How to Create a Unique Airbnb Listing (& Stand Out From Other Hosts)

Do you want your rental property listing to be unique?

Creating a unique and ranking listing on Airbnb gives you a hedge over competitors with similar properties. In addition, a unique listing offers a stream of income to maximize profit on your rental property, increase your listing booking, and make you meet new people.

Read on to find out how to make your listing stand out.

How to Create a Unique Airbnb

Creating a unique and attractive listing for your rental property helps to get more bookings. To create a unique Airbnb listing, think of a unique USP, upload quality photos of your property, write a descriptive captivating description, and create a complete and accurate Airbnb host profile.

Airbnb hosts who want a unique listing that stands out must use these factors effectively to yield more bookings. The good news is that you can implement these tips to create a unique listing that stands out.

Read on to learn how to create a unique listing, how to make your listing more visible, and how you can attract guests to your Airbnb.

Create a Detailed Description of your Space

How to Create a Unique Airbnb Listing


To maximize your bookings, it’s essential to create an effective listing. The main aspects of your listing include the title, About the Space (summary) space description, and photos.

Besides these, the listing also includes other extra information such as location, types of amenities you have, and additional information that make your short rental property special.

As you describe your rental property, always remember it must reflect the style, uniqueness, and atmosphere of your vacation rental. Let’s go over each of the sections more in detail.

Listing Title

Creating a catchy title for your Airbnb listing will attract potential guests to click your listing through any search. Unfortunately, Airbnb allows only 50 characters in the title; therefore, you need to create an attention-grabbing title without using vague or exaggerating words.

Your listing title must be precise, contains terms potential guests search for, and provide helpful information without exaggerating adjectives.

To create a catchy title, ensure the title contains the following:

  • Enticing features of your property that guests often include in their search. Include features such as a jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, fast Wifi, game room, and other special features of your rental property.
  • Close by landmarks around your property’s location, e.g., tourist centers, sports centers, etc.
  • Words that indicate the number of individuals your property can accommodate (e.g., couple, family, or single suite )
  • Type of guests who suits your listing (e.g., business associates, campers, and other people)
  • Use abbreviations to save space. For example, “w/” instead of “with” and “DT” instead of “downtown”

Tip: Write multiple versions to ensure it’s catchy enough for potential guests to get higher clicks and bookings.

Learn more on what to put in your listing title for more bookings

Captivating Summary and Space Description

After the title, the space’s description is the next thing prospects will see. A clear and readable listing description is not enough to convince a potential guest to book a stay. Your description has to capture their attention and convince them that your space is the perfect place to stay for their trip.

The first part of your listing is the summary or “about this listing” section. However, this section is limited to 500 characters. Therefore, you need to utilize this section to summarize everything in your description concisely.

Be sure to highlight your space’s main amenities, features, and benefits here. You can also include a guest review to concrete potential guest trust in your rental property. I recommend listing them out in bullet point format to make them easy to read.

Below this, you will see “the space” section. This section allows you to expand in detail on your property’s space. I recommend describing your space’s interior, such as the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and each of the room’s amenities and benefits. This section is also good to mention other things guests should know about, such as areas they don’t have access to or parking.

Learn how to improve your Airbnb description.

Quality Photos of your Rental Property


Guest probably spend more time exploring your short rental property’s pictures than other parts of the listing. Therefore, investing in quality photos is a  must to create a unique and captivating listing.

Before you take pictures of your space, ensure it’s tidy and well arranged. You can hire a professional photographer if you can afford it or use your smartphone. In addition, try to upload at least 15 high-quality pictures of your listing. When uploading the photos, ensure they tell stories about your property and the space within.

Your property’s photos reveal the elegance and uniqueness of your space. To further convince guests to book with you, consider adding artworks, flowers, and some decorative touches to enhance the relevance and beauty of your property.

Also, consider adding photo captions to your property’s photo. Photo captions allow you to add extra information to your photos to separate your listing from others.


