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Airbnb Description Tips: How to Get Your Listing Noticed

I just received this message from a client:

“Thanks for the Airbnb description Alex. I loved it! You did a great job and exceeded my expectations. After reading it, I wanted to book my own place!” – Jay

I’m delighted I could assist you, Jay!

I’ve assisted numerous Airbnb hosts, and one recurring observation is that many hosts tend to struggle when it comes to crafting a compelling description for their rental property. Unsurprisingly, many hosts invest less effort in their descriptions compared to the attention they give to their photos. This oversight is a missed opportunity, as crafting a great description for your listing is one of the simplest ways to improve your booking rates.

After prospective guests have perused your listing’s price and images, they often turn to the description to gain a deeper understanding of your space and determine if it suits their needs. Here are four Airbnb description tips and strategies that can enhance your conversion rates and chances of getting your listing noticed.

Recommendation 1: Highlight Your Key Benefits in the Airbnb Title

The title of your Airbnb listing is paramount in capturing potential guests’ attention and compelling them to click on your listing. To maximize this chance, ensure your Airbnb title prominently features your most compelling benefit.

Ask yourself: What is the standout feature that your space offers to guests? Is it the proximity to a secluded beach? The vibrant downtown location with trendy pubs and shops? Perhaps it’s a private jacuzzi or a mesmerizing sunset view?

Whatever your unique selling point may be, make sure it’s highly desirable to your potential guests and prominently mention it in the title. The Airbnb title example below is clear, concise, and benefit-driven:

An Airbnb title: “Luxe Garden Apt for 4/nr Bologna” from a listing in Emilia-Romagna, Italia.


Here are some catchy Airbnb title examples to help your listing stand out.

Recommendation 2: Organize your Airbnb description

If you have multiple rooms, different size beds, or other variable factors, be sure to inform guests so they know what to expect.

To make it easy for your readers, you can organize your description by room followed by a brief description.

If your rental property comprises multiple rooms, various bed sizes, or other variable features, it’s crucial to inform guests of these details to set clear expectations. An effective way to do this is by organizing your Airbnb description and presenting room-specific information in a structured format.

For example:

  • Bedroom 1: King-size bed, walk-in closet, private bathroom
  • Bedroom 2: Twin bed, desk, and lamp
  • Living room: Leather sofa, LCD TV, dining table
  • Kitchen: Large fridge, ice machine, coffee maker, toaster, pots, and pans

Expanding on each section with more details will help create a descriptive flow in your Airbnb description.

As seen in the example below, a well-organized Airbnb description divides the space into different areas, providing a coherent and informative structure:

A screenshot of an Airbnb description describing the kitchen and dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms & outside space in California.


Learn how to write a compelling description for your Vrbo and Airbnb listing.

Recommendation 3: Enhance Scannability

People often skim descriptions to quickly grasp the key details. To accommodate this reading behavior, use headers, paragraphs, and bullet points to make your Airbnb description easily scannable.

Headers help organize your description and guide readers on what to expect next. For example:

For example:

Room 1: (Description of room 1)

Room 2: (Description of room 2)

Bullet points are effective for listing amenities or features. You can stylize bullets with simple characters like:

• a bullet point

– a hyphen

+ a plus sign

* a star

→ an arrow

Find out how to add symbols to your Airbnb title.

An Airbnb listing's summary displaying a guest testimonial and three bullet points of the space's features.


The listing summary above provides a great example of the effective use of bullet points in their listing summary. They also include a guest review to offer social proof.

Additionally, ensure your text is divided into manageable paragraphs. Large blocks of text can be overwhelming to readers, so breaking them up into smaller paragraphs improves readability.

Recommendation 4: Polish Your Spelling and Grammar

While it may seem obvious, it’s crucial to be vigilant for spelling and grammar errors. First impressions matter, and if guests notice typos and grammatical mistakes in your description, it may deter them from taking your listing seriously.

After composing your description, dedicate some time to proofread it for typos and errors. Tools like Grammarly can be helpful for checking typos and grammar issues. Reading your description aloud slowly can also highlight awkward-sounding phrases. Don’t hesitate to draft a few versions and seek feedback from friends or family members to further refine your description.

By implementing these Airbnb recommendations and description tips, you’ll likely attract more guests and increase bookings for your vacation rental.

Is your Airbnb description in need of a makeover? If so, my Airbnb copywriting services can provide the solution. I’ll craft an engaging, informative description for your listing that captivates visitors and boosts your booking potential.

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