How To Respond To A Poor Guest Review

How To Respond To A Poor Guest Review

Sooner or later it’s going to happen:

You’re going to receive a negative guest review.

No one likes getting a negative review – especially if you have tried your best to provide a quality service.

But the truth is even if you are the most amazing host (and why wouldn’t you be), it’s impossible to please everyone.

As you gradually host more guests and compile more guest reviews, it’s only going to be a matter of time before you receive a poor review.

It’s the law of averages.

And although it’s understandable that receiving a negative review is never fun and can make your blood boil with rage, it’s important to keep your cool and respond to the review with a cool and level-headed mind.

Here are few things to do if you receive a negative guest review:

1. Take a deep breath and relax

Although it sucks getting a 1-star review, it’s important to respond in a cool and calm manner.

Take a deep breath step away from your computer for a few hours. Go outside and take a walk or meet up with a friend. Anything to keep your mind occupied and relax is recommended.

This allows you to cool off and approach the review calmly without letting your emotions affect your reply.

2. Don’t take it personally

Once you are relaxed, remember that the review is just a guest’s opinion. It’s not fact so don’t take it personally.

You can’t please everyone and even if you tried, they still wouldn’t be happy!

Basically, don’t argue, get defensive, or demand that they remove the review since this will make you look bad.

3. Thank them for their feedback

I get it. This is probably the last thing you want to do but as an Airbnb host, but thanking guests for their feedback does a few things:

1. It makes you look professional2. It shows guests that you appreciate and acknowledge their feedback3. It shows that you strive to provide the best experience for your guests

For example: “Thank you for your feedback and we apologize if the (issue) wasn’t up to your standards.” 

By doing this, your readers will likely see things from your side and be more likely to take a chance booking with you.

4. Stick to the facts

After you have thanked guests for their feedback, write your response but be sure to stick to the facts. Explain what happened and address each of their complaints point per point and reiterate that it’s an isolated incident.

If there are any valid concerns that the guest brings up, be sure to mention how you have addressed them or plan to do so soon. If guests complain that the wifi wasn’t working properly, say that you have checked it and it appears to be working fine but have gotten a new router so that it doesn’t happen again.

By doing this, you’re showing future guests who read the review that they can be confident if they book with you. You’re showing them that you take your guests’ concerns seriously and aim to provide an exceptional experience to anyone who books with you.

5. See this as a growing opportunity

Just like anything, Airbnb hosting is a learning process. If you receive a negative review, and if it’s valid, look at it as an opportunity to improve as a host.

Make a checklist of things that can be improved about your space and get to work on improving them. Whether it’s getting a better wifi router, softer pillows, or scented candles, make it your mission to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

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