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4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Airbnb Description

I just received this message from a client:

“Thanks for the Airbnb description Alex. I loved it! You did a great job and exceeded my expectations. After reading it, I wanted to book my own place!”– Jay

I’m glad I was able to help you, Jay!

I’ve helped a lot of Airbnb hosts and one thing I’ve noticed is that many hosts seem to struggle with their description.

Compared to their photos, they don’t really seem to put in the same effort into writing their description.

This is a mistake since crafting a great description for your listing is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your conversions.

After looking at your listing’s price and photos, people will read the description to learn more about your space and see if it’s right for them.

Here are four easy ways to improve your Airbnb description:

Tip 1: Include your biggest benefit in the title

Your title is one of the most important aspects of your listing.

You want to be sure that your title grabs your readers’ attention and gets them to click your listing.

To maximize the chances of this happening, be sure to include the biggest benefit in your title.

Ask yourself, what’s the biggest benefit that my space offers to guests?

Is located close to a secluded beach?Is it downtown by many trendy pubs and shops?Is there a private jacuzzi?Does it offer a breathtaking sunset view?

Whatever the benefit is, be sure that it’s highly desirable to your guests and mention it in the title.

Tip 2: Organize your description

If you have multiple rooms, different size beds, or other variable factors, be sure to inform guests so they know what to expect.

To make it easy for your readers, you can organize your description by room followed by a brief description.

For example:

Bedroom 1: King size bed, walk-in closet, private bathroomBedroom 2: Twin bed, desk, and lampLiving room: Leather sofa, LCD TV, dining tableKitchen: Big fridge, ice machine, coffee maker, toaster, pots, and pans

Tip 3: Make your information scannable

People are busy so they are likely to skim the description to get a general idea of your space. To make your description easy to read, you want to use headers and bullet points.

Headers are great to organize your description and let readers know what they will read next.

For example:

Room 1:(Description about room 1)

Room 2:(Description about room 2)

In addition, bullets can effectively list amenities for a room or space. You can stylize your bullets with simple characters such as:

• a bullet point– a hyphen+ a plus sign* a star→ an arrow

By doing this, you’re ensuring your information is organized and easy to read.

Tip 4: Check your spelling and grammar

This should go without saying but watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes.

First impressions are everything so if guests see that your description is filled with typos and grammar errors, they won’t take your listing seriously.

After writing your description, spend some time proofreading it for typos and mistakes.

Read it out loud slowly and fix anything that sounds awkward.

You can send your description to a friend or family member for feedback as well.

If you implement these tips, you’ll be increasing the chances that guests will book your space for their next vacation.

Does your Airbnb description need a makeover?

If so, my Airbnb copywriting services can help.

I’ll craft an engaging informative description for your listing that will hook readers and get them excited to book with you.

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Your profit-boosting coach, Alex Wong

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