Airbnb description: A frontal view of a gated house with an orange door beige wall with a small tree on side.

How to Write a Great Airbnb Listing (Description Examples)

Are you getting ready to launch your first Airbnb listing? In today’s competitive market, understanding how to write a great Airbnb listing description, one that not only informs but also accentuates your property’s distinctive attributes, is paramount for distinguishing yourself from fellow hosts.

Crafting a compelling Airbnb listing description may not be rocket science, but it does require effort. It’s essential to remember that the platform’s ranking algorithm considers various factors you should take into account when writing your description. In this guide, we will offer invaluable tips on how to write the best Airbnb listing descriptions, ways to optimize your listing, and review some Airbnb listing description examples for reference.

Airbnb Listing Tips: How to Write a Good Airbnb Listing

A modern living room with a large window, furnished with a comfortable couch and cushioned chairs


Discover the most effective Airbnb listing tips and peruse Airbnb listing description examples to supercharge your booking success on the platform.

Write How You Speak

Using conversational language is absolutely fine, just avoid going off on tangents. The key is to be authentic and let your personality shine, creating a warm and inviting description. Your listing should mirror your character, giving readers a glimpse of all the amenities you’re offering.

To make your Airbnb description more reader-friendly, consider breaking it into bullet points. Additionally, craft engaging photo captions to capture your readers’ attention.

For example:

Welcome to the perfect place in California for a couple or small family. You’ll love the well-equipped bedrooms with modern furniture and contemporary bathrooms that offer all the amenities you need. The brand-new, modern appliances in the kitchen make cooking a breeze, and a chic dining table invites you to enjoy cozy dinners with your loved ones.

The luxuriously spacious rooms and dreamy bathrooms allow you to experience a magical vacation in Las Vegas. Kick-start your morning with an exotic rain shower and unwind in the stunning living room after exploring the city. You’ll find it hard to leave this villa, even when your vacation comes to an end.

Optimize Your Airbnb Title (Headline)

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to ensure your Airbnb listing shines is by crafting a captivating Airbnb headline. Your title’s primary goal is to showcase the enticing features and advantages your property offers to potential guests. Consider the unique aspects that make your place special and build your Airbnb listing description around them.

Identify the key benefits and standout features of your property to kickstart your description. Bear in mind that Airbnb’s updated guidelines now limit titles to just 32 characters. However, hosts can still include up to 50 characters when editing their listing. Therefore, leverage abbreviations to maximize each word’s impact, avoid generic terms, and strive to provide information brimming with value.

Additionally, don’t overlook the power of symbols like ★ or 🖤 to make your title pop.

Here are some Airbnb title examples:

Luxe 1BR+Den Apt, Sky Roof & 24Hr Gym/Nr Broadway

★Hip New 1 BDR Apt in Trendy SoMa Central AC & Roof Deck

Find out how to name your Airbnb listing for maximum visibility.

Don’t fret if your vacation rental property lacks extraordinary features. You can add a touch of quirkiness or humor to make your Airbnb listing truly stand out. For example:

Enjoy High-life

Mingle with the Stars

Bask in the Branches

Crafting an attention-grabbing one-liner is all it takes to entice people to click on your listing. Invest some time in identifying the unique aspects of your property worth highlighting.

Discover some more effective Airbnb title examples here.

How to Write the Best Airbnb Listing Descriptions

A bright living space with a dining table, a sofa, flat-screen TV, with stairs leading to the second floor.


Whether you’re penning your first or tenth Airbnb listing description, nailing it each time is essential. The best Airbnb descriptions strike a balance between precision and informativeness, ensuring that readers leave with a clear understanding of your property.

About this Space: The Summary

When composing your Airbnb listing description, keep in mind that the summary section (About this space) is limited to 500 characters. This constraint underscores the importance of prioritizing crucial and attention-grabbing information here. Consider incorporating positive guest reviews to entice potential guests.

Start by itemizing the essential amenities your property offers—think landscaping, baths, beds, square footage, etc. Present this information in bullet points to accentuate your property’s standout features. Take inspiration from neighboring listings to see how competitors promote their properties.

The Space: Airbnb Description

Once you’ve optimized the summary, you have the opportunity to delve deeper into your Airbnb description in the space section. To the best of my knowledge, there doesn’t appear to be a strict character limit for this section, or it’s set considerably high, affording you ample space for additional details. This is the perfect chance to provide an exhaustive property description.

A smart approach to structuring your Airbnb listing description is to segment it into sections corresponding to various areas of your rental property, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard, and more. Within each section, enumerate amenities and features, offering potential guests a comprehensive understanding of what your property boasts. Additionally, employing bullet points can enhance readability.

