make sure you select the best ones that highlight your hobbies and lifestyle.

Thanks to the app’s interactive format, users can comment on profile sections such as photos to reach out to potential friends. Choose color pictures on an exotic location, on a beach, or your pets to add more credibility to your profile. Avoid using filters that make your photographs look goofy or alter your appearance.

Mashable Image


Users can also caption their images with ‘stock’ photo prompts. With a list of dozens to choose from, these photo prompts offer a perfect reason to initiate comments, given you know how to use Hinge photo prompts. Here are a few examples.



Here are some general suggestions to post good Hinge profile photos:

  • Your first photo should show your face clearly. Don’t forget to smile.
  • Remember to make eye contact with the camera. But it’s ok to have a few candid photos also.
  • Post recent pictures so your match doesn’t get a shock when he/she meets you in person. If your main photo was from 10 years ago, it’s time for an update.
  • Feature a wide range of outfits in your pictures, from casual to business.
  • A stunning location or a background can increase your chances of receiving more attention.
  • If you have a pet, don’t forget to add it in at least one of the pictures.
  • Flaunt your interests and passions through pictures. Post a picture of you surfing, hiking, or playing tennis, golf, or the guitar.
  • If you must post group photos, make sure the group is small enough for your match to pinpoint you. Limit group photos to one at the most.
  • Get some honest feedback from your friends and family about your Hinge profile photos. If you need professional feedback, I can help you out too.
  • Click images through a professional or a hi-tech smartphone camera

Now here are a few things that you must avoid.

  • Don’t use any filters that change your overall look or appearance
  • Avoid posting too many selfies or you will seem self-centered
  • Don’t wear a large-sized hat or sunglasses that hides your face
  • Avoid taking off too many clothes unless you are posting clicks from a recent Beach holiday

Be sure to check out the top Hinge do’s and don’ts here.

Tip 2: Focus on Your Story

Users can choose three Hinge prompts to tell their unique story. There is a wide range of prompts to choose from, so select the ones that respond to the things that matter to you the most.

The most important thing is to be yourself, so you don’t portray a false image. Choosing three prompts from a list of eighty allows you to focus on attractive traits. For instance, women attract more to men who display bravery, courage, and the willingness to take risks.

So this tip for men can make their Hinge profile more appealing by focusing on these traits. Research also reveals that women like men who have a good sense of humor. You can see a few prompts to give a hilarious account of yourself. Avoid using any negative prompts such as ‘worst first date’ that can make your dating profile dubious.

To get started, here are the 6 best hinge prompts to use. 

Hinge Best Answers - Grazia (slider)

Hinge Best Answers - Grazia (slider)


Tip 3: Add at least One Funny Prompt Question

Although your pictures help make a long-lasting impression on your potential matches, you can make your profile more unique through prompts. Your choice of prompts allows your dream date to get a glimpse of your likes, preferences, and thoughts. But above all, they offer a great opportunity for your match to engage with you. 

You get more than 80 prompts to choose from, so there is no excuse for choosing the wrong prompts. Since you have to respond to these prompts in less than 150 characters, make sure you pick the most interesting ones.

There are funny blurbs and creative questions that give you enough room to experiment with creative ideas.

Here are some interesting prompts and the answers you can write to get some love.

I know I’ve made it when … I’ve got you!

The dorkiest thing about me is … that I still read Harry Potter

The award I should be nominated for… is the Laziest 30-year Old alive!

Notice how these prompts allow you to list the best and worst things about you in a light-hearted manner. Your prompts are nothing but a creative way to introduce yourself to potential matches. When you are searching for the best prompts, make sure you pick the ones that let you be original.

Again, showing off your sense of humor by adding at least one light-hearted prompt question is a great way to attract users. At the same time, you should be careful while choosing prompts, but it is ok to go wild on at least one of the prompts.

For instance, you can add something interesting for prompts like:

Believe it or not, I…

The highlight of my day is usually…

Don’t hate me if I

Dating is supposed to be fun, so there is no reason why your dating profile should be dull and boring.

Check out some funny Hinge prompt answers for girls for more ideas. 

Tip 4: Choose Your Hinge Profile Questions Carefully

Most users prefer answering questions about hobbies, favorite TV shows, and travel destinations. One of the best Hinge profile tips is to choose your questions wisely to reveal what makes you interesting.

For instance, instead of asking ‘I like doing..’ or ‘my interests are,’ go for something like ‘first round is on me.’ We all want to hang out with people who make it more about us and not about them. Instead of focusing on how fantastic you are, answer questions that reveal what you can do for others.

Tip 5: Don’t Give TMI

While dating apps allow you to express your passions and hobbies, don’t give too much information. Keep it short and straightforward. For instance, if you hold any strong beliefs (political or religious), keep them to yourself. Not everyone may agree with your views, which can reduce your chances of connecting with more people.

The whole idea of keeping it simple is to build more mystery so people would want to connect with you after going through your profile. The limit for each answer is 150 characters, so make sure you choose the best three prompts for giving out the most useful, interesting information about your hobbies and interests.

Check out some of the best Hinge profile examples here. 

Tip 6: Avoid Generic Responses

We are tired of seeing references to The Office and Game of Thrones because they make a generic profile. Although these TV shows may be your favorite, there is no need to confess your love for these universally popular series. Choosing these answers will do little to make your profile stand out on the dating network.

Hinge Best Answers - Grazia (slider)


Best Hinge Profile Tips


Tip 7: Don’t make it all about Partying

Hinge etiquette is to avoid posting too many pictures of yourself drinking or answering questions with your drunk stories. Most of us consider dating apps to be just a way to connect with people who can party all night long. However, today’s dating apps are more about helping users find like-minded people.

dating app photos



Instead, it’s best to post photos of you doing interesting activities, like hiking, painting, taking photos, yoga, or whatever you enjoy doing. 

Bonus Tip: Upgrade your Account

Your Hinge profile can serve as a magnet if you know how to optimize it. Another way to make the most out of your Hinge profile is to upgrade your plan. Once you upgrade to a paid membership plan, you can receive up to 300% more matches than the free version.

Get in Touch for More Hinge Profile Tips

Are you struggling to get replies?  Not sure what openers to use?

If you want to know more about the best hinge profiles to make your Hinge profile more attractive, get in touch. My professional dating profile services will help you to create an irresistible Hinge profile that stands out and gets matches.

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