A man stares down gloomily at his smartphone against a railing. This is how it feels when someone says they will call you back but don't.

When Someone Says They Will Call You Back But Don’t (What To Do?)

Gone are the days when phone calls stood as the sole avenue for getting to know someone you fancy beyond the realm of dating. Today, sustaining a conversation becomes a testament to one’s conversational finesse.

As the conversation fizzles out, you might start wondering if you did something wrong. The ubiquitous frustration of ‘She said she would call me back but never did‘ is a common gripe in the world of online dating.

Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the gift of gab, and when a conversation goes nowhere, they may be left in the dark as to what they should do. Read on to find out how to respond when someone says they will call you back but don’t.

What Does it Mean When Someone Says They Will Call You Back But Don’t?

A young man stares at his smartphone while standing in his living room.


In today’s era, traditional phone calls have largely become a relic of the past. When it comes to socializing and forging connections, a plethora of more convenient communication methods abound, from WhatsApp to Instagram.

Of course, that is not to say that people do not make phone calls anymore. Some people actually prefer the intimacy of extended voice conversations. Unfortunately, sometimes those calls do not go on for as long as you may have wanted.

A text conversation shows someone asking, "Hey, where'd you go?" and someone replying, "Sorry, I'll call you back later."

When someone assures you they’ll call you back and abruptly ends the conversation, it can trigger a myriad of questions about their intentions. Is their promise genuine, or merely a polite exit strategy? In cases where “she said she would call me back but never did,” multiple scenarios may be at play—they might be uninterested in further dialogue or dealing with an urgent matter. Of course, you should also consider the possibility that they may be telling the truth.

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1. It Could Mean They Don’t Want to Talk

Maintaining a conversation can be tricky, especially over the phone. Unfortunately, we live in an age where phone calls are primarily reserved for business purposes—setting up meetings, canceling memberships, and the like. The fact of the matter is that most people simply do not know how to keep a conversation going over the phone.

This lack of conversational skills results in awkward phone calls where both parties don’t know what to say. The conversation might stutter and stall, meandering uncomfortably until one person finally calls it quits

Of course, no one wants to be rude, even the people you meet on Tinder. In the early stages of a relationship, many individuals are hesitant to express their true feelings. Saying, “I’ll call you back later,” may well be a euphemism for, “I’d rather not continue this conversation.”

Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t confined to awkward phone calls alone. If your texting skills are equally lacking, your chat partner might resort to promising a callback as an exit strategy.

If you’ve found yourself in such a predicament, you might be tempted to throw in the towel. But here’s the silver lining: improving your conversational skills is entirely feasible with a few handy conversation starters and icebreakers.

For now, the best course of action is to reach out again, this time armed with a better strategy. If they still seem reluctant to talk, grant them some space for a few days before making another attempt. If their disinterest persists, don’t hesitate to move on.

Text conversation: Person A messages after a long time, asking to talk. Person B apologizes, saying they're busy and can't.

2. It Could Mean They Have Something to do

Of course, not everyone’s conversational skills are lacking. Some people are born with the gift of gab and are able to keep others engaged with very little effort. Yet, even these skilled conversationalists aren’t immune to the dreaded “I’ll call you back” line.

There are instances when conversations appear to be going swimmingly, only for the other person to abruptly terminate the call with a simple goodbye.

Your mind may race with questions – are they not interested in you? Did someone tell them something bad about you? This lack of closure can breed insecurity, especially if they go silent for an extended period. However, reality often offers a more mundane explanation.

That is the key word – reality. Unfortunately, real life has a way of interfering with what we want. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise, and individuals are compelled to address them, whether it’s a medical emergency or a long-delayed assignment.

The fault – therefore – is not with you, nor with anyone else. Your conversational skills may have nothing to do with their sudden departure. Nevertheless, it’s a good practice to check in with them to ensure everything is alright. A simple text asking if they are okay should do the trick.

3. It Could Mean They Will Indeed Call You Back

Not everyone finds it difficult to express their true feelings, and not everyone is burdened by a million other tasks before reconnecting. Sometimes, people simply desire a break from conversation.

And that’s perfectly acceptable. Long phone calls can be draining, and when it’s well past midnight, most individuals prefer to catch some precious sleep before facing a new day.

If you’ve been engrossed in a lengthy phone conversation, don’t be surprised if your counterpart seeks a respite from time to time. The same principles apply here: if an extended period passes without hearing from them, drop a message to inquire if everything is alright. If you find yourself pondering why “She said she would call me but never did,” the chances are that if they are truly interested in speaking to you, they will tell you the truth.

Text conversation: Person A asks if Person B is okay after their disappearance. Person B apologizes, citing an emergency and suggests chatting tomorrow.

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How to Respond When Someone Says They Will Call You Back But Don’t

A perplexed man, dressed in a blue long-sleeve shirt, holds up his smartphone to the camera.


As we have already mentioned, maintaining a conversation over the phone is tough, and in an effort to avoid any awkwardness, most people will provide a comforting euphemism to get out of speaking to someone.

However, not everyone catches on to these subtle cues. Some individuals might anxiously await a phone call that ultimately never materializes. They might even reach out to check on the situation, only to receive an answer that leaves them unsure how to react.

If you happen to find yourself in this predicament, there are several considerate responses you can offer to someone who has stopped responding.

Stay Calm

The first and foremost rule is to maintain your composure. It’s crucial not to react with anger or frustration when someone doesn’t call you back. More often than not, they genuinely intend to speak with you but might get caught up in work or other obligations. Even if they appear distant, responding with patience rather than aggression is the way to go. Take a deep breath before reaching out.

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Express Genuine Concern

Rather than chastising the person for not calling you back, take a more empathetic approach. Ask if they are okay. This shows that you care about their well-being, not just what they can offer you. It fosters a connection based on genuine concern rather than frustration.

Person A checks on Person B since it's been a while. Person B assures they're fine, just busy. Person A suggests catching up whenever Person B is free.

Don’t Overthink It

If, after reaching out, you don’t receive a satisfactory response, it’s perfectly acceptable to move on. If someone isn’t willing to engage in conversation, they likely won’t be deeply affected if you decide to step back. Knowing when to let go and when to persist is a valuable skill in these situations.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it—an in-depth exploration of what it signifies when someone promises to call you back but doesn’t follow through. As you can see, navigating this particular situation is not as daunting as it may initially appear. In most cases, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for someone’s actions, and it’s crucial to keep that in mind.

So, if you ever find yourself pondering the scenario of “She said she would call me back but never did,” remember that various factors might be at play, and many of them may have nothing to do with you.

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