  1. You can put a flower vase on the table, a coffee cup, or a book on the reading table. This arrangement allows you to flaunt your amenities and boost the attractiveness of your property.
  2. Take photos during the day with natural light. Natural light shows the true color, contrast, and depth of the space
  3. You can take photos of local attractions around your location to show guests what is around your property
  4. Shoot your photos in a landscape mode. Landscape mode creates more space in your pictures

Learn how to write irresistible Airbnb photo captions.

Verify and Complete Your Host Profile

As an Airbnb host with one or more listings, your host profile must be complete and verified to create more listing credibility. A complete and verified host profile gives guests a way to know who they want to share accommodation with or the identity of the rental property owner.

You can verify your Airbnb profile by ass your government id and references.

When your profile is detailed and complete, guests get assured that your listing is realistic and authentic. In addition, the world works on trust and transparency, so all property owners on Airbnb need to verify their host accounts to improve the credibility of their listings.

To create your Airbnb profile, use professional photos with a short description of yourself and what you do. Guests may also want to connect to you on social media. You can add your social media links to your profile.

Hence, it would help if you create a dazzling host profile to make your listing unique among several million others.

Tip: Airbnb suggests you should have at least 50 words in your host profile to describe your personality.

Ideas to Create a Compelling Airbnb Listing Description

When creating your Airbnb listing, have the following ideas in your mind to create a converting listing description

State your information clearly


You should state your listing information clearly, explaining all property features clearly and readable. Use strong adjectives to qualify your listing description in separate sentences to emphasize points.

Airbnb hosts who get high bookings on their listings state the unique features of their listing clearly to their target audience. In addition, avoid exaggerating adjectives, e.g., enormous, excessively large, magnify, etc.

When describing your listing, use strong definite adjectives such as beautiful, wide, cozy spacious, etc., to drive your point. This form of description grabs the attention of potential guests. In addition, make your description in a separate statement to ensure readability.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Airbnb description.

Turn Negatives into Positives

An excellent way of writing your Airbnb listing is to mention potential negative reviews guests can give in a positive manner. This idea helps to sell information that guests might see as a shortcoming of your space and encourage them to book you.

For example, if your rental property is located in an area with loud music and noise at night, you can mention that your space is close to nightlife. Guests who want to be close to the clubs will want to stay on your property. This way, you’ve turned a potential negative (loud noise) into a positive to attract the right guests.

Learn how to respond to negative reviews from guests.

How do I make my Listing more Visible on Airbnb?

World habitat day,close up picture of a model house and hand holding paper heart Free Photo


To make your listing more visible on Airbnb, you have to improve the rank of your listing.

The visibility of any Airbnb listing depends solely on the rank of the listing during any related Airbnb search. Therefore, your listing must rank higher, especially on Airbnb search first page, to get more views.

The Airbnb ranking algorithm considers over 100 factors to rank listings. These factors include instant booking, guest ratings and reviews, listing title, quick response, and other factors to rank listings. Hence, it would be best to incorporate the ranking factors to become more visible on Airbnb.

Here’s our guide on how to improve your rank on Airbnb. This guide discusses well-detailed tips to make your listing more visible.

How do I attract Guests to my Airbnb?

To attract more people to Airbnb, you need to promote your Airbnb listing on all possible platforms, such as social media, vacation rental forums, Google, Bing, etc.

Promoting your Airbnb listing helps direct potential guests to the property, equivalent to more bookings.

Proceed to our guide to promote your listing to get more bookings on your rental property.

Final thoughts

The vacation rental industry is growing daily, so you need to create a unique Airbnb listing to stay ahead of competitors. A unique listing with a detailed description, quality property photos, and a complete host profile is pivotal to getting more bookings.

Also, ranking higher on Airbnb is another aspect of your listing. Be sure your listing ranks higher on any related Airbnb search.

Go extra with vacation rental copywriting and Airbnb listing copywriting to improve guests’ experience on your listing.

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