However, avoid being overly concise to the point where important details are omitted. Instead of simply stating ‘good stainless steel appliances,’ specify ‘Series Frigidaire stainless steel appliances.’ Brand names can catch the reader’s eye when listing amenities.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

The effectiveness of your description hinges on its call to action (CTA). Conclude your description with a short phrase or question that encourages readers to take action. Never forget to include a CTA. Here are a couple of examples:

Want to know more? I can’t wait to hear from you!

I love hosting travelers and visitors. Feel free to message me to confirm your booking.

Learn how to write Airbnb listing descriptions that get bookings.

Airbnb Listing Description Examples

A modern living space with a sofa and footrest, and expansive windows overlooking a park.


Let’s take a look at these engaging and informative Airbnb listing examples:

Airbnb Listing Description Example 1:

Modern & contemporary kitchen, featuring stone counters, professional series Frigidaire kitchen appliances, and European wood cabinetry. The kitchen also comes with an efficient garbage disposal, dishwasher, Cuisinart toaster oven, Keurig coffee machine, and all the cookware you need for cooking a gourmet meal.

Gaze out at the mountains through large-sized windows while sitting in the luxurious and oversized lounge. If you want more space, the roof terrace offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy long weekends or lazy Sundays with your family.

The beautiful deck offers a scenic western-facing view of the mountains, making it the best spot in the neighborhood to catch stunning sunsets. Retire to a king-sized bed with soft plush Egyptian-cotton sheets and a brand new mattress, guaranteeing comfortable and baby-like sleep.

This Airbnb description paints a compelling picture of the space, highlighting its modern kitchen amenities, mountain views, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. The presence of a roof terrace and a beautiful deck further enhances the appeal for travelers seeking a relaxing and scenic vacation.

Airbnb Listing Description Example 2:

Here’s one of the Airbnb listing descriptions I wrote for one of my clients. As you can tell, I’ve included bullet points to break up the text and make it easy to read.

Perfectly located amid the hip SoMa District, you’ll have access to all the artsy, foodie, and coffee cultures this area is famed for. You’ll be close to the Twitter building, grocery stores, restaurants, Fitness SF gym, and Chevron gas station. Downtown is only 15 minutes’ walk away.

  • The living area is relaxed and comfortable, with a couch, armchair, coffee table, and flat-screen TV. It opens onto a furnished balcony where you can sip coffee as you admire the SF skyline.
  • The kitchen is well-equipped, with modern appliances and a chic dining table for two. Here, couples can enjoy cozy dinners, while business travelers can check off tasks on their laptops.
  • The bathroom has a fabulous rain shower that will kick-start your mornings! The facilities are spotlessly clean, and essential toiletries are thoughtfully provided.
  • The bedroom is a light-filled space with a decadent king-sized bed. Sleep in perfect comfort and wake to the beauty of the SF cityscape.
  • The roof terrace is fully accessible and furnished with tables, chairs, and benches. There’s a grill for outdoor dining against that spectacular backdrop!”

These examples showcase the use of bullet points to enhance readability and provide a detailed insight into the unique features of each Airbnb listing.

Don’t Forget Your Airbnb Profile Picture and Photo Captions

When promoting your vacation rental property, crafting an enticing Airbnb listing description is only part of the equation. The impact of photos and your profile picture cannot be underestimated—they can either bolster or hinder your listing’s success. Avoid using random pictures as your profile photo; it’s crucial to project professionalism and approachability, enabling your target audience to easily connect with you.

Moreover, consider these Airbnb listing tips to craft captivating photo captions:

  1. Reveal Hidden Gems: Share intriguing facts that might not be immediately evident in the images.
  2. Capture the Experience: Focus on conveying the experience, transcending a mere listing of features.
  3. Leverage Guest Reviews: Incorporate compelling quotes from your guest reviews, attributing them with quotation marks and mentioning the reviewer’s name for added credibility and trustworthiness.

For example:

Enjoy personal and spacious living space in the heart of the city … a rare commodity for New York City apartments – “The apartment is super quiet, and I can enjoy some quality me-time after a busy day.” Shane Wilson

Unwind in a lavish living room while your kids entertain themselves in the spacious backyard –“Never thought I could enjoy peace and quiet at home with kids.” – Wilma Morey

Final Thoughts

We trust that you’ve gained valuable insights into Airbnb listing strategies to elevate your hosting game. Our exploration of effective Airbnb listing description examples has equipped you with the tools to craft exceptional listings.

Whether your guests are embarking on a leisurely getaway, a business trip, or enjoying some quality ‘me-time,’ mastering the art of Airbnb listing descriptions can draw them to your property. Create a compelling narrative that showcases your amenities, crafts engaging photo captions, and concludes with a persuasive call to action. If writing isn’t your forte, consider hiring an Airbnb copywriter to craft a killer Airbnb listing description to increase your bookings.

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